Capricorn in 10th House: Valued for Professionalism


Natives born Capricorn in 10th House are ambitious and have a clear mind. Problems for them are arising when they no longer have enough energy, get distracted and make bad decisions, which can make them feel very guilty as well.

More than this, they probably made some mistakes during past lives and their karma is having them now more responsible and cautious, as well as committed to lost causes.

Capricorn on the Tenth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Gregarious, frank and captivating;
  • Negatives: Patronizing and pompous;
  • Advice: Beware of becoming tyrannical and stubborn with those close;
  • Celebrities: James Dean, Halle Berry, David Beckham, Snoop Dogg, Louis Tomlinson.

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It’s difficult for these natives to advance in life, but when they’re approaching things the way they’re supposed to, they can obtain the good positions they’re looking for.

Keen on achieving their objectives

The success of those born with Capricorn in the Tenth house will come to them if they invest all of their efforts and are doing what’s right, no matter how annoying they may seem to others who love to take the easy way out.

The placement of Capricorn in the 10th House is positive because it makes natives have a better grasp over reality and what this brings, not to mention it makes them see what is wrong and what is right, especially when they’re being responsible.

People born with Capricorn in the Tenth House are very careful as far as their career is going. More than this, they’re dutiful and committed to obtaining recognition from others. They want to be powerful and to have a good social position more than they want money.

Dedicated to what they’re supposed to do, they don’t mind if they’re progressing slower than others because they know everything in their life is at least steady. Their career can bring them the security they so much need, not to mention they’re only focused on obtaining the right results when it comes to their professional existence.

In the 10th House, Capricorn is at home. Therefore, individuals with this placement in their birth chart have their public and professional image determined by what they’ve achieved and by their objectives.

Other people are defining them by what they managed to obtain at work and from their relationship with the public.

When it comes to their career and what they want to achieve from a professional point of view, they’re powerfully influenced by their desire to become someone in life.

10th House Capricorns are very sensitive and want to make their dreams come true because they realize this is the way for them to be seen through good eyes by others.

They’re always making sure that they’re respecting their promises and want to be as credible as possible in the eyes of their loved ones, not only to seem like they are. Most likely, they spent their past lives looking to be recognized and to be successful.

During the present one, they’re more the receivers than the givers. When looking at the 10th House from the reincarnation perspective and karma, natives with Capricorn here must learn how to give and make their contribution to humanity.

Leaders in disguise

This House is one of the people with authority, career, and reputation, as well as the path people, are choosing in life. The planets and signs here are determining what natives are going to do for a living.

Together with the 2nd and the 6th, it’s indicating what professions people are good for. When it comes to reputation and the social status, these are matters of the 10th House, this being the reason why many politicians have strong signs here.

The bosses and those to whom natives need to give answers are as well in the Tenth House, which is placed on the same axis with the 4th and is also known as the Midheaven.

Both the 10th and the 4th Houses rule the parents, each House for each parent. More than this, they’re spiritual and strongly influencing the path people need to take in life. Capricorn and the planet Saturn are the rulers of this angular Tenth House.

The person born with Capricorn in 10th House is very ambitious and a good leader. Natives with this placement in their birth chart can obtain a higher position in life by helping the seniors and taking their advice.

They have a strong will and can achieve anything they set their minds to, meaning their career can be truly successful. It’s a good thing they have a lot of ambition and want to compete in any environment.

However, they may not be patient enough to wait for a promotion. If it is for them to achieve their goals, they need to move on their own because the company can’t help them.

More than this, they need to pay attention and not take too much time making decisions. At least they know how to set their goals in life and to work on them for a long time. Tenth House Capricorns can sometimes forget to make choices and decisions, so they’re dumping their responsibilities onto others.

Those of them who are more evolved can spend a lot of time trying to make their professional success happen because they’re more spiritual than others, meaning they can become prominent members of religious organizations.

Their bosses appreciate them for working hard and being humble. In case they’re leaders, they’re the ones others are imitating because they can give instructions and be calm while doing it, which can make their subordinates feel freer and be more creative.

Encouraging others and providing a model

Cooperation with individuals born with Capricorn in 10th House happens calmly and in a secure manner. These people give their careers a lot of importance and work very hard when having to achieve their goals.

They prefer to be cautious and to take things slowly because this way, they know their success will appear steadily. They’re considered practical and stubborn. It’s very likely for them to become successful later in life, only after they worked hard and advanced at a slow pace.

They should choose a profession Capricorns are suited for, so they can decide to be business owners, politicians or nurses for the elder. Through the 10th House, the sign of Capricorn is being brought Cosmic support and is sent to the nadir of a person’s chart, on the cusp of the 4th House.

This axis is the one related to how a person is evolving in life. When looking at this axis from the perspective of the 10th House, those with Capricorn here must always give.

This can be seen in the way the 4th House is encouraging them to achieve something and to have direction in life. The planets present in the Tenth House are the ones giving direction, making the sign of Capricorn a fighter for achievements. Natives with this placement should assume a position of authority without being tyrannical and avoiding responsibilities.

They should be reserved and conservatory just like Capricorn is because the aforementioned sign here initiates the 4th quartile, which is of fulfillment. Therefore, when contributing to life, people born with Capricorn in the 10th House can feel fulfilled.

The same Tenth House Capricorns should be careful when it comes to the decisions they’re making, as they can stretch things for too long periods.

With time, they’re becoming more grown-up and wise, even if when young, they’re scared of the future and indecisive. Their choices can sometimes puzzle them, especially when they don’t know what results to expect.

When giving advice, these natives are practical and talk from their own experience. Sometimes, they can seem unrealistic and too negative. The more evolved ones can become great spiritual leaders, even if they may expect too much of themselves and stopped by others on their way to success.

When young, a 10th House Capricorn individual can look too much for the perfect profession, but this will help him or her become more popular. Natives with this placement in their birth chart give special attention to their father and are expecting this man to help them a lot in life. Their goals are not known to change very often because they’re constant and resisting.

It’s unlikely someone will ever stop them from achieving what they want. They’re conservative because they want to protect values and traditions. Not scared but shyer, they’re still the best organizers and the most responsible people in the Zodiac, so they have all the chances to become great leaders.

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