Pisces in 12th House: Compassionate and Sensitive


Natives born with Pisces in 12th House are spiritually wise, but not very keen on showing it. More than this, they’re empathetic and can sometimes feel very alone.

Having a lot of compassion, they’re keeping it hidden so that others don’t take advantage of them. They can act cold on the outside, but when feeling sympathetic for someone, they’re becoming obsessed to help.

Pisces on the Twelfth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Decisive, gentle and attentive;
  • Negatives: Impulsive, superficial and stubborn;
  • Advice: Accept that showing vulnerability is part of life;
  • Celebrities: Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Robert Pattinson, David Beckham, Kendall Jenner.

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Looking for something comfortable

These natives are very developed from an intellectual point of view and possess a strong intuition, meaning they can predict what can happen. Their main negative trait is not about their character, but more about how difficult it is for them to be alone.

When looking to communicate, they can rush, but at least they’re not creating a psychological prison for others, with the power of their subconscious.

Individuals born with Pisces in 12th House can have many people who are secretly impeding them from succeeding. When noticing these characters, they’re trying to hide anywhere near and pretend to be alright.

However, their plans can get destroyed as a result, meaning they can end up psychologically oppressed and no longer interested in living their life. The situations their enemies are creating can change their life for the worse at any given moment.

These people can seem more decisive and impulsive, but as said before, they’re kind and gentle when in a comfortable environment.

They must learn how to show their qualities and how to listen to their intuition. They can easily delude themselves because they’re always living in a fantasy world, not to mention they want to escape their vulnerable and sweet side because they were probably forced to be strong and more assertive when young.

Therefore, they need to accept the fact that they’re affectionate and closer to transcendentalism than to the material world. These natives can become too sensitive and have their life mysteriously sucked out of them when they’re trying to escape reality.

They need to accept that being human is all about being vulnerable and having different dreams. Only after, they can have a grasp of the complex Universe in their mind.

Individuals born with Pisces in Twelfth House can be so unselfish, to the point of sacrificing themselves. They’re all the time giving because they care for others and can even heal with their compassion.

More than this, they can understand a lot because they know many human stereotypes. This can help them a lot if they’re artists.

When it comes to spirituality, they know how to practice it better than anyone. As said before, no one is more compassionate than these natives. Besides, they’re soft on the inside and trying to hide this side of theirs.

When someone is suffering, they can feel his or her pain, at the subconscious level. While seeming aggressive on the outside, they’re nothing but big dreamers on the inside.

If they want to achieve great things, they need to listen to their intuition and to express themselves openly, no matter how difficult it may seem.

Careful with your emotions

A 12th House Pisces individual can feel for those who have been trashed by others, but can’t always express himself or herself clearly about emotions.

People with this placement in their birth chart are trying to understand the world surrounding them through sadness, meaning they can end up deceiving themselves too much when struggling to seem happy.

They’re fearful and don’t want to end up alone because they don’t know being lonely is something completely different than being on their own. This is happening especially in Arieses with Pisces in the 12th House.

But to return to all Twelfth House Pisces, all these natives are keeping their sensitive and giving souls away from the eyes of others.

They should be more conclusive when it comes to their feelings because everything in their birth chart may suggest they’re powerful and independent characters.

However, they don’t want to let emotions ruin their plans and getting them defeated because they need to win every battle they’re fighting.

When alone, they can dream a lot and be inspired, not to mention their feelings can’t be shared with anyone but another Pisces-dominated native.

Once again, this is especially happening to those with their Sun in Aries and the Fish in their 12th House. These natives should believe in their intuition and enjoy some alone time with the thoughts that are coming from their consciousness.

In case someone can get them and their ideas, they may want to share their most sensitive dreams without seeming weak. This is especially true in those with the Ascendant in Aries and some other personal planets in the 12th House.

These people need to pay attention to their intuition and to spend some time with their thoughts because their consciousness can give them a lot of valuable information.

More than this, they can spend a lot of time with those who get them and are sharing their dreams because this doesn’t make them weaker in others’ eyes. If their character is developing properly, they can experience with the mystical realm.

They can become successful as musicians or painters as well. Therefore, when choosing their profession, they should think more about being creative rather than other things.

Becoming aware of your skills

Individuals born with Pisces in Twelfth House are charitable and very empathetic with the poor and the diseased. However, this can negatively influence them because they can end up starting feeling sorry for themselves as well.

When sacrificing themselves, they may think nothing else needs to be done anymore. This thought should be avoided because it’s sending them to all the wrong places. Introspection and a better understanding of hidden motives can help then counteract any situation of this kind.

These people can have many secrets, so when looking into their subconscious mind, many things can be discovered. They’re all the time looking in the future and no longer think about whom they’re depending on or what connections they have with their past.

Some of them can live completely not knowing anything about the faith in their hearts and may need to sleep well or to meditate.

There are many of these natives who are avoiding losing sleep when they don’t have to deal with important matters. During the day, they may hide from their family. Having a lot of faith, awareness about their skills should be raised, as well about their inner life, no matter how scary these may be.

The 12th House is the one of karma that’s going to be repaid. Every person has to pay some debts of this kind. More than this, it’s the home of anxiety and diseases, loss and grief.

Pisces are all the time dreaming an easily disillusioned because the planet Neptune is ruling them. This celestial body is also known to put some rose-tinted glasses and make people deny its ruling.

Being also the House of heroes, people having Pisces here can sacrifice their interests for others. However, they’re doing it in a hazardous manner, so they can often end up disappointed.

Natives born with Pisces in Twelfth House can have many misunderstandings in their life because they can’t make the right assessments about others. More than this, they can’t understand themselves and their motivations.

If they want to refill their energy levels, they must be retreating from society from time to time, even if loneliness can make them depressed. If having problems when it comes to closure, they should see a psychiatrist because this professional can help them see why they ended up so lonely.

From all the houses in the Zodiac, the 12th one is probably the toughest to explore because it’s about spirituality and understanding human beings, as well about the Cosmic Consciousness.

Its weird ways and transcendental concepts when it comes to spirituality can help many rediscover what they’re being made of and the vastness of the Universe, which can be both inside themselves and out there.

When people are looking at things from the 12th House perspective, they can see how spiritual life is, no matter how subtly this is presenting itself.

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