Libra in 7th House: Kind and Understanding


When choosing their partner, people born with Libra in 7th House are looking for someone who knows how to communicate. No matter where they may be going, these natives are looking to show their best side.

When it comes to their conjugal life, they’re relaxed and don’t want to cross any limit because they prefer to not have any complaints. At least they’re choosing the most caring and sensitive partners, also the ones who know how to act in public and present a very good self-image.

Libra on the Seventh House Cusp:

  • Positives: Flexible, confident and liberal;
  • Negatives: Prejudiced and self-centred;
  • Advice: Be aware and repay those around you who treat you with kindness;
  • Celebrities: Barbra Streisand, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jeff Bezos, Richard Burton, Bill Cosby.

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Bringing balance and beauty in their lives

Libra in the Seventh house natives need someone who can put up with their routine because they want a harmonious and balanced lifestyle. More than this, they love it when their other half is admiring them for their simplest traits.

They can be very judgmental with the ones they love. For their connections with others to be successful, they need to have tact and to be diplomatic.

Because they can’t see who their partner truly is, they need to learn how to share intimacies with this person. Most of the time, they choose to be with someone who’s diplomatic like them, also who knows how to cope with life.

Paying more attention to beauty and not being too pragmatic, they need to find a balance in their connection with their enemies, even the one with their partner. When dealing with their opponents, they need to be objective and to rapidly adapt.

They need to separate themselves from their enemies and to think about what they need to do to defeat them.

Venus, the ruler of Libra, is the planet representing love. In the 7th House, Venus is feeling very well because it’s representing harmony in life, especially when the sign of Libra is present in other parts of a birth chart.

Individuals with this sign in the Seventh House are caring and possess a lot of affection, so others are immediately attracted to them. They shouldn’t be scared to surround themselves with the love of their friends or of good partners.

More than others, these people tend to not get married because a spouse couldn’t make them feel fulfilled. In its original house, which is the 7th, the sign of Libra is only about partnership.

They may think their romantic relationship is only about what their partner needs to do to make them happy and to maintain the balance while they’re being free and do whatever they like.

This position for Libra is a traditional one, suitable for a man. The ladies with this placement may discover it’s not fair for them to only rely on their man when it comes to the practical side of life.

Regardless of their sex, natives born with Libra in the Seventh House need to keep in mind giving is important in relationships.

More than this, they shouldn’t expect their partner to change for them because they can end up taken advantage of, left neglected or completely ignored. These people can gossip a lot about their other half.

For example, they can say he or she doesn’t do anything around the house or that responsibilities at home are not being fairly shared. However, they can be the ones who stay away from hard work and are only letting their partners make all the major efforts.

Feeling kind and complete

The person born with Libra in 7th House is attracted to elegant and nice people who don’t mind putting their romantic connection above anything else.

Natives with this placement in their birth chart can project onto their partner that part of themselves that is looking for balance and wants peace of mind.

If they continue to be romantic, they can make anyone feel amazing in their presence. More than this, they seem to possess a very intellectual mind that’s superior to the one of many others, so they can make logical assumptions that can help them no longer have a temper.

If they want to be complete, these natives need to be aware of their kindness. It’s like they sometimes can’t realize that they’re nice, which can spoil their relationships with others, especially those who are sweet.

These natives can be so nice that their passive-aggressiveness is no longer in place, no matter the situation. As soon as they become aware of their side through which they’re making others happy, they can be with someone who’s looking to have them completely satisfied.

Seventh House Libras are looking for someone who’s charming and knows what to say. They don’t want to be with aggressive people because they’re smooth themselves. This is why they’re always paying attention to who they’re dealing with.

When involved, they need to learn how compromises are being made, as well as how to walk the middle ground. Their way of influencing others is by having the most charming attitude.

It’s their wish to make others love them, so they’re investing many efforts in doing just so. Their connections of any kind must be developing smoothly and are harmonious. When going through heartbreak, these natives prefer to keep their respect for the person who hurt them.

If rejected, they can see the other person’s point of view. However, this is something that’s causing them to be indecisive and to not say what’s truly bothering them.

Respecting theirs and others’ emotions

As said before, Libra is at home in the Seventh House, so people with this placement are naturals when it comes to relationships and being diplomatic, no matter if with their friends or their opponents.

More than this, they can decide who’s going to mirror them best. However, the Libra can be challenged by the Sun as far as personality and intimacy go. What’s great about this placement is that it makes people able to separate social life from the personal one without bringing any damage to the heart.

A 7th House Libra individual knows how to respect his or her own emotions. Besides, he or she gives a lot of importance to marriage, so after a while being single, natives with this placement decide to be with someone beautiful and faithful.

Always thinking optimistically and being friendly, they may not realize that for some, they seem unusual. Since they’re generous with their views, they may see themselves as average when in fact, they’re very good, no matter the aspect of life.

Giving and having an open mind, they’re also very kind. Therefore, they should be aware of when others are returning them all of their kindness, as well as when they’re being taken advantage of.

Individuals born with Libra in Seventh House and who are highly developed usually have strong relationships with the smarted and most beautiful people.

Their marriage is usually based on intelligent conversations. When cooperating with others, they should take their time to learn and after taking any decision, they should accept the consequences of their actions.

If looking for a partner, they’re going out in the world and have high demands, not to mention they like to hook up people through discussions. What they need the most is someone gentle and caring.

There are times when their partnerships are asking them to invest all of their efforts, which can make them very tired. They’re looking for a person who can accept them for who they are, as well as for someone who can be proud of them. People of society, 7th House Libras have all the chances to become good leaders.

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