Pisces in 9th House: A Higher State of Mind


People born with Pisces in the 9th House give a lot of importance to religion and are true mystics.

It’s very likely for them to travel a lot by sea during their lifetime because they feel like they’ve got a mission for them to fulfill. In the event in which they haven’t decided what to do with their life, they continue to dream and to think about all sorts of situations they could have avoided if people in their life would have behaved differently.

Pisces on the Ninth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Clever, neat and independent;
  • Negatives: Possessive and temperamental;
  • Advice: Beware of holding on too tightly of toxic relationships in your life;
  • Celebrities: Angelina Jolie, Kanye West, Bill Gates, Cameron Diaz, Pablo Picasso, Tyra Banks.

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Special life values

These natives can’t be kept to only one place, not to mention they shouldn’t hold on too tightly to their loved ones. When giving freedom, they receive the same back.

More than this, they can obtain the right vision for following the right path. In this situation, they would never feel lost. Pisces are known for creating magic around them, but also for poisoning their environment when it comes to the aspects of life they haven’t explored.

Those with this sign in the 9th House can study anything they want, from philosophy to mining. The most important thing for them is to keep their eyes open and to follow their passion. Only this way, they can leave their mark into the world and become someone.

These natives have strong religious beliefs and their life can be filled with all kinds of mystical situations. They’re always using their faith and values to deal with different problems they may encounter in life. Besides, they love the literature that’s about spirituality and religion.

Giving a lot of importance to their beliefs, they don’t hesitate to use them in their everyday life. Many of them are exaggerating with spirituality and religion, thinking these can solve all of their problems.

While not the biggest travelers in the Zodiac, they still love being around water because the symbolism of oceans fascinates them. However, they can’t fall in love with a specific place or philosophical notion.

Some of the individuals born with Pisces in Ninth House love to wander when on a journey because this is pleasing them. They’re captivated by philosophical and religious matters, so it’s very likely for them to get higher education.

All of them are looking to be kind, nice and giving. When someone is asking something of them, they immediately respond because they’re paying attention and want to solve the issues of their loved ones.

For this reason, they don’t like conflicts, stiffness, people who are cold and too practical. They most likely have had difficulties finding their religion because they’re easy to influence, not to mention they can easily put themselves in other people’s shoes and adopt new philosophies.

Spirituality is very important for them, so they’re always looking for the right philosophy to live by. In case they don’t trust their judgment, which is something common for those with Neptune in their birth chart, they can be easily influenced by some cults and their leaders.

A higher state of mind

Pisces in the 9th House indicates people with this placement love to travel in the astral or with their imagination.

As Cancer is their Ascendant, they love their home more than anything else, but this doesn’t mean they don’t love to wander and to dream of other places where they could be.

The 9th House is not only the ruler of travel but also the one of expanding horizons. Those with Pisces here are curious about new beliefs and also in traditions or rituals from different religions.

This is why they can end up following different gurus and mentors. They want to talk about the meaning of life and to make philosophy. It doesn’t matter what they believe in, their ideals are visionary and they possess a lot of faith.

The 9th House is also the one of the higher states of mind, opposing the 3rd, which is the one of the lower mental plane. The 3rd House is all about the mundane and the way people are being practical.

In the Ninth House, people are gathering conclusions from all the experiences in their life because this is the House that’s holding ideologies, matters of morals and religion, ethics and values. It can be said this is the place for how people exist as a collective and manifest their cultural knowledge.

A 9th House Pisces individual has a balanced relationship with his own perfect “I”. Therefore, natives with this placement respect themselves, as well as admire their achievements, but they can be manipulative.

In the situation in which they’re trying to be in contact with their perfect Self, they can become complete slaves to this notion. If it’s for this not to happen for them, they need to find their center about their view on the world, which can’t be easily done.

Their consciousness gets expanded when they’re changing their emotions and are responding to being stimulated with feelings. For instance, they need to thoroughly think about what’s making them feel worried or sad, and somehow change it so they’re becoming stronger.

Their mentors can influence them in great ways because they have a weakness for authority. However, this is not happening when they’re being told words, but when their emotions are being addressed. When traveling to new places and countries, they can immediately adapt to new people and situations.

Paying attention to those around

They’re curious about what cultures have to offer and can immediately absorb new information. Because they’re soft and caring, natives born with Pisces in 9th House can be amazing teachers and very good as healers.

More than this, they’re curious to find out everything about life mysteries and the existence of humans. As said before, they don’t like that much to physically travel because they prefer to use their imagination to go places with their minds.

After graduating from high school, Ninth House Pisces are more open to just go with the flow. College is teaching them how to adapt and to absorb new information. However, they can still be confused and lose their direction because they’re often changing their views, according to the person they’re with.

No matter what they’re convinced to believe as being right, others around them will always think they have too many opinions, even a split personality. These natives can remain lost when feeling there’s no direction for them to follow.

Wandering seems to inspire them most positively. Their inner compass is telling them to just be lost, not to mention they’re more enthusiastic when drifting and aren’t worried about the consequences of their actions.

When going out, these natives can become too absorbed by other people’s plans and forget about their own. Some of them may not want to ever get out of the house and dream about doing it because it’s easier for them to fantasize about adventures than to live them.

The person born with Pisces in 9th House is mystical and curious about the occult or religious traditions. Natives with this placement in their birth chart have a very good intuition, which makes them talented psychics.

Eastern Astrology describes the 9th House as the one of dharma. In other words, it’s the House of the law in one’s nature, the place where luck and sublime grace are meeting.

Just like the planet Jupiter, this House is the ruler of the father. Western Astrology says the 10th House is the one that rules the father.

The 9th House is one of honor and the way people are being accepted in their community. Therefore, it’s one of the most difficult houses in the astrological chart, also because it’s all about the karma of previous life and what people need to deal with during this lifetime, after their previous ones.

When looking at it from a deeper point of view, it can be seen that it has a lot of significance in matters that go beyond the physical realm. Through the Ninth House, people are in contact with their higher “I” and their super-consciousness. In other words, they’re connected with their Soul.

More than this, this House is also the one of wealth that’s manifesting through abundance and a psychological state of good that’s coming from the spiritual merits of each person.

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