Leo in 2nd House: Plenty of Desire for More


Having money can make people born with Leo in 2nd House very proud because these natives love showing off and buying the most luxurious things or getting drinks for their friends. Because they like to spend more than they can afford, it’s possible for their bank account to always be on low.

They want to have money to spoil themselves. Luckily, they have a magnetic personality and are quite lucky, meaning they can land the best jobs to support their eccentric way of life.

Leo on the Second House Cusp:

  • Positives: Thrifty, kind and enthusiastic;
  • Negatives: Weak-willed and patronizing;
  • Advice: Focus on staying true to yourself rather than on pleasing others;
  • Celebrities: Sting, Ava Gardner, Alfred Hitchcock, John Cena, Tina Fey, Kate Bosworth.

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A desire to earn more than average

Generally, Leo in the Second house natives can solve any financial issue without troubling themselves too much, not to mention they like to spend a lot on the ones they love.

They can accumulate wealth by entering imposing circles and usually walk around with the most powerful people because they want the same positions and can easily make their dreams come true. Since Leo in the Second House is being ruled by the Sun, their money is a lot related to their level of self-esteem and the value they give to themselves.

Those with this placement in their birth chart want a lot of money to feel secure, so they give a lot of importance to finances and how much they’re earning. Because they’re good when it comes to this, their knowledge is often shared.

The more they’re making, the more satisfied they are with what is happening in their life. It’s easy for them to earn a lot from creative pursuits, their writing, entertaining others or performing in sports.

Some decide to invest and to speculate, whereas others focus on educating young people. Either way, it can be sure they’re making their money by engaging in pleasurable activities.

Usually having a stable financial situation that makes them calm and allows enough of attention for good morals, Second House Leos who have developed on a lower octave feel disgusted by those who don’t make a good living, thinking they’re inferior and shouldn’t be anywhere near them.

In case they’re more negative, their principles are inexistent and they’re cruel when conquering, showing no respect for others.

What can stop them is a different force that seems threatening and is stronger, anything that overcomes their strength. In conclusion, natives born with Leo in the 2nd House may be defeated by a superior force that’s more urgent and ready to develop.

They can survive just through their means of expressing themselves because they shine the most unique Light and have the power to earn just as much as they need.

They need to think that they have everything they need and the Light to influence others. However, they should not be so melodramatic because this can drive people away from them, and they may end up not obtaining the resources they need.

Easily expressing themselves

2nd House Leos should focus on staying true and not getting noticed, as well they should fight for what easily comes their way. Their responsibility is to formulate values about life because the Second House is the one of self-awareness, whereas Leos must use this awareness in their life.

These natives need to make money if it is for them to feel good about themselves. At the same time, they need to draw a line between these two aspects, no matter how much they dream of living like royalties and are attracted to the most luxurious items.

They could make money from activities related to the sign of Leo, so it would be easy for them to be public speakers, actors, social workers or comedians.

Their value increases when they’re sincere and express themselves. In the eventuality in which they hide under a shell and are scared of exposure, their self-esteem can go low.

Therefore, Leos in Second House need to show a little bit of who they are and to allow their personality to be noticed. This can have them feeling pleasure and being more stable. The more they’re putting themselves out for the public, the more their life becomes grounded.

Most of the time, people born with Leo in Second House feel like their possessions give them their identity, which means they’re spending a lot based on their ego, as well that they want to always look good.

Being too proud can have them giving their money away too much. In the same, what they own can represent who they are in a very vivid way because they express themselves through their things, no matter how much others disapprove of this attitude of theirs or their items.

Because the Second House is the one of Taurus, the materialistic side of life is more accentuated here, so the sign of Leo is meant to avoid all this. By direct reaction to the 8th House, the person born with Leo in Second House should pay attention to this position, when in place because his or her values are more focused on themselves and not so much on others.

At the same time, what natives with this placement valued in the past can no longer be in balance. When not possessing too many things, these natives can start to “collect people” and to evaluate themselves too much.

Confidence in the material things

Looking at egos when it comes to the sign of Leo, the values employed here are always extreme. The Leo sign is influencing people to focus too much on themselves and to ignore others. The opposite of this is too much humility and self-denial. Things can be in one of these two extremes for them.

Of course, the ego is important because it represents how people are expressing themselves and can make them evolve. Therefore, those influences by Leo can see how valuable it is. On the other hand, they shouldn’t be self-centered or at the other extreme, not having any self-esteem.

If they want balance, they need to focus on a higher existence that can be easily expressed because this is making them regenerate, through direct reaction to what is happening in the 8th House.

People born with Leo in the 2nd House can make their money by being models or actors because they’re very dramatic. According to how dignified they’re feeling, their confidence in their material situation can be stronger, even if they’re very sensitive when others are criticizing their values.

This is strongly related to their ego and tricky for the Second House because they may lose their self-respect too easily. Therefore, Second House Leos should be brave to face any challenge they’re facing with others and in society.

With the world that surrounds them, they have a simple relationship in which they’re respectful and submissive. These natives see everything as being simple, so they admire people who deserve respect and feel sorry for others, or they just ignore them.

People born with Leo in Second House and who have developed negatively can’t be noble, but at least they’re pleasurable interlocutors.

Not at all sophisticated, they have confidence in their principles and rely a lot on what’s right under their nose, not on abstract concepts. If it is for them to develop harmoniously, they must be ethical, just like Aquariuses. These natives tend to be very independent and do not want to work with others.

Their world is usually kind of dull because they’re only paying attention to what’s physical and they can understand. While easily making money, they can have problems because they’re spending too much on luxurious items.

For them to be more confident and to enjoy harmony in their life, they need to learn what objectivity is and to appreciate others according to their values, no social position.

Big intellectuals and knowing their ways around money, Second House Leos have many talents and enough motivation to obtain what they want in life, but they need to avoid being too proud and disrespectful with others.

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