Scorpio in 5th House: Exploring Most Contradictory Feelings


Individuals born with Scorpio in 8th House are experiencing love by being emotionally challenged intensely. Since Scorpio is a pretty dark sign, it also holds sensitivity, strong emotions, deepness, and mysticism. More than this, it’s about talents that have to be used and the most intense experiences from the past that need to somehow be solved.

Natives born with Scorpio in Eighth House love their ancestors, no matter if these have been appreciated by others or not. Because their magnetic attraction is very strong, they can manifest it strangely, but at least constructively.

Scorpio on the Fifth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Articulate, benevolent and independent;
  • Negatives: Controlling and jealous;
  • Advice: Don’t encourage your controlling tendencies but rather keep them locked;
  • Celebrities: Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, Cindy Crawford, Stephen King, Fergie.

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Explorers of the darkest of feelings

These natives can’t settle for little because they want something big and to be truly happy. If not able to have peace of mind, they can be very unsatisfied.

Their pleasure comes when they’re doing something recreational or when their emotions are being involved. Being spiritual, they don’t mind to be vulnerable, from both a physical and mental point of view.

Scorpio in the 5th House is the placement of extremes and of those who want to be in situations of life and death to just feel good. Those of them who aren’t into extreme sports can be very passionate when it comes to sex. This is what’s making them feel really good.

Not afraid to explore the darkest and most frightening corners of a person’s psyche, they can play a lot with minds, both in the literal and figurative sense. Their extreme activities are about them mastering the control of power.

On the other hand, Fifth House Scorpios love to have fun and to give everything they have when doing something. They seem to have many secrets and are all the time trying to protect their feelings.

By taking risks, these natives are doing nothing else than to protect the people they love. Going on adventures is what they want the most. When it comes to love, they can be sensitive and very jealous.

Their behavior when it comes to other matters is impulsive and at the same time bright. These natives see their emotions as very sharp. However, they can’t notice that they’re also vindictive and fierce when looking to obtain something.

Most of the time, people with Scorpio in the 5th House are paying too much attention to their own emotions and ignore the ones of others.

For this reason, they need to consider forming images about their loved ones in their minds. This could help them no longer focus on themselves that much, as well they could perform their collective duties more efficiently.

Experiencing love differently

People born with Scorpio in 5th House want to form emotional bonds in life, no matter who they’re meeting. However, they can easily become upset in their long-term connections because they’re too possessive and yearning to invest all of their feelings into their relationships.

Being secretive can have them experiencing love in ways that have never been seen before. As parents, they’re over-protective and worried. This can spoil their relationship with their children a lot. Private about their creativity, these natives can isolate themselves from others, especially when very young. They’re the type to keep diaries and to write in them.

More than this, these natives don’t want to express their romantic urges but can get attached to the first person who’s interested in them. Their love life is usually characterized by passion and strong emotions.

The Fifth House in astrology is all about creativity and its quality. Scorpio here can bring into the light the conservative side in this sign, making the natives with this placement unwilling to express what goes through their minds.

This can happen especially by direct reaction to the 11th House when it comes to relationships. Therefore, Fifth House Scorpios must express their creativeness through their connections with others.

When it comes to the way they’re behaving in society, these natives are true mystics and very good mind readers. Their creativeness can be either one of profoundness or one of pure sarcasm.

As far as religion and spirituality are going, they want to study matters of life and what death has to bring, not to mention they’re interested in the subject of reincarnation and rebirth.

As professionals, they can be famous athletes and big intellectuals. At home, they don’t want to hear about infidelity and are the best parents. Issues they may have had during childhood can have them thinking for a long time about the changes they need to make in their life.

Their creativeness has an air of mystery and many secrets. Never ready to talk about their plans, their childhood has probably been alone. As adults, Fifth House Scorpios love children and guessing their needs.

Connecting with others

When wanting to be with someone in a romantic way, natives born with Scorpio in 5th House are subtle and reserved. They know how to seduce because they’re mysterious and dark. As far as dating goes, these natives are decisive and direct, not to mention intense and passionate.

It doesn’t matter if they’re on the first date, these people are investing their emotions. Being possessive, they give everything in love. This means many are attracted to them, as well as their deep emotions.

The person born with Scorpio in the 5th House needs to no longer be so jealous. At least natives with this placement are loyal to their partners. It’s rare to see them having casual relationships. Besides, they shouldn’t be only observers and just judge in silence.

With Leo naturally ruling the 5th House, they may need to shine and to be more attentive when working in a team. There may indeed be a conflict between the Leo’s need to be in the center of attention and the Scorpio’s one to act from the shadows, but this is something they have to deal with.

Because the Leo has a big ego and the Scorpio wants to be in control, egotism shouldn’t be encouraged in them either. Leos care about others, whereas Scorpios functioning on a lower octave, not at all.

People born with Scorpio in Fifth House want to get to the heart of others and any subject. Their hobbies are about discovering mysteries and all sorts of secrets. For this reason, they may be interested in science.

Regardless of what their hobbies may be, these people can obsess over them. When it comes to love, they may want to change their partner too often, not to mention they can have too intense emotions and be possessive.

As parents, these natives protect their children too much, so it can be difficult for them to let their offspring fly away from the nest. Their little ones can be very emotional. While good providers for their loved ones, these natives can also become too controlling.

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