Sun Sextile Neptune Natal and Transit: Vivid Dreams and Meditation

  • The natal sextile between the Sun and Neptune is likely to create a charismatic individual who likes to be in the spotlight and surrounded by glamour.
  • When the Sun sextile Neptune transit takes place, people are finding their lives to be easier and solutions for their problems appear every step of the way.
  • In astrology, the Sun is about navigating self-expression and strengthening one’s positive traits.
  • The sextile astrological placement is charged with positive connotations, its powers revolving around life opportunities and rewards for the efforts one puts in.
  • Neptune is the planet named after the Roman god of the sea and is in charge with the mystical realm of dreams, our imagination and connection to spirituality.
  • Celebrities: Mick Jagger, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gianni Versace, Mary Shelley, Alicia Silverstone, Michael Erlewine, Tracey Ullman.
  • Transit dates: 07 January 2020, 10 May 2020, 08 January 2021, 13 May 2021, 10 January 2022, 15 May 2022, 13 January 2023.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun sextile Neptune Natal

Just like all the other aspects involving the planet Neptune, the sextile one with the Sun in birth charts is making people very sensitive to their surroundings, psychic abilities and a stronger intuition.

Many will see this as an advantage, but even if this transit is usually beneficial, increased sensitivity can make people vulnerable to any negative force, individuals and circumstances, which means they’d be more effective in an environment that is not so competitive and in which everyone is supporting them.

The Sun sextile Neptune aspect is known for giving natives of all signs more charisma, a desire for glamorous surroundings, an elevated artistic sense and a very rich imagination.

However, all this comes at a price because the discussed transit is also known for bringing about bad things since Neptune is known to inflate egos and to make people easier to provoke.

Furthermore, it clouds their willpower and makes them unable to resist substances or different other forms of escapism. As soon as ending up consuming some more or less harmful substances, they can no longer quit them, even more than those having harder aspects in their natal chart.

Besides all this, the Sun sextile Neptune transit is known to help natives connect from a spiritual point of view.

Many will be appreciated for being generous and kind as they’re more sincere and open when it comes to expressing themselves, all this while preserving their high ideals and moral values.

Those born during the Sun sextile Neptune aspect are more aware of their own creativity and inclined to express their feelings without too many inhibitions.

They seem to have an amazing talent at creating the most vivid images that have initially formed in their own imagination, which means their professional future already has a direction: they could decide to make movies or to create, promote and enjoy art in all its forms.

It’s important in such professions to be able to manifest any evocative image and to make it available to the general public. Those who are able to do this in a way or another will manage to become rich by exploiting their own talents, also to help others with the resources they’ll accumulate.

It’s true they’ll be puzzled whether to present the things they’re creating or to keep them for themselves, this being pretty much what will influence many of their decisions and how motivated they are.

The art of creating images will be very much impacted by their own imagination, sensitivity and the pain they’re usually feeling when seeing others suffering.

However, these will have to be connected to a certain awareness when it comes to their social responsibilities, especially for the more empathetic ones who believe they’re meant to make others suffer less.

When dealing with others, they’re never trying to impose their own opinions and are tolerant, compassionate, also never pushy.

While still sensitive like always, they never have too big demands and would hate for others to expect too much of them, even if they want to form strong and firm connections with all the people in their life, as well to be independent and confident because Neptune is making them indecisive and strange enough.

People born during the Sun sextile Neptune aspect are big humanitarians, open to form relationships with individuals of any kind, which means they really don’t care about job titles and social statuses.

This transit is obviously causing its natives to be strongly influenced by the playful and confusing Neptune, making them duplicitous, just like many characters in novels and stories.

These natives seem to possess a rich imagination and be in contact with a different plane of reality.

All the beautiful feelings in their hearts are brought on by the Sun sextile Neptune transit, but Neptune is also making them deceptive and unstable. When it comes to this planet, anything can change in a moment.

