Uranus Square Pluto Natal and Transit: Fast Developments

  • The natal square between Uranus and Pluto inspires a level headed personality, someone who is looking for stability in life.
  • When the Uranus square Pluto transit occurs, one of your deepest desires will be to change yourself in order to attain more freedom.
  • Uranus is about original expression and challenging the established status-quo.
  • The square astrological placement takes place when the two planets reside in zodiac signs that are ninety degrees apart on the horoscope wheel.
  • Pluto governs transformation, re-creation and incarnation or matter into something different, the sacrifices we make to change.
  • Celebrities: Michael Caine, Yoko Ono, Larry King, Emperor Akihito, Omar Sharif, Quincy Jones, Nina Simone, Shirley Conran, William Blake.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Uranus square Pluto Natal

With this particular aspect in one’s birth chart, people can expect a great number of surprising events during their lifetime.

While that can be good, since it can make a person get into the habit of becoming easily accustomed to the unusual and new, however, this does not mean they’ll be enjoying the process of it all.

While they do end up gaining quite the adaptability towards a multitude of uncertain situations, they still tend to dislike all of the erratic happenings that can go around them.

A few things that can bring comfort are financial stability and keeping a leveled head and clear mind during extreme events.

The life that people born with the Uranus square Pluto aspect have ahead of them is filled with drastic changes and events that can make them experience contradictory feelings.

On one side they feel they ought to rage against the flow and standards of society and change them, on the other side, they feel the desire to simply be bystanders and let others do the hard work.

From time to time their behavior might even be considered as erratic, becoming impulsive as well as stubborn and reacting to any situation filled with enough tension. This might all be due to bottling up a tad bit too many negative feelings throughout the years.

While this aspect can come with some positivity in someone’s life, the negative outcome it brings can be rather devastating as usually a rather unfortunate faith follows in its footsteps when it comes to a general social construct that a nation or multiple nations would follow, so much so that the after-effects of it all can result in a worldwide revolution or conflict.

All of this usually stems from the general need that humanity has which it shares with the planet Pluto. That is the desire to hold power over something or somebody. As such, quite the number of governments have seen their rise or fall due to this particular thirst, mainly because such yearning can bring only turmoil and conflict, any happiness or fulfillment brought by such endeavors being short-lived.

The chaos found in diverse nations brought by such desire only serves towards further conflict and fighting, but nonetheless it can still be exploited towards one’s own interest.

Uranus square Pluto Transit

Oh, boy! What you’ll be experiencing during this transit are things not even dreams can make up. The good thing about it is you won’t be the only one feeling it.

Why? This aspect in transit usually affects a generation as a whole rather than a single individual, so you and those around you, especially in your inner circle will be having something in common.

This transit brings with it a drastic, extreme sort of change that might leave you gasping for air. It can come in any form especially from a social point of view as well as a political and religious one.

When Pluto is square to Uranus in a transit, one of your deepest desires will be to change yourself in order to attain more freedom.

The problem is that this transit also brings forth a great deal of hardship for this task you’ll be setting yourself on.

To be more precise, the issues that you will be facing will mostly be of social and political nature, however financial problems might also pop up now and again, as such, you’ll be encountering difficulty around each corner during this period.

During this period, you’ll be prone to being more than stubborn and let outside influences push you into believing that you need to fight against the flow of society at all cost.

While this might invite some pleasant changes in today’s social constructs, if done impatiently and incorrectly and can also bring forth a multitude of issues for you and for the rest of the world, shaking the very foundations of your life.

Getting in on shady organizations that promise a change is not out of the question. Remember, keep a leveled head and rationalize through everything during this period if you don’t want any erratic and permanent changes in your life.

Now, that’s mostly about the world around you and how you might affect it, but when it comes to you as an individual, your personal life will also be affected by this transit in ways that might seem sudden to you.

Remember, adaptability is key during this transit and it is also your strong suit so use it wisely and often in order to keep your life as balanced and prosperous as possible.

Most noticeable changes will be seen in your daily routine, the usual cycle of a day will be changed into something new, with your life becoming more active due to new possible family members.

That’s right, children might be on their way! Or the opposite, they might be leaving your nest, having grown up enough for them to live their own lives on their own strengths. Nonetheless, change is imminent and you ought to get used to it.

Keeping in mind that most of the things happening to you and your close circle of friends and loved ones during this period are out of anybody’s control.

These external factors cannot be influenced by you or anybody you know so it’s best to buckle up and get ready for the ride, keeping a clear head through it all in order to avoid any long-lasting consequences.

What you can do to ease this journey is to live and let go. Going with the flow can sometimes be good, as opposed to facing things head-on and creating more turmoil to deal with later.

Now, while adapting is sound advice, especially for this planetary aspect during transit, sometimes it’s good to keep your head held high and fight for what you believe in, however, do so only after thinking things through, logic and reason are your best buds in this fight and using these methods wisely will make all the difference in the world, helping you set an example for everyone else.

At best, you’ll get your desire fulfilled, but of course, that can’t always be the case. In some cases, you’ll obtain results, yes, but their presence will be subtle and the difference will only be slight as overall progress.

Fate has it that you might be prone to losing some of the fights you’ll engage in, but such is life. You win some, you lose some.

The most important lesson to be learned from this transit is that no matter the fight or the outcome, it is paramount to keep your essence intact. What’s what you wonder? Why, your originality, of course. Staying genuine to yourself, your freedom, your imagination, and ingenuity is what matters the most!

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