Scorpio in 8th House: An Eye for the Subtle


People born with Scorpio in 8th House are secretive and argumentative when it comes to their partner’s money. They may have problems with inheritance and wills. Their life can be filled with conflicts, not to mention they can be very mysterious because Scorpio is the ruler of mysteries.

Feeling strong about religion and having a well-implemented philosophy based on what they experienced, these natives are becoming stronger when having to face some of their fears. Many can see them as morbid characters, when in fact they’re only trying to be pragmatic. More than this, they believe that they’re big intellectuals who can discuss matters of death anytime.

Scorpio on the Eighth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Resolute, open-minded and energetic;
  • Negatives: Inflexible and indecisive;
  • Advice: Be more responsible when it comes to domestic activities;
  • Celebrities: Isabelle Adjani, Barbra Streisand, Johann Sebastian Bach, Serge Gainsbourg, Johnny Cash.

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An eye for the subtle

When it comes to how they’re managing money, these people can go through many crises. If working in big corporations, they may end up with obligations and some duties they don’t know how to fulfill.

They like to replace what makes them themselves with emotions and deepness of the soul, but this means they’re only living in a world of illusion. The person born with Scorpio in the 8th House needs to keep in mind problems from outside, including the global ones, can be resolved only by deeply spiritual people.

If people with this placement decide to take these issues onto their shoulders, their psyche can become overwhelmed. Because Scorpio is in their home in the 8th House, they’re curious about any secret and mystery. More than this, they don’t want to share their money, but at least they can understand what others need and want, meaning they’re nobler than others.

These natives are always ready to make a lot of effort for their dreams to become a reality. They’re aggressive and at the same time tactful.

When feeling down because they have to deal with all kinds of extreme situations, they can become hysterical, irresponsible and irrationally irritated or angry, as well they can start to blame others for their mistakes.

If deciding to work a little bit of themselves, they should try and become more responsible, also solve their most extreme problems without trying to evade them all the time. This is not at all easy because it causes tensions to rise.

Their psychological crises are most of the time the usual ones, but profound. At least they’re not revealing them to other people.

When worrying too much, 8th House Scorpios can have their emotions going crazy and may change a lot. It’s complicated for them to overcome crises in their life because they’re analyzing themselves and their emotions too much.

Since the Scorpio is at home in the 8th House, natives with this placement are most likely looking to obtain power and to have control by being rich and too sexual.

They should be aware of how they’re using their deepest emotions and get motivated to establish healthy connections with others. If not, they can only share their resourced for obtaining more power and gaining control.

Tricky to be around

These natives can be manipulative with their partners. They’re looking for power and to be in control when it comes to all of their intimate relationships, but at least this is helping them heal and become better when going through difficulties.

Because Scorpio is at home in the Eighth House, its talents and the matters of this specific House are incredibly more available in natives born with Scorpio in 8th House.

These people love being spiritual and to search for the Absolute Truth. This is why they’re studying metaphysics and astrology. When it comes to everyday life, they’re not so curious about it. This is because they prefer to function with their psychic abilities and to not get too involved in the mundane.

Individuals born with Scorpio in Eighth House can go through many profound emotional crises that they need to overcome. They likely have to deal with issues that are meant for maturity, at a very young age.

Their dark side can scare anyone because they can bring others into the abyss of their soul, with them. This destructive behavior they can have is usually a result of their need for power because many of them haven’t seen power being properly used.

Still, they need to solve their psychological issues and do something about their life because they can transform their darkness into healing and beauty. However, they must know how to escape darkness because they can be complacent in the shadows.

As soon as deciding on healing, no one will be able to ever stop them from becoming better. These natives have many inner resources and can change the lives of many because they know how to share this power coming from inside of them.

As far as sex goes, they’re passionate and looking to establish only the most intense connections. In bed, they can act in extreme ways and be either too powerful or too submissive. Members of the opposite can obsess over them because they have a lot of sex appeal.

Using their creativity wisely

When working in teams, these natives gain the respect of others, especially when they’re talking about ethics. Besides, they’re truthful and not afraid to express what goes through their minds.

Interested in subjects like reincarnation and mystical practices, they’re also good at hypnotizing others and may want to be someone in the occult world. However, it can be risky for them to be involved in witchcraft because they’re very easy to influence.

8th House Scorpios live to live their life, but think matters of death are equally important. They can feel inferior and take many risks to get noticed by others.

Scorpio in the Eighth House is making people more sensitive and even psychic. They need to get involved in teamwork and to search for the Truth with their group, so it would be wise for them to study a discipline like religion or philosophy.

They shouldn’t decide to acquire knowledge on something they dislike, nor should they exclude other subjects from their intellectual activities, just to focus on only a few because it’s important for them to notice how everything is connected.

An Eighth House Scorpio individual can make assertions about him or herself through sexual relationships, in the most surprising ways. If they can’t use their creativity somehow, they can become obsessed with matters of death. However, they’re most of the time confident in how they’re standing and don’t want to deal with what they can’t understand or reach.

When having to borrow money, they can go through many controversial situations, not to mention they can keep secrets about where they’re getting their money from.

Because they’re spending a lot and aren’t discreet with how much they have, it’s easy for them to end up having debts. The placement of Scorpio in the 8th House is indicating natives can collect all of their dirt into only one place.

These people seem to hold secrets about where things begin and end in life, so they’re seeing life and death differently than others. Their fears can give them many extreme feelings, so they can be either panicked or too brave, but they can never have only of these two states of mind for long.

In case Pluto and Mars are bringing in all of their influence, they can look almost like they’re doing magic when having to face danger. More than this, they can be calm no matter what, as if all of their energy is ready to face anything.

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