Sagittarius in 9th House: Loving to Order Others Around


When it comes to the philosophy and religious beliefs of the people born with Sagittarius in the 9th House, these are the traditional ones and quite strong.

These natives are naturally curious about philosophical matters and want a higher education. Because they think the grass is always greener on the other side, they sometimes wander. More than this, they’re rebels when it comes to social norms.

Sagittarius on the Ninth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Logical, resourceful and independent;
  • Negatives: Controlling and suspicious;
  • Advice: Be kinder to yourself when it comes to the mistakes you have previously made;
  • Celebrities: Ryan Gosling, Robert Redford, Isabelle Adjani, Snoop Dogg, Gigi Hadid.

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Everyone must follow

The problem of natives born with Sagittarius in the Ninth House is that they’re a little bit superficial when exploring the deepest ideas and belief systems.

While they’re incredible as public speakers and mentors, they can find it difficult to accept that change can bring many benefits.

Having no doubt their ideas are their best, they can stick with them and not want to make any improvements in their life.

When aiming for the highest ideals, they can no longer have a grasp on reality and what’s happening around them, so they need to remember that limits must be surpassed and that they’re not only observers.

These natives can be pressured by society, as in their subconscious, they’re trying to expand their horizons. Their favorite way to spend their free time is by traveling and doing research.

Besides, they could try and leave what’d generally accepted behind them, allowing their individuality to be expressed. If they’re managers, no one should expect them to go back over the work they’ve done in the past.

A 9th House Sagittarius individual loves giving orders, not to mention traveling. Natives with this placement in their birth chart love mysteries and solving problems, so they can be many times involved in all sorts of tough situations. At least they know how to find solutions to any riddle.

More than this, they want to seem interesting, so they don’t hesitate to be strong, to have a well-trained mind and to be honorable. They are more than happy to deal with people who are aware of their restlessness and wandering ways.

Since 9th House Sagittariuses are looking to expand their minds, they’re looking to experience everything first-hand and to enjoy life more. It can’t be said they’re radical when it comes to their beliefs, and they’re a little bit idealistic as well.

If feeling lost, they don’t stay in this state of mind for too long. Therefore, even if they don’t know what direction to take in life, they still love going on new adventures and discovering new things. It’s like their inner compass is giving them their enthusiasm and their luck. These people love having fun and escaping routine.

It’s like they’re masters at making everyone feel better, so others love them for being real party animals who would do anything for a little bit of enjoyment. As said before, they love traveling and exploring new territories.

Positive and always wanting to discover more, they’re still conventional when it comes to matters of religion. New concepts and the opinions of others are always making them more curious, not to mention they want to get a higher education, as they think the knowledge they have is never enough.

These natives are always lucky because Jupiter is helping them in this direction. The 9th House is the Home of Sagittarius, also the ruler of spirituality, religion, and philosophy.

Learning about themselves

Individuals born with Sagittarius in Ninth House have an open mind and want to explore the most intellectual subjects. Being natural teachers, they’re all the time looking for opportunities to shape minds and to share their knowledge.

At the same time, they love to explore and to know all about the ins and outs. Therefore, they’re learning and at the same time teaching, while the world is their oyster.

They can discover they need to make many efforts to convince others to look at the world the way they do, so they need to make some efforts in this direction.

However, while doing this, they can learn many new things. Everything these natives do is for them to discover the purpose of life on Earth and the Truth.

Sagittarius is in love with traveling and this activity is a matter of the 9th House. For people born with Sagittarius in the Ninth House, traveling is all about exploring spiritual matters and learning more.

When going to new places, they’re adapting to the new beliefs found there and feel empathetic for the people. They like to interact like insiders and to go all over the world to meet everyone, if possible. This is why it’s so important for them to interact with new people who belong to different cultures.

Besides, they need to share their inner thoughts no matter where they may be going. They’re thinking a lot about the future and making the world a better place. When it comes to their Self, this is energetic and fun but offered to others in the most abstract ways that can’t all the time be manifested into reality.

When it comes to their subconscious, their thoughts are often just flying around and for this reason, so it can be difficult for them to make their dreams come true. It’s challenging for them to deal with ideas that are always changing because they can’t realize what’s going on.

For this reason, they need to pay more attention and to be kinder. If not, they may end up focusing on only one idea and not caring about their surroundings anymore. It’s indeed easy for these natives to expand their consciousness, but still in a superficial way.

When having to make a change, they’re enthusiastic and this can prevent them from having a better grasp over all aspects of life. Their communication with spiritual gurus is passionate and they listen very carefully to what these people have to say.

However, because 9th House Sagittarius are inconsistent, they can change the gurus in their life more than often. This won’t bring them the best results because they’d have no time to learn something.

Taking things easy

Because the 9th House is the home of Sagittarius, the things it rules over become enhanced in people born with this placement.

These natives are adaptable when it comes to what interests their mind and in matters of religion or philosophical issues, any abstract interests for that matter. When it comes to their profession, they’re very talented at engineering.

The Ninth House is also about freedom, so they’re more agitated than other people. Because religion is involved here as well, 9th House Sagittariuses are curious about philosophy and any psychological matter but can be quite dogmatic.

In case the North Node is as well in the sign of Sagittarius, this can be accentuated in them. Because the Ninth House is directly opposing the 3rd House of communication, the person born with Sagittarius in the 9th House has the responsibility to communicate what he or she knows and to get a higher education, as well to express ideas on abstract theories. However, he or she needs to do this most practically.

This is happening because the 3rd quartile is one that makes the traits of the Sagittarius to be taken into consideration. What’s positive about any House is getting more expressed in trine aspects.

Since the discussion is about the 9th House, the 1st and the 5th are also involved. If academic situations are being connected with matters of the 9th House, creativity is increased, as well the way people express themselves through the 1st House.

This is how they can be more efficient and work for the greater good. Because Jupiter is at home in the 9th House, they’re wise, just like the Masters. When it comes to their writing skills, people born with Sagittarius in 9th House are rather mechanical, so they can easily write scientific or engineering papers.

More than this, they prefer to put theory into practice whenever possible. Some of them work at assembly lines. They’re not the ones to set up any machinery because they don’t want to get their hands dirty, but expect them to be supervisors.

During their free time, they enjoy going to new places and interacting with new cultures, no matter if they’re knowledgeable about the topics being presented or not. They want to study life through lyrics because this is inspiring them.

Those of them who have succeeded in life are professional travelers, language masters and translators or scientists. They can see the big picture and allow themselves to be influenced by different new ideas. It’s indicated that they criticize more the information coming to them from different sources.

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