Virgo Woman Personality: From Love to Career and Social Life


Intelligent, charming and always looking for perfection, the Virgo woman can seduce any man who comes her way. She’s very down-to-earth and has a need to critique, primarily due to her very analytical mind and good observational skills.

The Virgo woman in a nutshell:

  • Personality: Content to keep herself to herself, the Virgo woman uses this to remain focused and disciplined.
  • Love: She is always looking for ways to make her man feel like the most loved person in the world.
  • Career: Her focus makes her the ideal person to organize and delegate at work.
  • Family: She loves intensely, making her an incredible family woman in all senses of the word.
  • Social Life: Her grounded nature means everything has a permanent place, whether they’re items in her home, or the friends around her.

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She seems to possess an amazing intuition, so she knows when someone is feeling down or a situation is hopeless, and knowing the moment in which she has to do something about it. Her intentions are always good, as she wants to bring order into chaos and to perfect everything in her surroundings.

Virgo Woman Personality

While many may think the Virgo woman has to be first of all quiet and reserved, things don’t necessarily have to be this way because she’s ruled by the planet Mercury, which makes her more talkative.

However, she does have a split personality and can be both composed and exuberant at the same time, yet not as much as Fire or Air signs.

A neat freak, she can’t look the other way when someone is undisciplined and too wild. This lady wants perfection more than anything else, so she never gets tired of working hard in order to achieve it.

Some people in her life may be overwhelmed by this style she has, but she can be dealt with for as long as she’s convinced that she’s the one being right. When she needs to apologize for something, she’s very anxious and restless.

Because she’s always looking to improve, she complicates her own life more than she should. This lady is never happy with things the way they are because she’s always overanalysing, almost to the point in which she becomes her own worst enemy and forgets how to enjoy life or her relationships.

Her symbol is the Virgin, so most of the time she’s shy and in her place, yet this doesn’t mean she’s a prude. Her idea of a perfect day is spending time in Nature and tending a garden.

One of her other appreciable traits is her punctuality. Her employers simply lover her for always being on time. While she may seem cold and unemotional, she’s in fact shy and reserved.

Love and Relationships for the Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman can be a blessing in disguise when dating a man. She’s charming, mannered, gentle, respectful and attentive. Her partner will always feel like he’s the most important person in her life because she really knows how to listen to him.

When dating, she likes to take things slowly because she’s not the type to jump into things, seeing as she needs to analyze entire situations and draw her own conclusions.

In the beginning of the relationship, she may seem to be uninterested, but she is in fact only looking at things from far away. After all, she wouldn’t go to first dates if she didn’t think her date doesn’t have potential.

The more things are progressing, the more she makes her partner feel appreciated and loved. The man who dates her doesn’t have to worry about the details of their connection because she’s the one taking good care of them.

However, he needs to keep a few things in mind about her lady. For example, she needs to be given notice for dates and to see that her plans are being respected. The most compatible signs with her are Taurus and Capricorn because they both belong to the Earth element too.

The man born in Taurus is down-to-earth and has good intentions. He loves living in comfort, being in love and the most beautiful things. The Virgo woman likes beauty too, not to mention she loves the Taurus man’s tendency to fight to have the most comfortable life ever.

Their relationship is compassionate and at the same time warm, but only if they both refuse to be too stubborn. Their Earth energies put together can bring about great things. What’s also great about them is that they both forgive easily and like having make up sex.

When it comes to the Virgo woman and the Capricorn man, this a relationship between 2 good leaders who feel like they have found their soulmate within the other. They can both relax in one another’s company. They also like beauty and have the same spiritual desires.

This is a Woman Who at Work

The Virgo woman is very talented with business, not to mention she’s very hardworking and minds her own business no matter what, without being dramatic or putting her ego first.

In the workplace, she’s as elegant and mannered with her competition like she is with any other aspect of her life. She doesn’t like having things organized for her because she’s the most disciplined person in her office for sure.

It doesn’t matter what project she has taken on, the Virgo woman is sure to finish it on time and without making a fuss, but only if her employers trust her and she can do her job by herself.

In case there are many other people around her and she needs to deal with their emotions as well as her own, she can become exhausted pretty quickly, all without quitting to strive for perfection.

It’s easy for her to get lost in all the details of her job, but at least she knows how to escape this labyrinth of thoughts, especially if no one bothers her.

If she has to work in teams, she needs to be put in charge of delegating and organizing because no one can do a better job than her when it comes to this. She’s down-to-earth, so she wouldn’t have a problem running her own business.

If she happens to work with people who are also focusing on details and share her love of taking care of others, she’s the happiest. She is able to concentrate on organizing and keeping things in balance at the office.

Her problem is that she has the tendency to identify herself with what she does for a living, but on the other hand, this makes her good at branding. When it comes to money, she knows how to save it and doesn’t spend too much.

Virgo Woman’s Wellbeing at Home and Socially

The Virgo woman is expected to have a very clean house in which everything is in its place and cleanliness standards are so high that food could be eaten from the floor. This is because she’s obsessed with cleanliness and wants her home to look more like an operating room, which is sterilized and sparkling.

She can be exaggeratedly hygienic, to the point in which she’s a germaphobe who sanitizes her hands after meeting someone new. If she’s this type, she always carries a hand sanitizer in her bag, not to mention that she doesn’t care how others react when seeing her cleaning her hands after interacting with them.

The Virgo woman like to know that her things are all stored in special places, so she has a closet or drawer for everything. Her closet is a place where she has boxes and special containers for storing different items.

Her bed is always made, while her linens washed and steamed. Even the remote control has its own place, probably in a caddy hanging from the couch.

When it comes to friendships, she’s looking to have them for a lifetime. The people in her life know they can count on her when they’re at their worst. She knows how to give sound advice and how to listen when someone is crying. As a matter of fact, it’s with her friends that she shows her compassionate side and empathetic nature.

She’s committed to those who happen to be in her family and all her friends, so she’s a good sister, daughter, mother and wife. It doesn’t matter how she thinks about a person in her family, she will also be there for him or her because she loves everyone who’s related to her, not to mention how proud she is that she has people so close to her heart and the same blood as her.

If the wife of a rich businessman, she will keep his home sparkly clean and be the best mother for their children. Things would be the same in the situation in which she would be a working single mom or a wife with many children who also has to go to work.

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