Taurus in 11th House: Multiple Points of View


The sign of Taurus is known for being motivated by money, so people with the Taurus in Eleventh house placement are usually focused on obtaining financial gains from their social relationships.

They give a lot of importance to the materialistic side of life because when having everything they want, they can feel free. However, if money is the only thing that matters to them, things can take the wrong turn.

Taurus on the Eleventh House Cusp:

  • Positives: Disciplined, sociable and sincere;
  • Negatives: Thoughtless and superficial;
  • Advice: Keep few and select friends close to you and life will be so much easier;
  • Celebrities: Bill Gates, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, Cindy Crawford.

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Big procrastinators

People born with Taurus in the 11th House are artistic, reliable and usually quite wealthy. They have many secrets for attaining success and becoming rich, not to mention it’s sometimes normal for them to call their rich friends to get help with their plans. When it comes to the way they’re collaborating with others, these natives are always calm but determined to succeed.

When working in groups, they don’t want to be in the center of attention and usually stand by their opinions. They’re all the time insisting to be right, no matter how much others aren’t agreeing with them.

However, they can have valid points of view because they’re good at grasping information. Their friends and colleagues usually want to be in their life, even if these natives are rarely agreeing with others or may not have any purpose in a team.

Big procrastinators, they can just get accustomed to a bad situation and not care if bad things are happening to them. Usually, they need to be pushed to move forward. In case in their 2nd House, there isn’t any planet or they have bad aspects there, their money-making skills can be completely missing.

Tauruses are famous for the way they’re saving, for their composure and the way they’re approaching business. It would be a good idea to ask them for financial advice.

Some of them enjoy consuming foods and all the pleasures of life, so they’re great cooks or florists. Because their sign is fixed, they can be next to someone for a long period and calmly offer all of

their support, no matter the situation. Natives born with Taurus in Eleventh House are traditional and scared of change, so they always need time to adapt to new circumstances.

When it comes to the way they perceive money and pleasure, they can be strongly influenced by people in their circle of friends or by the common need. These people can be very attracted to what’s in trend. For this reason, they may use things and buy different items when their loved ones are telling them to.

The more they’re keeping with others, the more secure they’re feeling. It’s very likely for them to notice that working in teams is inspiring, so they may want to collaborate with others to make some money and even to help charitable organizations.

Individuals with Taurus in 11th House need to learn how valuable relationships can be, as this previously mentioned House is also one of personal connections.

Life may be a lot based on relationships, but those with Taurus in their birth chart must connect with the Self first, for them to relate to others and the entire world.

More than this, they need to be careful and not become self-indulgent because this can be noticed more in those who have Taurus in their birth chart than in Tauruses themselves.

Few and select friends

Individuals with Taurus in Eleventh House mustn’t use others to make their dreams come true. When it comes to what they’re hoping for, they need creative objectives.

Their life can slow down so much while others have a normal pace that they need to make changes. However, if rushing, they can only make things worse.

In the end, they can find their balance and escape boredom because they have this ability to make dull moments seem more exciting. More than this, they’re very patient when dealing with technology. If they wouldn’t, their gadgets would easily break.

Some of them are simply worshipping their laptops and other technological instruments they may be using. Most likely not having too many friends, they’re still close with the few in their life, also interested in keeping their connections active for a very long time.

These people are working hard to make their dreams come true, these usually being about security. An 11th House Taurus is paying close attention to where he or she is living. They like to check people thoroughly before making friends with them.

More than this, they need many hobbies, to be balanced and to have money. They can gain many benefits from associating themselves with others because this way, they can discover many financial opportunities and become rich. Their ideas get to be implemented with the help of others.

Besides being the House of friendship, this 11th one is also one of personal freedom, meaning it influences the way people no longer have responsibilities and are making changes to make their dreams come true and to realize what great thinkers they are.

It’s the place of non-profit communities and other types of groups, as well the House that incorporates associations between people who think the same way. According to the signs and planets in it, natives are influenced to have more support from others and to make friends who aren’t judging their personality.

When Taurus is present here, people are giving more importance to their social life and material gains. This doesn’t mean they’re making friends to make money, even if this seems easy. However, they enjoy having their Earthly demands satisfied.

They can learn a lot about what their senses need when establishing long-lasting friendships and having affectionate relationships. The position if Taurus in 11th House is of those who know how to nurture their loved ones and aren’t unrealistic when it comes to practicality and even morals.

Shyness in the face of trouble

People with this placement need to be natural when living their life. They want love and to be at peace from an emotional point of view, which can sometimes influence them to make the changes they need in life.

On the contrary, when flexible, they can enjoy more financial stability and have everything they need when old. These natives are happy when more realistic and when having to decorate. They could choose the career of designers.

They love to work on projects that have already been started and to complete them, even if they seem doomed to fail. The more they persevere, the more they can succeed in life.

When they can’t make sense of a certain life lesson, they can become shy. This is happening no matter if they need to do their duty to society or not.

They can feel that they have a duty and what needs to be done, but they aren’t giving it any importance. In case they can develop their best personality traits and be more, they can be amazing friends who are always giving a hand and are paying attention to others’ needs.

On the contrary situation, they can have problems in business and when communicating with their loved ones. They seem to possess the inner ability to find a balance between their personal and professional life.

People are treating natives born with Taurus in 11th House warmly, especially if they’re not trying to always be right because they tend to insist on being the ones right, even when knowing they’re delusional. This is because they want to have valuable opinions in their group of friends, as well as influence.

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