Virgo in 3rd House: Striving Towards Perfection


Individuals born with Leo in 3rd House are precise when talking or writing, as well when forming an idea because they’re practical and pragmatic. When traveling or going on a journey, they’re planning everything from well before. However, they can bother with their criticizing ways. It’s easy for them to express their thoughts and to come up with an idea.

More than this, they can implement anything that goes through their minds. However, they need to properly organize before communicating or going on a trip, as well before getting to know new people.

Virgo on the Third House Cusp:

  • Positives: Persuasive, affectionate and dutiful;
  • Negatives: Overcritical and defensive;
  • Advice: Communicate with others with patience and kindness if you want results;
  • Celebrities: Carrie Underwood, Shailene Woodley, Tina Fey, Iggy Pop, Keith Urban.

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Always striving to make things better

When talking to others, Virgo in the Third house natives are criticizing and always looking to offer their advice. Their plans are usually realistic, not to mention that when studying, they’re responsible and conscious.

When it comes to what attracts them the most in others, this is fairness, the ability to rely on facts and discipline. For them, practical situations and facts are more important than emotions.

When realizing the way they’re directing their energy is effective, they can establish strong connections with others. However, as soon as disagreeing with someone, they can easily have that relationship ending too fast. If not emotionally cultured, they start to be more interested in gossip and to become more sensitive.

If it’s for them to be students, these natives are diligent. Their attention and power to focus can increase according to how interested they are in a subject. When training they need to attain the information in a systematic way that’s also consistent.

The self-esteem of these people gets to be worse when they can’t understand things, so their teachers should offer them information as intensely as possible.

A 3rd House Virgo individual thinks a lot about the mundane and how to make things work better. Natives with this placement are great intellectuals who can rationalize anything in life, even if they’re sometimes doing it too much.

They should communicate their ideas efficiently so that they can obtain the information they need and manifest their thoughts. If not, they can stagnate by overthinking. They must be expressing what goes through their minds, no matter what.

Because the Third House is also the one of knowledge and the Virgo represents this as well, the placement of this sign in this House is indicating people having it need to acquire more knowledge, but not in a superficial way because the Virgo needs to always look for knowledge.

This sign is always asking questions but has problems when it comes to communicating and sharing experiences or knowledge. Natives born with Virgo in the Third House give a lot of importance to communication.

They like to discuss things to the very last detail. However, they can have complexes when it comes to the strategies they’re adopting and their nervous minds.

Focused on practicalities

People born with Virgo in the 3rd House worry a lot about their future and can be very criticizing or judgmental with people around them. They tend to give too much importance to what doesn’t matter, not to mention they pay too much attention to every little detail.

Mercury in the Third House is giving them a more curious and faster mind. They love to investigate and to observe, as well to conclude about anything happening in their surroundings.

However, they can be a little bit detached from their feelings because they use logic too much. For this reason, they can be unreasonable when judging others.

The placement of the Virgo in the 3rd House is more weakening people having it, rather than empowering them.

While Mercury is all about giving a superior intelligence and mental abilities, it’s also the planet of practicality and routine. Also, it makes people focus too much on their health because people born with it in the Third House can burden their minds with health matters and be hypochondriacs.

This is usually happening because they can’t be emotionally satisfied and usually look for defects in just about anything, in themselves as well. They must keep their faith and allow love into their life because rationalizing everything can have them making mistakes.

People born with Virgo in 3rd House can make good analyzes and pay a lot of attention to details, which can be noticed in the way they’re talking.

It’s possible for them to be too fascinated about what someone says until they’re starting to pay attention to someone else. When someone says something, they can be so caught up that they’re no longer paying attention to other people.

However, this makes them good teachers and the best at criticizing others. When being too criticizing, they can become too judgmental and be too harsh. Their siblings most likely gave them a sense of what’s right and what’s wrong.

In their relationships with them, they’ve been always correct because they’re looking for perfection. If they didn’t have any brothers or sisters, they’re more focused as adults on raising their children right. More than this, they may focus on what’s happening in their neighborhood.

Many of the natives born with Virgo in the 3rd House love to gossip and to make improvements to their surroundings.

They may have had difficulties communicating when young, not because of themselves, but because they were always doubting their ideas. This is because they always felt like what they have to say isn’t very important.

Focused on logic, they need to all the time feed their mind. The person born with Virgo in 3rd House pays great attention to details and is pragmatic, as well able to focus on his or her work.

Expecting a lot more from others

The 3rd House is the one of brotherhood, so people with Virgo here are all about servicing and teaching others.

They may have problems with trying to be perfect, meaning they may want to avoid communicating with others because this can make them feel like they’re not getting involved enough, from both an intellectual and personal point of view.

This means they need to understand perfection doesn’t just happen, but it’s more of an intelligent decision after different experiences and after taking some risks.

Their responsibility is to bring all of their knowledge into the discussion, as well as to make others more conscious of their life and where this is heading, as well as their purpose. The need for 3rd House Virgos to be perfect can be negative because they’re expecting others to be like them. The Virgo has a problem accepting that others are weak, meaning they can be discriminative.

If teachers, these natives can be quite boring and force their students to pay attention to the way they’re talking. Their students can teach them how to be more tolerant, forgiving and dedicated.

Individuals born with Virgo in the Third House are criticizing and always preoccupied to analyze scientific matters.

When making decisions, they’re only relying on facts. If a situation is critical, they can control themselves and be consistent in their activities. Their nature allows them to develop good relationships with anyone, just as long as they’re not feeling inferior.

When it comes to domestic matters, they’re polite and always keeping in touch with their relatives. Because they seem to have talents when it comes to drama, they’re good writers for plays and novels.

Individuals born with Virgo in 3rd House can be called fussy and discriminating. This is because this placement in influencing them to be this way.

They’re precise and can’t tolerate any holes in logic, neither inaccurate people. This means they’re great when researching or studying something, but they can as well be tiring for those who have to listen to every detail they’re mentioning.

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