Love Compatibility Between Fire and Water Signs: A Steamy Combination


Fire and Water people can be very different from one another. While the ones born under the Fire element are passionate, the Water ones are very emotional.

The relationship between them has good chances of happening, but it may not last for too long. Fire is talented at inspiring others, which can attract the Water a lot. The Fire can also show the Water how to enjoy life and to live in the moment, regardless of his or her emotional baggage.

In return, the Water can show Fire how to be more emotional and to relate with others. When undeveloped, the Fire can be overwhelming, which provides the perfect moment in which Water can offer comfort and a feeling of stability.

Highlights of the Fire and Water Signs Compatibility

  • Their highly oppositional natures can be the driving force for their initial attractions to one another.
  • However, more often than not, this very same binary opposition can be what overpowers the other.
  • They’re both in tune with their emotions though, so this can become the common ground for a longer lasting relationship.

The relationship between these two elements can be very steamy if the circumstances are right. The Water helps the Fire be more emotional and instinctual, teach him or her how to act with act and be nurturing.

At the same time, the Fire can convince the Water to be more active because Fire is very enthusiastic and doesn’t harm Water when acting recklessly.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that Fire dries up Water, meaning Fire people can make Water ones feel like they aren’t loved enough. Water puts Fire out, which means the latter can end up being uninspired in the presence of the first, which is something Fire people don’t want.

At least these two can produce a lot of steam when together. The Fire individual just wants to take action and to not leave things undone, whereas the Water one prefers to think more about how things may be going.

More than this, Water signs tend to take into consideration what it has been said to them in the past, and to suffer over harsh words. The person born under Water needs to be emotionally cared for, while the Fire sign may find it difficult to do this.

This means a relationship between them is less likely to last in the long run. Water people are looking up to Fire ones to get things done.

Besides, they can be inspired by those born under the Fire element. While sounding very different, they are still the same because both are driven by their emotions and not logic. When having to make a decision, they go with what their heart is telling them.

However, all this doesn’t mean they can never use logic, they just prefer to choose feelings.

All in all, they have a few things in common, not to mention they can discover this when having profound discussions. If their relationship is balanced, it can feel comforting and relaxed. When things start to heat up, the comfort zone can begin to dissipate, which wouldn’t be to their liking.

The Epitome of when Opposites Attract

The Fire and Water combination is pretty much like a warm spring because it nourishes both partners. When not very compatible, the two people can start hurting each other to the extreme.

Even when things are in alignment for them, they may decide fighting doesn’t make any sense. But this doesn’t mean they may never argue. The Fire partner could think the Water one is too emotional and demanding.

At the same time, the Water person may find the Fire one to be too free-spirited. Fire people are very temperamental for the Water to put up with. If they’re together and neither of them adopts a logical position, they can end up building up harmful emotions up inside, until one of them explodes at some point.

Fire and Water couples need to discuss their problems before these get out of hand and their arguments end up being devastating.

As said before, the Fire-Water relationship can be very steamy. Besides, the Water can put the Fire out. This means their connection depends a lot on who decides to take the lead. Water is more powerful when hot than when cold, meaning it can have greater impact if heated up by Fire.

At the same time, a Water person knows how to calm down a Fire one when the latter becomes too enthusiastic and passionate.

Many people are wondering how someone born under the Fire element is attracted to a person born under an element that can destroy his or hers. There is no logical explanation to why this is happening, especially since Water doesn’t have a lot to offer Fire.

What’s sure is that these two need and want each other. The attraction between them may not be very strong, but they surely want to feed on each other’s power, this being why they sometimes seem irresistible to one another.

How One Can Stop Cancelling Out the Other

The Fire person likes danger and wants to live life to the maximum. The Water one doesn’t mind the excitement either. While a relationship between them may not be the wisest one, it’s surely is very intriguing.

Fire people have the ability to easily understand what’s going on in their surroundings, not to mention they can find their soulmate in the strangest people. They’re not easily intimidated and can put up with anyone.

When Fire and Water are together, their common friends may start talking about them and their relationship as they surely seem weird. They may do the wildest things together and push one another to their limits. They’re both giving and spiritual, always ready to help and to put others before themselves.

It should be kept in mind that when they’re arguing, they can do it so loudly that their neighbors hear them through the walls, especially since the Fire person is very loud and always has something to say. As a matter of fact, with Fire individuals, people should worry when they have nothing to say.

The Water native is fun and can put up with the Fire one, especially when the latter wants to be naughty and to experience life as much as possible. The Fire person will always be attracted to how emotional a Water one is, finding him or her to be magical and inspiring.

As said before, these two can turn a lot of heads when together because they don’t hesitate to express their feelings for each other in public. More than this, they want to experiment everything and to live their life together to the maximum.

However, in order for them to not end up bored with each other, they need to make some effort to get together with their friends as much as possible. It’s not that the Water person needs to go out too much. It’s the Fire native who tends to easily get bored and to want to be in the middle of things.

This means the Water partner needs to always surprise their partner with new things to do and to always be positive. The Fire person can understand the emotions of a Water one, mostly because he or she has many feelings too.

When together, these two elements know each other very well, not to mention they can have a lot of fun if spending some more time with their common friends. The fact that Water puts out Fire is not always the way their relationship is functioning, as the Fire passion can be kept alive by the Water person who doesn’t want to lose his or her partner.

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