Taurus in 2nd House: Benefiting from the Greatest Ideas


Because the sign of Taurus is hedonistic when it gets combined with the materialistic energy of the Second House, it’s making people want luxury more than anything else.

Their taste is impeccable, so expect them to wear the most expensive and beautiful clothes. At the same time, people influenced by the sign of Taurus are earthy and focused on the practical side of life, so they don’t want to spend recklessly.

Taurus on the Second House Cusp:

  • Positives: Clever, diligent and devoted;
  • Negatives: Indecisive and withdrawn;
  • Advice: Allow the good and positive to stick to your life by ditching the negative;
  • Celebrities: Benjamin Franklin, Heather Locklear, Brie Larson, Joan Collins, Milo Ventimiglia.

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They’re good at making money and saving for what’s important. More than this, they love showing off their possession, but not superficially or to impress. They just want to show others how much they appreciate them by making amazing gifts.

Difficult to stick to boring activities

People born with Taurus in the 2nd House are surprisingly rational when spending their money. They can adapt without worries to any circumstance and are pretty flexible in situations meant to bring the benefits.

These natives love living in luxury and can appreciate high quality, things that are made by a professional hand and the instruments that can make their professional life easier.

When Taurus is in the Second House, people are more practical and always ready to adapt to any situation meant to help them earn more money. However, they tend to spend a lot on luxury things and to give too much importance to how they’re trading in any matter.

Natives with this placement don’t find it difficult to work for a very long time and to something boring. Because they’re a little bit passive, they may want to avoid people who have too much energy and are all over the place.

They can feel lost when having to make decisions quickly, but they can be very hardworking and make their dreams come true, especially when having a plan. Taurus is at home in the 2nd House.

Those who have this position in their birth chart can recognize value when seeing it, as well as appreciate relationships and different life experiences.

There are situations in which they need to learn about how much they value from all kinds of demanding experiences they are going through. However, this can rarely happen for them, not to mention they need a challenging Venus for it.

People born with Taurus in the 2nd House are very talented at making money, but they don’t need others to taint their world with different opinions and their beliefs. If feeling guilty of anything, their relationships can cease to exist and they can end up having a difficult time because they’re avoiding responsibilities.

Talented in business matters

People born with Taurus in the Second House are meant to enjoy the materialistic side of life and to remind others to do just so. If not feeling like they have stability and order in their life, they practically can’t survive.

They give a lot of importance to their financial security and want to be sure about their future. Not liking change that much when it comes to money and their possessions, they prefer to keep things in their place.

This means they can miss opportunities for expanding. Therefore, they should be careful and allow good and grandiose things to happen to them.

The person born with Taurus in Second House wants to spend on valuable things and indulges in luxury. The tastes of natives with this placement can be quite expensive because they want only the best things, even if not borrowing to get them.

At least they’re talented at business and are practical when it comes to financial matters. It’s easy for these natives to make money, especially if they decide to do something that’s suitable for the Taurus sign, a job in which they need to use their senses.

Therefore, they can be chefs, massage specialists, and artists. They can enrich their self-esteem the more they keep their feet on the ground and are practical. Otherwise, they can’t feel good about themselves.

Their value is usually very strong and easy to recover. When not feeling well, 2nd House Tauruses can immediately get back to their senses. Enjoying pleasure and loving themselves is something common for them. These natives know how to enjoy life and the good things coming their way, even if not for long periods.

People born with Taurus in Second House are always thinking about money and having many possessions. More than this, they’re practical and talented at managing their resources. However, they can get stuck in routines when looking to have the most secure way of life.

They mustn’t be inflexible with what they have. Because possessing makes them feel at peace, they can be really angry if someone decides to take something they own. Because Taurus is at home in the second House, people with this placement need to learn more about the value they put on life.

They may go through many conflicts in the struggle they have between their physical and spiritual existence. They must appreciate themselves according to how their spiritual being resides in their body, so they need to accept that life is dual, both physical and spiritual appurtenance.

Taurus can have them too interested in the materialistic side of life, but at least they’re practical when it comes to this. It would also be a good idea for them to make an effort and become spiritually conscious.

When searching for the Truth, these natives should be sincere and be aware that it exists. The Taurus in their birth chart can make them very opinionated in this matter, so they should be careful not to express themselves too much when trying to discover what truly matters.

A grasp of the highest ideas

Their philosophy of life should be based on the essence of the Truth and be valuable, especially if they have the right direction in life and are spiritual. Those of them who have developed on a lower octave tend to boast too much with their possessions. They want to prove others they’re capable of great successes.

It’s not that they want what’s beautiful, it’s more that they want to be seen owning luxurious things. However, they can hide this side of theirs. Second House Tauruses who have developed successfully can appreciate the world according to how they grasped the highest of ideas.

They can be true philistines and surround themselves with all the comfort and the most luxurious things. Besides, they’re greedy and don’t want to part ways with their possessions. The furniture in their house is the most expensive one, not to mention they only have the designer’s clothes.

When communicating with what’s happening outside their environment, they can be rude, as well as unable to see what others feel. A 2nd House Taurus individual is jealous of those who have many possessions, but at least he or she knows there are ways of him or her to get the same things.

Natives with this placement should pay more attention to others, as well as learn from their experiences, especially if they want to build their lives according to what’s being required of them.

The more they can understand something about the experiences others are having, the more they can expand their horizons and have the most intense life.

When it comes to finances and personal prosperity, natives born with Taurus in the Second House are jealous and always doing the same things.

They know time and possessions are valuable, so they’re practical with their spending and want to save for their wealth to increase.

These natives are versed no matter what they may be doing and especially when it comes to the materialistic or the financial side of life. In spite of wanting luxury all the time, they’re sober when assessing their abilities and spending their money. Their goal in life is to be financially stable.

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