Virgo in Friendships: The Helpful and Giving Friend


When it comes to friendship, Virgos usually spend their time with intellectual people who have the same interests as them. However, it would be a good idea for these natives to sometimes get out of their comfort zone and try interacting with other types of individuals.

Top 5 Reasons Virgo is Your Best Friend:

  1. Virgo signs are highly dependable and are always available when you need them.
  2. They give without thinking twice, making them selfless at times.
  3. Their knack for noticing the details makes them exceptional at giving advice.
  4. People who belong to this sign make their intentions and feelings clear, so you’re rarely left in the dark about anything.
  5. Given how guarded they are, if you find yourself on a Virgo’s inner circle, you’ll be there for life.

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Difficult to trust others, they don’t reveal too much about themselves from the first meetings. While the most helpful people in the Zodiac, they still have a difficult time bonding at an emotional level.

At the same time, they’re not at all spontaneous and prefer to know about things before they get a chance to happen. Their most compatible friends are those born in cardinal signs because cardinal people don’t mind taking the lead and letting them take care of the details.

Analytical and Detailed in All Areas of Life

There aren’t too many people that live up to the high standards of Virgos, especially as friendship goes, so those who happen to be in these natives’ life should consider themselves lucky.

Virgos are caring and it’s their pleasure to give a hand to those in need, which is a very admirable quality in them. However, they have no idea how to show their affection, yet they expect to receive it from others.

With them, friendship is unconditional, but at least they’re always prepared to give. It would be nice if they would show their love, at least from time to time. They simply excel at helping others.

When it comes to giving their advice, they know what to say because they have this amazing ability to analyze any situation deeply, noticing the details that don’t seem important and finding the simplest solutions to problems.

What’s also great about them is that they’re impartial when doing this. If they need to give their opinion, they don’t mince their words and have important things to say. At the same time, they’re very generous and honest, so they would never lie just to make someone feel better.

As a matter of fact, they’re known for always criticizing and shocking with their straightforward opinions. They can be trusted with any dark secret because they don’t like to gossip. They’re actually among the most discrete people in the Zodiac, not to mention they take their friends’ issues very seriously.

Obviously, they expect to receive the exact same in return, so if someone talks about them behind their back, they end up very disappointed with that person.

They’re not perfect themselves, but this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be treated the way they would treat others.

There are good reasons for saying they’re not perfect because they can be very cold and emotionally detached. When they come across a person who wants to express feelings, they have the tendency to run away because they don’t understand a thing.

What they want and need is to hear clear and honest opinions about events, facts and situations. They wouldn’t know what to say to someone who expresses sadness, for example.

There are few ways in which they can let their friends down. For example, they hate noisy places, so they may refuse all the invitations to big parties and social events.

Because they know how to make good money, they’re excellent business partners and don’t mind giving considerable loans to those in need. However, they may ask for a contract to be signed when giving the money, which can be puzzling for their best friends.

Valuable Allies but Ruthless when Crossed

They do want to give, but they also need to make sure that they’re going to see it back. At the same time, they have an obsession with cleanliness that borders insanity. When inviting people over, they let them know that everything has to remain as neatly arranged as fund in the beginning.

Those who don’t respect their demands will be criticized afterwards. Virgos want perfection, but what they want is impossible. While they make mistakes themselves, they have a serious problem with their friends who make them.

Besides, it’s very difficult to convince them that they may be wrong about something. As said before, they want perfection, so they’re looking for it in their friendships too. What’s good about them is that they accept different points of view, even when they don’t understand them.

It can be interesting to be around them because they love variety, not to mention that their ruler, Mercury, gives them their very good sense of humour. However, people shouldn’t take too many liberties with them because they’re very calculating and want fairness.

Deceiving them financially would put an end to the friendship they have with the person who didn’t paid them their money back. It would be a shame to lose a Virgo because people born in this sign are valuable allies.

Friends for Life

Virgos may turn down a first invitation to a party, even if they’re friendly and very kind. This is because they protect themselves with figurative walls around them, especially against people that they don’t know that well.

They take friendship very seriously and don’t want to end up hurt by anyone. This is also the reason why they would never make friends with someone they couldn’t sustain. They prefer to stay in their own corner, which means it can take them months, or perhaps years, to go out with someone new. However, as soon as they become friends with a person, they’re sure to remain that way for a lifetime.

What’s also great about them is that they can act with the highest of moral codes. Their opinion is always honest and very valuable.

It’s true that they demand excellence, but this only means they can unlock the potential of the people who happen to be in their life. Since they have a lot of respect for friendship, they expect everyone else to be the same.

They hate cancelling meetings last minute and like it when everyone is on time. Down-to-earth and practical, Virgos can keep Scorpio in check, whereas the passionate Scorpios can teach them how to have more fun.

Just like Water and Earth need each other for sustainability, the 2 signs can be best friends and support one another in times of need. It’s like their connection is almost telepathic. Both need a lot of time to relax, so they won’t intrude on each other’s lives.

At the same time, they’re very serious about friendships and ready to commit for a lifetime. It’s unlikely for them to ever be disappointing by one another, not to mention they both can deal with the harsh truth.

As a matter of fact, it’s lies that they hate the most. Whenever meeting for some wine, they can let loose and make the funniest jokes. Those who want to become the friends of Virgos should be subtle and not overstep any boundaries.

Also, they shouldn’t send too many texts or call their new friends very often. In case they happen to be refused an invitation to go out, they shouldn’t take it personally because Virgos are very busy people.

However, this doesn’t mean they won’t stop doing what they need to help a friend in need. These natives appreciate loyal friendships and want to be given back what they’re offering themselves. They definitely don’t like flakiness. Being perfectionists, they encourage their friends to live up to their true potential and are very inspiring.

Their sense of humor is highly developed, so they can make anyone laugh when they want to. Knowing how to solve any problem, they’re very helpful in times of need, also generous and kind.

When something nasty happens, they keep their cool and adopt a logical approach because they have a rational mind and are very practical. If disappointed, they usually don’t forget or forgive, but at least they don’t hold grudges for too long and aren’t at all vindictive.

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