Aquarius in 11th House: A Rebel at Heart


Natives born with Aquarius in 11th House have many friends from various circles of life. The ones they like the most are fierce and motivated to succeed, as well as fascinated by the way they’re motivated and by their ideals.

More than this, they also have a group of free-spirited friends. These are the ones they admire and whom they most likely met in the strangest situations.

Aquarius on the Eleventh House Cusp:

  • Positives: Meticulous, loyal and energetic;
  • Negatives: Domineering and evasive;
  • Advice: With some people you need to be cold before you learn their intentions;
  • Celebrities: Shakira, Heath Ledger, Robert Pattinson, Che Guevara, Penelope Cruz.

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Aiming to lead a revolutionary life

These natives appreciate solidarity and believe in people. They usually have many buddies and function perfectly when working in teams, especially when collaborating with younger individuals.

However, because they’re individualistic and chaotic, many may not want to be by their side. It’s rare for them to be next to someone for a very long time, not to mention they can be a friend today and a stranger next week.

This is why younger people admire them. Their social circle is influencing them in the best manner because they’re focused to make good for everyone. As far as technology is going, they’re smart and want to be part of different communities who are talking about gadgets or software.

More than this, they’re innovative and true revolutionaries when it comes to having new ideas, meaning they can become famous computer scientists.

For them, there’s nothing more important than having good friends and innovating in the world so that it becomes a better place.

For this reason, they could have a great career as artists and revolutionize industries, building up a good reputation for themselves. It’s funny how many of them become famous or the mad geniuses who are always ahead of their time.

No matter what, they need to explore their minds as much as possible, as well to have fun making friends with people who accept them for who they are.

However, they need to be aware that from time to time, their loved ones can’t understand them. Besides, they shouldn’t become dependent on having all the attention on them.

The person born with Aquarius in the 11th House needs to be around intelligent, intricate and imaginative people. While natives with this placement are true rebels, they still can enjoy working in teams. When it comes to their dreams, these are strange and they can do the most unusual things to achieve them.

In birth charts, the 11th House is the same as the sign of Aquarius when it comes to personal matters because it rules of friendship and the way people are communicating with their inner Self and the Universe.

Being the 3rd House away from the 9th, which is the one of religion and God, this last-mentioned one represents communications with Divinity and the way people perceive faith. Their religious views and life purpose are being held in the 11th House.

Day-dreaming as a favourite activity

People born with Aquarius in Eleventh House are focused on humanity as a whole and on making the world a better place. They’re true benefactors who put their friendships first.

For these reasons, they can collaborate with others in amazing ways, not to mention they enjoy being part of groups and sharing ideas. They’re always encouraging others to be open and to tolerate, as well to experience with life as much as possible.

These natives don’t believe in too many rules, meaning they’re the ones to generate chaos in groups. Having too many friends or business partners, they can ultimately lose their grip on these people.

However, everyone sees them as these cool, positive and charming individuals, no matter if they’re cold when someone tries to get close to them.

Individuals born with Aquarius in Eleventh House are all the time doing something to have their life erratic. They can ultimately learn there’s no point for them to try and be normal because every day in their life is reminding them how different they are.

They should simply enjoy being weird and not care what others think of them because they’re simply brilliant and revealing their genius when not caring too much about others’ opinions about them.

Their relationship with technology is really special. It’s like they’re speaking the same language with computers and their intuition can tell them when a gadget is going to break. Aquarius is at home in the Eleventh House. Natives with this placement are very focused on their relationships.

More than any Gemini, they’re superficial and always thinking about what to do next or dreaming. As far as their connections with others are going, they’re interested in what’s new and out of the ordinary.

Thinking of the negative side of this, 11th House Aquariuses can be too revolutionary and join groups that have innovative ways of thinking. More than this, they can impose on others their ideas and opinions. Their friends are eccentric and some of them doing illegal things, as they’ve been chosen because they’re shocking and mysterious.

An Eleventh House Aquarius is looking to be surrounded by cultural variety, so he or she can mingle at any party. What they’re learning from others can expand their consciousness and make them come up with new ideas. They’re nice but never intimate or emotional.

On the contrary, they’re cold and want to make justice where this isn’t present. This is why many of them are politicians or writers.

More than this, they seem to collaborate well with people who are younger than them because they have all it takes to interact with these people and understand how to manage them.

Besides, they also don’t like dealing with authorities and have little respect for the old persons because they’re too individualistic. Many of their ideas are meant to make others use their minds and at the same time their feelings. For this reason, they can make logical decisions and be productive when working hard to make their dreams come true.

A heightened sense of justice

The person born with Aquarius in 11th House is more interested in people who are inferior to him or her because this is stroking his or her ego and this way, natives with this placement have the chance to be praised.

They love to share their wisdom and knowledge. Easily bored, they’re changing their objectives more than often, not to mention they think the grass is always greener someplace else and not where they are.

This doesn’t mean they’re wrong, they just need to take their time getting used to following a specific direction and focusing on a single objective.

Their friends are usually focused on their goals and want to be free-spirited, so they’re mostly spending their time with wild and independent persons. The placement of Aquarius in the 11th House is indicating its natives need to be liberated.

These people can have some unhealthy habits and be involved in bad relationships, but at least they’re independent and able to express themselves the way they want to.

Because they’re humanitarian and they believe in justice, they can have just the right friends who can be there for them in times of need. This way, they can connect with the Universe and make the connections they need in life.

In case the placement of Aquarius in their birth chart is difficult, they’re more aware of their relationship with the entire Universe and have a desire to travel in space. Most of the time, this position is one of individual development with the help of the group and freedom, as well as enlightenment.

Aquariuses believe in the highest concepts and not all the time in people. There’s a conflict between their humanitarian side and the one that’s making them want to embrace the entire humanity.

However, they need to think if others are accepting them the way they are. If they’re able to feel what everyone wants, they can become spiritual gurus and great leaders.

In spite of the fact, everything just mentioned is influencing the way they’re interacting with groups, they still need to sometimes no longer focus too much on logic and to be more sensitive with what’s happening in the society.

If not, their speech can become simply incomprehensible, their ideas can seem crazy and no one may want to help them put into practice whatever may be going through their mind. This is when they are dealing with rejection and are becoming more self-righteous.

Natives born with Aquarius in Eleventh House have a large group of friends. They can part ways with those who are too clingy and expect them to be emotional.

When it comes to friendship, the most important thing for them is being able to give a hand and to collaborate. Dramatic and good teachers, they could choose a career in acting or the education system.

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