Aquarius in 8th House: Playful and Exploring


Individuals born with Aquarius in 8th House are very spiritual, so many of them embrace spirituality with ease.

The changes happening to them are usually surprising and strange because the future is bringing them many ideas of reinforcement, also interesting ways for them to behave when the situations they come across are meant to be extreme.

Aquarius on the Eighth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Approachable, supportive and affectionate;
  • Negatives: Overemotional and weak-willed;
  • Advice: Be careful not to let those dear to you become too involved or control your life;
  • Celebrities: Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Pablo Picasso, Tyra Banks, Michael Jordan, Salvador Dali, John Travolta.

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Responsible with their finances

They can indeed face difficulties when having to deal with extreme circumstances in their everyday life, which can have them thinking even more creatively and be unusual. When in psychological crises or going through changes coming from their environment, these things are happening to them in two ways: for a long time and in a sharp manner.

Their decline can be called sharp when they can’t get used to how the world works or they’re dealing with something unexpectedly. This can have their subconscious and inner force to be split between the reality of extravagance and one of the mundane.

When at the most critical points in their life, Eighth house Aquarius natives can make a drama out of anything, especially if they’re not happy with themselves, also if they need to become someone new, a stronger person who’s more passionate and less fearful about what’s going to happen next or about what seems strange.

People born with Aquarius in the Eighth House have an amazing view on life and want to discover all of its mysteries. Besides, they’re spiritual and independent with their ideas.

These natives know how to handle money, but can’t be too responsible when it comes to joint finances. This is because they’re fine dealing with their own money and don’t want to manage others’. More than this, they tend to act in unusual ways as far as money goes. At least this is helping them be good brokers and gamblers.

As far as sex goes, they’re always looking to try something new. However, it’s very likely for them to get into trouble when they’re not thinking of these things too much, even if they’re advising their friends there are many ways to deal with anything in life and that the world has endless opportunities to offer.

When trying to express his or her individuality, the person born with Aquarius in the 8th House is usually supported by others and by groups of which he or she is part of. They can be sponsored in their endeavors, or they can become beneficiaries of some collective efforts.

Either way, they like focusing their financial and materialistic efforts on working for the common good. This is why many of them are working as CEOs for big companies. Others can occupy their time with raising money for charity.

Their heads can be filled with ideas on how to help themselves make some more money with the help of technology. These natives love raising money for humanitarian causes and different organizations.

This can make them more powerful in their team or the group of which they’re a member. However, they should be careful not to let others in their surroundings control their life.

The placement of Aquarius in the Eighth House is indicating natives with it can live the life of monks if they decide to be withdrawn from the life’s pleasures and to live through others, enjoying their excitement.

Just like many other signs in the Zodiac, they can be detached from their emotions and pain. This is why they don’t seem to care about anything traumatic happening into their life, meaning they’re being kept away from their inner dark side.

Attentive with their minds

Individuals born with Aquarius in the 9th House may have often felt like outcasts and thought no one can understand them or that their feelings haven’t been respected.

When ignoring their own needs, they can bring into the light their dark side and become colder with either others or themselves. This is because they have inherited a psychological state that’s keeping them just a few steps away from their deepest self.

An Eighth House Aquarius individual can deal with any of his or her psychological issues by acting like he or she is someone else.

When it comes to dealing with their demons, people with this placement can act in unusual ways and lose their grip on what’s going on. In a way, emotional turmoil is only satisfying their secret desire to be different and to no longer have control.

In case they’re working with this side of theirs, they can end up working with incredible means for surviving and no longer allow themselves to be controlled by anything toxic or the pains in their past.

When finding their power, they can be free and able to feel liberated in intimacy. The way they approach sex is somehow weird and wild. They expect to receive what they’re giving from their partner, as well to be “taken places” that are helping them to flourish from a sexual point of view.

Since Uranus is the planet of rebellion and uncaring attitudes, its presence in the 8th House can represent danger, meaning those with this placement can get themselves into all sorts of trouble.

However, this doesn’t mean they don’t have control over their own life because risks in their life can be avoided when they’re taking some control of their impulses and no longer are uncaring or ruled by their temper.

On one side, the Aquarius is helping them build their life with innovative ideas, and on the other, they’re self-destructive because they aren’t giving importance to any norm or convention.

This type of destruction can in a way help people born with Aquarius in the Eighth House be more creative and understand life through concepts that are universally working. This way, they’re able to regenerate and to allow the new into their life.

The main quality of these natives is that they can start many projects when they’re searching for the truth, as well they can become more interested in working with their ideas, or they can act in the most creative ways. Those who know more about Astrology are aware of all the positive traits of Aquariuses.

Playful and ready to explore the forbidden

Individuals born with Aquarius in the 8th House can only see the negative things coming with this sign of theirs, not to mention they can’t deal with stressful situations or important changes too easily.

It goes the same for them when they have too rapid conversations or things in their surroundings are starting to move.

The placement of the Aquarius in their 8th House is indicating they’re open to progress and anything new happening to them, not to mention they give a lot of importance to their memories.

As soon as they start to realize how important being alone and free is, they can no longer expect unrealistic things from others or be mentally pressured to do anything. Their friendships need to be kept in order and they need to have change into their life because this is allowing their interpersonal connections to develop.

When it comes to how they’re interpreting the ethics of groups, these people are neutral. They tend to respect what others want and need, also they need to make many new friends.

When it comes to the morals on which their group is built, they’re cool, detached and only logical. As far as the occult is going, the person born with Aquarius in the 8th House is extravagant and can see how complex this form of interpreting the Universe and Divinity is.

They can be good sorcerers, not to mention they can control reality with the power of their mind. At work, they’re known to be rapid, so their colleagues are often calling them to do all kinds of tasks.

These people are playful when it comes to sex, so they don’t mind exploring what’s unconventional, but by keeping themselves restrained still. As far as making decisions goes, they’re curious about what can happen and want to go with the flow, but cautiously. Sex with them is often followed by lengthy talks.

People born with Aquarius in 8th House have a well-developed intuition and can express themselves in the most unusual ways. They shouldn’t act when feeling more dangerous than usual or after they have planned for something for too long. Attracting the esoteric, they love it when traditions are a little bit left behind.

When it comes to the money of others and their reserves, they can have difficulties managing this type of finances. They tend to judge freely and to assess boldly when it comes to death.

Deeply involved in spirituality, some of them are medium or possess paranormal powers. Others can feel what others are feeling. Some of them are important at events of tremendous proportions. However, many are trustees for inheritance and property of big corporations.

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