Aries in 1st House: Always on the Go


Being ruled by Aries and the planet Mars, the 1st House does nothing else than increase the traits of the Ram, in individuals born with Aries in 1st House.

These natives are gallant, courageous and a little bit aggressive, especially when they’re playing the role of leaders. Some people see them as self-centered and bossy because they’re easily intimidated by their personality.

A 1st House Aries person is nothing else but bold and ready to take on any challenge. These natives must be aware of the fact that some people find them to be too much, as well that their character can create controversies. However, they can as well draw others in with their magnetism, so opportunities in their life aren’t ceasing to appear.

Aries on the First House Cusp:

  • Positives: Optimistic, practical and inquisitive;
  • Negatives: Disorganized and rowdy;
  • Advice: Try to be more tactful in your approach to group work and family dynamics;
  • Celebrities: Louis Armstrong, Bette Midler, Vladimir Nabokov, Johannes Brahms, Brie Larson.

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Always on the go

People born with Aries in First House can seem too independent and direct for many, but at least they’re all the time optimistic. Sometimes, they’re too impulsive and like to compete, but they don’t want to harm.

They love being involved and trying new things because they have a lot of energy they have to use to not become grumpy.

Therefore, the person born with Aries in the First House needs to be physical. When it comes to the success of these people, they’re amazing leaders at whom others are looking to be instinctually directed in life. It comes naturally for them to just pave ways for others.

A 1st House Aries individual, regardless if with this sign in the first or the last degree, is an Arian at heart. This is a placement that helps natives know their limits, what their instincts are all about, as well who have an animal inside of them.

Therefore, these people need to have guidance and to be helped to contain their energy. The challenge of individuals born with Aries in 1st House is to see everyone as equal, to be more tactful, to care for others and to receive their care.

It’s a matter of commitment as far as relationships are going for them. When getting married these natives need to be compassionate.

The person born with Aries in First House is more or less aggressive and always looking to take part in new adventures because Mars is giving him or her a fiery outlook of life.

He or she is rarely tactful or diplomatic when interacting with others. The ideas of these natives are becoming plans very rapidly, so they’re not allowing for a moment in their life to just pass.

In other words, they don’t have too much patience because they want to start new projects all the time. However, when things are not turning the way they planned them, they’re no longer sticking to their plans.

For this reason, they need to do a lot of sport and to focus their mind on an adventurous hobby. If not, they can throw tantrums and develop a temper. When their energy is focused on what matters, they can end up doing things that otherwise seem impossible.

Needing to pay more attention

The mind of people born with Aries in the First House is properly driven and they have a lot of ambition. For this reason, many people in the military and the business world are belonging to this placement.

As mentioned before, Aries First House natives are being ruled by Mars in their birth chart. This planet is very important for them, not to mention it influences their body, the way they look and their energy levels.

The body and the Self are not only influenced by the planets in the First House but as well by how Mars is transiting. Therefore, these things are playing a very important role in the personality of an individual. Natives born with Aries in 1st House must take Mars’ attributes and use them wisely because this is influencing their life from all points of view, positively or negatively.

Having a body that’s fit and being always active, they’re capable of many physical efforts. They need to exercise and to pay attention to their weight because they’re not as tall as others.

Their body needs discipline, so many of them are following strict patterns when it comes to their everyday routine. This is because their body reacts quickly and likes to function “on automatic”.

Many of these people are martial arts champions because their reflexes are incredible, which is also good for them if they want to practice any other profession, as well as hobby or sport. However, their disciplined reactions can influence them in a bad manner, especially if they’re not thinking before taking action, in difficult circumstances.

People born with Aries in First House don’t like feeling restrained and guided. More than this, they need to learn how to be more tactful, how to not act on impulse and to channel all of their energy on something productive.

Just like the Ram, which is their symbol, they tend to jump headfirst, no matter what they may be doing. They like being challenged because the fight is sometimes all they can see.

However, it’s easy for them to get bored in routines, so they need to learn how to be more persistent in life. Besides, they tend to always look for the new and to not finish their projects.

Wanting to excel at everything

Also known as the House of the Self, the First House holds the rising sign at the moment of a person’s birth. When it comes to beginning something new, people should closely study it because starting something is all about individuality and what’s defining each person.

Some questions need to be asked when it comes to this House because it is known to help people realize their full potential. When struggling to be original, many can see how they contribute to making the world better, from the perspective of the 1st House.

The person with Aries in the 1st House is always rushed because he or she has a lot of energy and is strong. More than this, these natives’ confidence can help them make their dreams come true.

They’re also enthusiastic and want to excel. Not wanting to waste a single minute from their life, they’re not taking things easy and prefer to act in an aggressive manner that denotes courage.

Positive and always happy, natives born with Aries in 1st House don’t mind taking on challenges. More than this, they need to prove their abilities no matter what, meaning they’re always ready to be involved in conflicts.

When dealing with surprises that are consuming their energy, they can lose all of their strength because they’re only looking to be successful. These people don’t like having peace.

When resting, they like being all alone, just to be able to become active again, when having something to do. Any business seems attractive to them because they love turbulence and being involved.

Their traits are always heavily pronounced and they’re allowing first impressions to influence them. When feeling great, they can as well positively influence the world and become irresistible.

The mind of individuals born with Aries in the First House is simple and they can be trusted. If allowed to be open and feel safe, they can charm anyone. When expressing themselves, they’re smart and attracting both negative and positive thoughts. They can’t accept that their words can destroy.

When it comes to relationships, they need to keep them balanced as Libras do, so they need to learn what their enemies want as well. More than this, they need to remain composed and fair, no matter the situation.

At the same time, a First House Aries individual needs to be adaptable and balanced. In case he or she is in a desperate situation, depression and boredom can follow.

Natives of this placement need to be supported because their energy is not enough. Always active, they’re approaching the world straightforwardly and never in a tactful manner. For this reason, they can annoy others with their dynamic, impulsiveness and the way they’re making friends. At least they can defend their principles, intelligently.

It’s easy to have them beginning a project, but they’re having problems finishing their tasks because they’re easily getting bored. Being consistent is something natives born with Aries in 1st House need to work at.

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