Sagittarius Challenges and Obstacles: Self-Indulgent and Overbearing


Sagittarius people like knowing as much as possible, not to mention they believe they’re experts at many things. It’s their pleasure to know they’re the smartest in a room, which is happens often because they have vast knowledge.

Sagittarius Challenges & Obstacles in a Nutshell:

  • Personality downfall: These people can come across as know-it-alls, unwilling to listen to anyone else.
  • When it comes to love: Because they lack responsibility, they can find themselves moving from one partner to another.
  • At work: Patience is lacking, as is their ability to receive feedback well.
  • Sagittarius advice: Breaking down their plans into smaller achievable goals is one way to bring about a more focused Sagittarius.

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They love to offer their advice over drinks, but if they are to listen to what others have to say, they prefer to just not listen and invite them to party instead. The more they’re enthusiastic about a philosophical idea, they more they talk about it and are very curious. They no longer know when to stop and don’t want to discuss other subjects.

Sagittarius Personality Weaknesses and Negatives

In spite of having a good reputation, Sagittarius people are still superficial and like to criticize everyone. They don’t pay attention to details, improvise things on the go and can’t seem to find a way to be efficient all the time.

They’re extroverted and superficial, the know-it-alls of friend circles and the ones who don’t manage to keep their promises. When someone gives them advice, they refuse to listen and prefer to do what they want. This is because they believe no one knows things better than they do.

They spend a lot of time preaching and having intellectual discussions, not caring that others may not be interested in what they have to say.

Furthermore, they completely lack discipline and can’t adhere to a schedule, which means their life is complete chaos and they never get to meetings on time.

Because they’re unhappy with their own life most of the time, they’re jealous inside their heart of those who seem accomplished. The fact that they’re inconsistent and very familiar annoys the people in their life, not to mention they have very high morals that many don’t care about.

Nothing that’s convenient for others seems right for them, and if they happen to go through a crisis, they start blaming others for the situation they’re in.

Wild in nature, Archers can’t conform or meet expectations. All they want is to rebel and to express their individuality, so many people find them weird, funny or shocking. Either way, they never seem to be in the proper place and to do what’s normal for others.

Having a big mouth and no tact whatsoever, they’re not liked by many. They just say what’s on their mind and don’t care if they’re hurting anyone by doing it. Besides, they’re also nosey and offensive with their questions about people’s private lives.

Some of their other negative traits are their irresponsibility and self-centeredness, impulsiveness and impatience. It’s like they can never fulfil their obligations because they run away from responsibilities and are only chasing fun. Their loved ones never rely on them for anything.

Sagittarius Common Challenges and Solutions

When it comes to serious matters, Sagittariuses’ opinions are never trusted because they’re known for being irresponsible people, not to mention the ones who are always making nasty comments and judging too harshly.

They should no longer exaggerate with everything they’re saying and avoid arguments as much as possible. Archers are known for talking a lot and not doing too much. For this reason, no one wants to join them in their plans, no matter how convincing they may be.

While their energy levels are very high and they can accomplish a lot, Sagittariuses are advised to not take on more than they can handle because they have a tendency to make promises for which they’re starting projects that they never finish.

They’re wild creatures who can’t stand still for a moment because they’re always changing plans and want to do something new. This is why they should focus on one thing at a time, something that’s close to their heart and they know they can accomplish. This is sure to bring them more satisfaction.

They may feel sometimes like they’re not advancing in life, just because they’re too focused on the big picture and don’t know how to take things step by step. Short term goals always work best, so if they want to achieve success, they should set them. This can also help with motivation and fun.

Low Points in Love & Friendships

Sagittarius natives like to moralize people and are often absent-minded. They get excited too fast and after they become bored. This means they jump from one project to another, juggle relationships and can’t settle with only one person for long.

As lovers, they don’t do what they have promised because they’re always looking to have fun and don’t give importance to their responsibilities. Their seductive ways are rather superficial than serious.

Even when with someone they truly love, they’re still looking for adventure. What they need is to be with someone who can also act as their parent, and not only as their lover. This is because they’re very clumsy and awkward. It’s like they don’t even pay attention to what they’re saying or doing, constantly offending and tripping.

They’re just too eager to live their life to the maximum and hurry to do things, not to mention their mouth is too big.

Archers are agitated and never on time. Their friends need to put up with a lot from them, seeing as they’re also negligent and up for pranks all the time. As far as their long-term friendships go, they’re difficult to understand because of their weirdness, but at least their intentions are always good.

At social events and parties, all they want to do is to have fun, so they’re causing agitation in their surroundings and usually take up the entire space when dancing.

What’s great about them is that they’re never mean. They only annoy with their carelessness and exuberance. In spite of their negative traits, they’re still very good friends who can make anyone laugh.

How About Sagittarius Career Weaknesses?

Rebellious, impulsive and overwhelming, Sagittariuses seem to never care about anything and are running towards new adventures all the time. They don’t have any patience whatsoever, not to mention they would never compromise their freedom or individuality just to respect rules.

Negative Archers can’t stand being criticized and are very difficult to deal with, especially at work. In case their bosses or colleagues say something negative about their results at their job, they react fiercely and defend themselves with everything they’ve got.

Being very physical creatures, they get very energetic when arguing with someone, which means they gesticulate, come up with facts from the internet and even yell. This can be very difficult to handle for others, especially since they can’t refrain themselves from making nasty commentaries and trying to prove their point.

It can easily be said they’re very pushy when they want to prove that they’re right. They simply hate being judged and told what to do, which indicates they’re exhausting.

What they want is not to get peace, but to prove they’re the smartest, so it’s not unlikely for them to lose many of their friends and the respect of their colleagues as a result.

With their mind always wondering, they don’t pay too much attention to conversation. In the meantime, their thoughts are in a complete mess and they’re looking to blame someone else for it. Because they don’t pay attention, they’re also always running late and cause those who they were supposed to meet to be very frustrated.

With their co-workers, they’re moralistic but respectful, fun and exciting. What they could never do is work in a place where they need to adhere to strictness and a schedule.

As bosses, they’re authoritarian and don’t accept others’ points of view. If they happen to run their own business, they’re always taking risks and they can’t keep their profits steady. It can be dangerous to be their associate because they have moments when they’re completely broke. However, luck seems to be by their side, so they usually bounce back from bad business situations.

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