Sagittarius Family Life: Their Personality in the Main Household Roles


Sagittarius natives are meant to laugh and to learn as much as possible about life or different cultures.. As far as family goes, they’re ready to do anything for their loved ones and are very dedicated to these people. Sporty and enthusiastic, they’re ready to take on any adventure.

Sagittarius Roles in the Family:

  • Sagittarius as a Wife: Her husband will have to be ready to go on both physical and spiritual adventures.
  • Sagittarius as a Husband: He wants to be laughing and to be happy, opting to forgo everyday tasks to facilitate this.
  • Sagittarius as a Parent: These parents want their kids to live life to the fullest, exploring all the wonderful things this world has to offer.
  • Sagittarius as a Sibling: Their inquisitive minds can put them into spots of bother, but they have the humor to see the funny side of it.

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As siblings, they’re always challenging their brothers and sisters to play new games and to spend time outside. Their tremendous energy can sometimes be tiresome, but they surely are appreciated for being the best comrades.

Besides, they’re the ones to initiate the most interesting and deeply philosophical conversations. It’s true that they’re not at home all the time, but when they are, their presence is greatly appreciated.

The Sagittarius Wife: Valuing Truth and Adventure Above All

When it comes to marriage and relationships, the Sagittarius woman wants to be with someone who is not only her lover, but also her best friend with whom she can share her knowledge and talk about what’s real.

Her man will always feel inspired to take action with her, to go on the strangest adventures with both his mind and his body. She’s very enthusiastic about anything new.

The person she’s with needs to have travelled a lot and to be well-read, just because she likes to talk about philosophy, the most exotic destinations in the world and different cultures.

She aims for her relationship to remain true and genuine, which means she’s very loyal as a partner, so any man would be more than happy to be with her. Her attitude towards her husband is one of friendship and honesty.

Besides, she’s very intelligent and can help the man by her side with almost any issue. At the same time, she always speaks the truth and is aware of what’s going in in her surroundings.

She never intends to be offensive and can offer the best advice, so her husband may see her more as his counselor than a passionate woman. What she likes doing the most is engaging in different physical activities and traveling.

As a matter of fact, anything done outdoors keeps her on her toes, so she likes to fish, to hunt and to go hiking. With her, a man may no longer even need his buddies. She goes out in bars, drinks beer and enjoys gambling.

All in all, life with her can be very interesting and exciting. When home, she knows how to take good care of her children and doesn’t mind cleaning after them. However, she still needs to go out and to live her life at a fast pace.

Because she’s never jealous and doesn’t understand people who are, her circle of friends is made of members of both sexes. Nothing with her is emotional.

Should she suspect her husband of cheating, her reaction is to act tactfully and to keep calm, even if when dealing with other everyday problems, she is able to keep cool.

The Sagittarius Husband: Fun-Loving and Care Free

The Sagittarius man shouldn’t be expected to stay at home too much, but at least he’s not a bother either. The thing with his is that he makes a home out of any place he may be at.

Besides, he hates feeling restricted or limited in any way, so he’s the happiest when moving from one place to another. His wife shouldn’t wonder why he’s traveling so much because this his nature.

He doesn’t like spending too much time in only one place or having a domestic type of routine. At the same time, he doesn’t want to be waited on at home with dinner on the table. He doesn’t even care if his house is a mess and there are a lot of unwashed dishes piled up in the kitchen sink. What he wants is to live in a place where everyone is laughing, and happiness is in the air.

He’s always honest and doesn’t want to lie just to make people feel better about themselves. This means he can sometimes offend with his words and needs a woman who isn’t very sensitive. Such a lady couldn’t get used with his blunt speech, not to mention she could never teach him how to be tactful and diplomatic because he’s unlikely to ever change this about himself.

When it comes to romance, he’s quite enthusiastic about it. He likes to live in the moment and to enjoy love on the spot. One of his weaknesses is that he blindly trusts people, which can bring him a lot of pain, especially when he thinks that he has met the woman of his dreams and she turns out to be deceiving.

At least he’s very optimistic and never stops thinking positively. As far as his behavior goes, he’s very nice and the perfect match for ladies born in Sagittarius like himself, Aries, Gemini or Leo.

What’s also great about him is that he’s respectful. His lady will always hear the truth from his mouth, and he can be in a long-term relationship if his life with his partner is exciting enough.

Women love him for being relaxed and always willing to have a chat. His ideals and aspirations are very high, whereas his thoughts profound. What he likes to talk about the most is philosophy, so it’s likely for him to be a teacher or a writer.

However, his best qualities can also bring him down. For example, the fact that he’s a great intellectual also results in feelings of superiority.

More than this, he has a tendency to judge unfairly and to hurt people with his words. Many see him as a fool because he takes unnecessary risks and throws himself in any situation headfirst. Besides, he’s not very good at budgeting and spends more than he can afford.

The Sagittarius Parent: Harbingers of Discovery

Sagittarius parents can teach their children how to be optimistic and to have a very good sense of humor.

They can also show them what adventure means and that the world is a place to be explored, just because they’re adventurous and explorers themselves, not to mention very curious about other cultures and foreign people.

Because they give a lot of importance to freedom, they want to teach their little ones how to be like them. While they admit there are certain boundaries and rules to be respected, their way of thinking is more centered on finding the absolute truth and experiencing life first-hand.

They want their children to discover things on their own and to enjoy doing it. For this reason, they encourage them to travel and to have their own opinions.

Besides, since they have travelled a lot themselves, they can put them in contact with their friends from far away. They don’t mind seeing their kids interacting with adults if these adults are their own best friends and very intelligent.

Knowing that education can be gained by many means, they like to let their children explore all these means and to pass some knowledge onto them themselves.

However, they should keep in mind that they have a tendency to only see the big picture and this could be damaging for their little ones. At least their open mind and vast intellect will be passed on and inspiring.

The Sagittarius Sibling: Inquisitive from Day One

Both scary and very funny, Sagittariuses are very intelligent. However, they can put their siblings into the most embarrassing situations, just because they want to take part in adventures and to experiment with everything.

They’re very good advisers and teach their brothers and sisters about anything, not to mention they have a very sharp mind and know the answers to many questions.

The Sagittarius sister is very wise and usually gives advice to her siblings, no matter what issue may be discussed. They appreciate her for being realistic and for always having solutions to problems.

At the same time, she’s the one who embarrasses them because she only speaks the harsh truth and doesn’t hide anything. While she’s having fun doing it, her brothers and sisters are mortified of what she’s about to say when in public.

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