Scorpio and Sagittarius Compatibility in Love & Life: A Sensual Relationship


While these signs are completely different, there is a strong romantic attraction going on between them. Scorpio finds Sagittarius’ self-assured and adventurous personality enticing. But just because they are attracted to one another, that doesn’t mean this will be an easy relationship.

Criteria Scorpio Sagittarius Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Average ❤❤❤
Communication Strong ❤❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Below average ❤❤
Common values Strong ❤❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Strong ❤❤❤❤

Their differences might just be too much to handle. Scorpio is emotional and intuitive, while Sagittarius just goes with the flow. Scorpio can sense when there’s something wrong, or when a plan is going to fail, but if Sagittarius puts their mind so something, they will do it, despite their partner’s better judgement.

Scorpio likes to keep it real, and they feel the need to share and discuss emotions often—both good and bad. Sagittarius tries to live in a perpetual bubble, ignoring everything that could bring down their mood.

When These Two Fall in Love

On a mental level, they’re actually highly compatible. When they’re around Sagittarius, Scorpio is more optimistic and easy-going. As for Sagittarius, they are able to have the deep and revelatory discussions they crave; no other sign could be a more stimulating conversation partner than Scorpio.

Scorpio is firm and lets Sagittarius know their opinion. The water sign knows how to deliver things in a nice way, so that Sagittarius’ ego doesn’t get bruised. They can help Sagittarius to figure out and change some of their superficial views which are keeping them back.

As long as emotional conflicts and disagreements are kept at bay, the Scorpio and Sagittarius relationship will be amazing. These two are always looking for truth in everything around them.

They will go to great lengths to discover what lies beneath the surface, and they will always keep it real with each other. This is a great thing and it will strengthen their bond a lot.

When these two get together with a common goal in mind, the entire working process will be filled with revelations and “aha!” moments. They can accomplish a lot as a duo, and every small victory cements their relationship further.

Scorpio and Sagittarius Relationship Key Facts

The compatibility between a Scorpio and a Sagittarius is bound to be hot and intense. Their mutual attraction is strong, and so are their sex-drives and passion. They might in fact be most compatible in bed, but pure sexual attraction cannot replace a romantic bond over the long term.

They might not have a lot in common, but they have just enough to find a way to make things work. Personality-wise, they are both hardworking, imaginative, and driven.

They can take advantage of their differences, by filling the gaps of their partner and shooting higher together. Scorpio can deal with the “behind the scenes”, the planning, and the managing of resources. Sagittarius will be the one to take center stage and set things into motion.

As long as they stay light-hearted and open to communication, they will get along extremely well. They don’t need a lot to feel good together. Sagittarius is adventurous and seeks novelty, and Scorpio is enigmatic and unique in so many ways! Scorpio will find Sagittarius’ innocent optimism and energetic personality endearing.

When around Sagittarius, Scorpio naturally becomes more open to the idea of change and trying out new things. They should be careful though! If Scorpio gets comfortable in the relationship, as the couple slips into a daily routine, their enthusiasm to follow Sagittarius around will diminish. This will make Sagittarius feel bored and caged in an unfulfilling relationship, which is bad news.

It’s very important to always keep things fresh and fun, no matter if it’s been 2 weeks or 20 years. That’s what ensures that both partners will be satisfied. If fixed Scorpio doesn’t make an effort to break the daily routine, the mutable Sagittarius will be likely to lose their interest. There’s a high chance that this relationship will end in a negative way.

In the beginning, Scorpio will be charmed by Sagittarius’ enthusiasm and need for adventure, and Sagittarius will find Scorpio’s emotional depth and great mind mesmerizing. This mutual fascination will turn into infatuation soon enough, and they will both feel like they’ve discovered heaven on earth, for how long the honeymoon lasts.

Scorpio and Sagittarius Marriage Compatibility

Scorpio is the first one to think about marriage, which they view as a way to ensure undying passion and affection, as well as undivided devotion and loyalty. Sagittarius is not keen on the idea of getting married, unless they know for sure that their freedom will not be affected.

That’s a major difference we can notice. Scorpio dreams about settling down and having that blissful home life. They’re ready to throw their entire soul into it; they want to live their life next to their lover, no question asked.

Sagittarius wants to keep their independence, rather than merging with someone else. Even worse, Sagittarius is also not a big fan of traditions and customs, all of which come together with the wedding ceremony.

If they do get married eventually, there might be a power struggle going on at first in the Scorpio and Sagittarius match. These two strong-willed signs should definitely settle for a middle ground when things become too difficult to reconcile any other way.

Both sides need to make efforts and sacrifices, no matter how difficult it might seem, or how much it goes against their personality. Sagittarius has to find their emotional side and give Scorpio the warmth and attention they need.

Scorpio must allow Sagittarius the freedom and space they desire, without getting jealous or controlling. Only this way will both partners feel satisfied and at ease in their married life.

Drawbacks of This Match

There will be lots of tension between them. Both are strong-willed and neither takes personal affronts lightly. All this could lead to an intense sexual life, but problems arise when the only thing that keeps them together is their sexual compatibility.

When they live together, they might still need lots of time by themselves. It would be for the better if they respected each other’s need for space and intimacy.

Scorpio is a deeply sensitive sign, although they put on a harsh front to protect themselves from the outside world. Sagittarius can be very aloof and tactless, and they will often hurt Scorpio’s feelings, albeit unknowingly.

Sagittarius just cannot understand or relate to Scorpio’s depth and sensitivity, and they might accuse the water sign of being overly-emotional. What is more, Sagittarius will feel dragged by Scorpio’s negativity.

The water sign doesn’t live in the moment as much as their Sagittarius counterpart. Scorpios, when hurt, tend to hold grudges and spend a lot of time in their head, thinking about everything that went wrong, and about the best way to take their revenge.

Scorpio will find Sagittarius childish and irresponsible. They think the fire sign seeks constant distractions in order to avoid what needs to be done. Sagittarius acts on every whim they have, being an impulsive and impatient fire sign as they are.

This is the opposite of what Scorpio seeks, which is security and stability. Scorpio needs to plan everything to the smallest detail, while Sagittarius freestyles their way through life.

When Sagittarius might ruin Scorpio’s plans by doing something unpredictable, the water sign will lose their cool. When angered, Scorpio becomes extremely mean-spirited and critical, but even then, Sagittarius will still try to find a way to escape the consequences of their actions.

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