Natives dominated mostly by it are very romantic and have a tendency to put their lover on a pedestal. All those with the Sun sextile Neptune in their birth chart possess a rich imagination and can come up with great ideas as they’re always inspired and artistic.

Their inner ideals and drive are most of the time working hand in hand. Family-oriented, affectionate and possessing the most romantic soul, they can be influenced by any mood, religious view, and even occultist ritual.

Because they can feel other people’s pain, they’re great humanitarians and very efficient as doctors. Business and the arts are also good fields for them to develop from a professional point of view.

Sun sextile Neptune Transit

During the Sun sextile Neptune transit, people are more sensitive and able to read into people’s souls or different situations. Their intuition and psychic abilities seem to be much stronger for this period of time as well.

During the Sun sextile Neptune aspect, people are finding their lives to be easier and solutions for their problems every step of the way.

They should allow their imagination to run wild and to think of all kinds of more or less impossible things. Being able to forgive and to let go of what happened in the past, they can trust people again after getting hurt once.

Not at all bothered by situations in which no one is talking, they also enjoy spending their time alone and living in a fantasy world.

Highly empathetic and receptive to what others are saying, their relationships are most of the time based on non-verbal communication, which means they can express their care and sensitivity more easily, serving their loved ones in a manner that makes their self-esteem grow.

While the Sun sextile Neptune aspect is not necessarily very energetic, many will be eager to join different groups focused on spirituality.

Their dreams will be vivid, whereas meditation will inspire them to understand themselves better and to be content with what they’re discovering.

As a matter of fact, this is the most beneficial impact of this sextile, the one that makes it so enjoyable and happy. Many will be inspired to create poetry and music because their artistic spirit is enhanced, not to mention they’d be attracted to mysticism and more sensual, according to other aspects in their birth chart.

From a material point of view, the Sun sextile Neptune transit is lucky, again depending on other planetary placements present at the birth of the natives.

For as long as is lasts, people should focus more on their loved ones and less on themselves. In this direction, they need to offer their support to those who need it because such a gesture would help them feel warmer.

This is also a good time for visiting faraway places and getting inspired by visiting different art establishments, from museums to libraries and book cafes.

The influence of the Sun sextile Neptune aspect is known to bring a lot of benefits to those who are practicing meditation and aren’t so focused on the materialistic side of life.

The atmosphere everywhere will be dreamy, whereas people will feel more giving and softer. For this reason, dates are favored, also because everyone is more in tune with their own visions and dreams, as well as energies coming from the Universe.

No one should expect to be able to focus, which means they should just go with what life is offering them and benefit from all the enlightenment, recuperative and relaxing energy transmitted by the sextile between the Sun and Neptune.

Therefore, natives of all signs should decide to just enjoy art or to express themselves in a creative way and even through meditation. They’ll notice they’re more spiritual than usual, not to mention capable of nurturing others in ways they didn’t even thought to be possible for them.

During the Sun sextile Neptune aspect, many will be deeply connected with others, but also to the metaphysical side of their own existence. It’s a time for being serene, exercising breathing and thanking the Divinity.

Those unable to love themselves most of the time should be able to do it for as long as the Sun is in this position from Neptune.

Many natives are gentler, dreamier and more vulnerable to getting hurt. This is why the Sun sextile Neptune transit is being recognized as romantic and truly spiritual.

Everyone is more in sync with their own visions and the way they’re feeling, also more empathetic, but there’s the risk for them to escape reality too much and to fantasize when it’s not the case, which would be nothing else than the strong influence of the planet Neptune in their life.

People will be able to heal their own minor problems by meditating, also to help others do the same. They’ll want to offer their help to anyone, including strangers in the streets, case in which they would need some support.

As said before, it would be a good idea for many to just stay at home and enjoy good music or some movies. Those who are preparing for a date will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome of it as they’d connect more rapidly and profoundly than usually.

Therefore, if they’ve found a special person with whom to share their time, they should just go ahead and have some fun.

The day of the Sun sextile Neptune transit is not meant for judgment because minds are clear during it, as well as serene and strongly connected to any surroundings.

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