Sagittarius in 6th House: A Greater Purpose in Life


When it comes to people born with Sagittarius in the 6th House, these are very optimistic about their work. When performing for their job, they tend to be funny and inspired.

Besides, they tend to take on too many projects when feeling pressured. These people need to be all the time challenged for them to stay focused on their careers. As far as their health goes, they can have problems with their digestive system, so it’s important for them to sometimes take breaks and to exercise more than usual.

Sagittarius on the Sixth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Meticulous, confident and liberal;
  • Negatives: Self-indulgent and quick-tempered;
  • Advice: Be careful not to work yourself to the bone, especially during busy times;
  • Celebrities: William Shakespeare, Stephen King, Salvador Dali, John Travolta, Cher, Steven Spielberg.

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Confidence in their powers

Sagittarius in Sixth House natives can work themselves to the bone if they love what they’re doing, so they should be careful to not exaggerate with this. They can suffer from weight problems because they’re eating and sometimes drinking too much.

Sagittarius in the Sixth House is indicating natives with this placement can be amazing writers, travel agents or teachers. If it is for them to be more productive, these people need a lot of space and never be controlled.

If not optimistic about making money, they’re sure their financial success is not coming. When obsessed with work, they can neglect their health.

At least they have confidence in their healing powers and know their spirit will always prevail. When allowed to give a hand, they don’t hesitate to do it because this is helping them develop. Sagittarius is a sign that’s giving people a lot of energy, so natives born with Sagittarius in Sixth House can experience some health problems because they’re too active.

Lusting for life, they can decide to have fun at their work and at the same time to pay the bills for them to feel secure at home. This doesn’t mean they aren’t giving their best in a job they don’t like.

For these natives, every day has to be an adventure because they love to not know what’s just around the corner, not to mention they want more enlightenment and not to be inspired by the mundane.

Believing there’s a Great Plan is making them more efficient. They mustn’t take on more than they can handle, though. It’s not a bad thing they have confidence in themselves, but they should be careful to not exaggerate with this attitude.

There are times when for them it seems like the stress is just too much, moments in which they can get sick. More than this, they can also act tirelessly when having to deal with stress, but this would only make them healthier.

Having to pay a lot of attention to the awareness of their body and mind, they’re good as healers, especially of souls. It’s okay for them to want freedom when it comes to their job because only this way, they can keep being inspired and energetic. These natives think that when serving a person, they’re helping everyone.

Always giving a helping hand

Their enthusiasm for starting a new career can’t be equaled, but they need to do something interesting because, with no place for imagination, they can rapidly no longer be interested and prefer to find something else.

Sixth House Sagittariuses are willing to help others, so their spiritual selves can be more mature when they’re servicing others. They need to be inspired when working. These people believe in the power of healing and always think positively.

They’re ready to work for others without expecting anything in return because this way, they think the entire humanity is being helped.

As said before, these people love making their everyday life more adventurous. This is why they’re always looking to change their routine and to learn new things. Any information they remember most is about healing or making things work again because they’re very good when it comes to solving problems.

The person born with Sagittarius in the 6th House grow and expand their mind when being more responsible, so they can want more to help others, just so that they can resolve their issues.

The Sixth House is the one of service, the public, and teaching. The Sagittarius is contributing here to make natives with this sign here more aware of their public and how mankind needs to cope with what’s happening in life.

These natives must be always searching for the Absolute Truth, especially since they believe the entire world is just ignorant. They have the responsibility to make mankind more knowledgeable about life and what’s needed to cope with it because only by knowing more, people can have control.

Meant to have a big purpose in life

Even when focusing a lot and being responsible for their work, natives born with Sagittarius in Sixth House still want to follow more than one direction in life and to have no limits.

They have many instruments for doing this and establishing contacts of energy. In case of failure comes their way, they may stop using the tools they have. These natives love relaxation and to be surrounded by joy, so they’re sharing their enthusiasm with just about anyone.

When being like this, they have a lot of energy and are ready to sacrifice themselves to servicing other people. Sixth House Sagittariuses don’t give too much importance to their health and when having enough energy, they can immediately recuperate from any disease.

More than this, they can consume all of their physical forces, until their body can no longer take it. Some may see them as tireless. When getting sick, they tend to believe they either don’t have enough energy or this is not being evenly distributed into their body.

Very fond of what they’re doing for a living, they also don’t mind enjoying their days off by being lazy and sleeping.

These Sagittariuses want to protect their loved ones’ health. The way their life is organized depends a lot on how they’re focused on what they’re supposed to do. When having a purpose, the health of these people is strong, as well as anything that’s coming their way.

Since they can have problems with their weight, this won’t be a problem for them in the long run or meant to cause them depression because they’re always looking forward to the next day.

When it comes to the activities they prefer, these people want to move a lot. This is why they’re big travelers. More than this, they can work very hard just as long as not being subjected to routine.

What they love doing the most can offer them great opportunities for improvement from a personal point of view. Sixth House Sagittariuses need to learn what control is when it comes to their addictions because their internal organs can get badly damaged. They’re more predisposed to have problems with their hips and their joints.

Sagittarius doesn’t usually like to serve others, but this can change when this sign is in the 6th House. Natives with this placement can help others without expecting anything in return, but they may want to get recognized.

While usually not having a single health problem, individuals born with Sagittarius in the 6th House are not at all interested in taking care of their bodies. However, the Virgo can influence them to want to participate in movements for health and all kind of similar activities.

After all, Sagittariuses are big athletes who are looking to make people attentive to sports and to join communities that are promoting the movement of the body.

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