Cancer in 1st House: Great at Reading Out Feelings


The Cancer zodiac sign is ruling over the domestic life and family, as well as emotions. Many can’t understand how sensitive people with a strong Cancerian influence are, from both a psychological and physical point of view.

The sign in the First House is giving people their physicality, but when Cancer is here, the natives of this placement are feeling very powerful or confident.

When it comes to the challenges in these natives’ life, these are regarding the plans they’re making, their strong will, having a routine and being responsible for the path they’re choosing in life.

Cancer on the First House Cusp:

  • Positives: Thorough, sociable and dignified;
  • Negatives: Callous and obsessive;
  • Advice: Try to be less selfish about simple things and avoid nagging others;
  • Celebrities: Marie Antoinette, Elizabeth Hurley, Gary Oldman, Keith Urban.

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Inspiring others through creativity

When the Cancer is in the 1st House, people are uncertain, yet still passionate about their own emotions. At least they still have a will. Their individuality is manifesting when they’re close to their loved ones.

Individuals born with Cancer in the 1st House want to all the time have a wide view. They’re exaggeratedly careful and most of the time timid when interacting.

At least others are receiving them very well because they’re looking to be part of relationships. When it comes to their surroundings, they easily understand things and have flair, not to mention they can learn a lot from their own experiences.

They’re more listeners than talkers. More than this, they can be seen as capricious when they’re responding to others’ moods.

They’re only reacting fast and with a lot of boldness. Besides, they can make friends, no matter their surroundings, so it’s easy to be their companion.

When it comes to their personality, this can inspire many because they’re artistic. In the meantime, they’re choosing the things to deal with carefully and become submissive when influenced by others.

This doesn’t mean they’re incapable, it’s just that they’re hiding their power to adapt. For them, it’s more important to be sure about their inner talents than to prove themselves to others.

When needing to find out who they are, individuals born with Cancer in 1st House need to look at this placement in their birth chart for the moment when they got born to the transit of other planets that are constantly moving.

This can show them how to start anew and how they’re viewing the world. The First House is the one of Self and indicates how the person is seeing the world or how he or she is included in it.

Therefore, it holds matters of who people are and the way they’re being perceived by their environment. Ruling over the head and especially the face, this House is also the placement for the brain and consciousness.

The person born with Cancer in the First House is highly emotional. It can be said Cancer in the 1st House is the same as the Moon in this placement.

Both these astrological elements are feminine, so this native is representing the female perfectly, meaning he or she is gracious. However, it doesn’t influence sexuality, just the appearance.

Revealing their multiple abilities

Cancer in First House natives look kind and are enthralled in harmony. Similar to the symbol of Cancer, which is the Crab, a 1st House Cancer individual is looking both ahead and beyond, not wanting too much to look at the future and being worried about the past.

People with this placement can be anxious about what happened to them. It can be said they’re experiencing life in sideways and can’t move forwards sometimes. When feeling more sensitive, they’re retreating under a shell to no longer be bothered.

It’s easy to hurt their feelings because they’re all the time taking things personally. Loving to travel, they still need to know there’s a home for them, where they can return. When it comes to what they need the most, this is security. More than this, individuals born with Cancer in First House are protective of the ones they love.

Sometimes, they can reveal their psychic abilities that their moods are influencing them to have. There are times when their emotions are causing them to no longer think or judge very clearly.

But all in all, these natives are kind and very good at perceiving what others are feeling. They don’t like confrontations and tend to withdraw when someone is cornering them.

When it comes to family, they want to build their future with their loved ones on a strong foundation. But for this to happen, they need to not be negative when it comes to their emotions.

Big gourmands, people born with Cancer in the 1st House should eat less. When it comes to what they’ve learned from experience, they prefer to keep things to themselves.

At the same time, they love being in the middle of things and occupying important positions in life. They know how to listen and aren’t very good when it comes to talking, especially for a long time.

Protecting themselves from harm

These natives have sensitivities and can become weak when starting to understand themselves more, which can confuse their minds and make them less able to express themselves or what they’re feeling inside.

But anything can be learned. Many see them as quiet and reserved, but this is only on the outside because they’re profound and ready to talk.

It can be impossible to guess their moods, or if they agree with something or not because their face doesn’t usually say anything. Indeed, they’re often no thinking about something substantial and their consciousness can’t be put into words.

Therefore, people born with Cancer in the 1st House are dependent and always ready to protect themselves against their first impressions because these can have them deceived.

If they want their enemies to stay away from them, they need to avoid being impractical and to persist in accomplishing their goals. They need to work on this and themselves if they want to express their emotions clearly.

They need to have their emotions even and to submit them most sincerely. More than this, they should keep in mind in their opponents are only becoming stronger when they’re being egotistical.

A 1st House Cancer individual is mothering, timid and sensitive. When in public, he or she can go through a lot of emotions, even if not expressing them.

More than this, these natives are the type to deal with situations using feelings. They can pick up emotions no matter the circumstances, not to mention they can understand what many are feeling, which can give them psychic abilities.

They need to trust their instincts because these are good for processing information. Many are seeing natives born with Cancer in First House as nurturers and real mothers, as they love caring for their loved ones. More than this, they seem to be very close to their mother and family, as well as their country and its traditions.

First House Cancers are collecting rare objects and keep in touch with their past. Their imagination is rich, but they’re shy and need the support of others. Having an unexplained inner fear, they’re still mannered and charming. However, when threatened, they’re hiding under a shell and don’t want to come out.

Besides, it’s very easy for others to influence them. The happiest when in a safe environment, they like to explore but only when in the company of others who can guarantee their safety.

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