Sagittarius Personality Strengths: Optimistic and Creative


Sagittarius people are the most optimistic people in the Zodiac. They have a love for all humanity and want to experience everything first-hand, so they’re very friendly and have a lot of warmth in their heart. As big philosophers as well, they love sharing their ideas and showing people new possibilities. When it comes to their personality, they have a childlike innocence and always say what’s in their mind.

Sagittarius Strengths in a Nutshell:

  • Their enthusiasm knows no bounds, making them highly motivational.
  • Sagittarius natives are great at listening to others problems, because they just want to help the people around them.
  • Given that they are so optimistic, their zest can be very contagious.
  • They can be very tolerant too, making them excellent problem solvers.

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As a matter of fact, they’re the most honest and straightforward people this world has ever seen. With them, people never have to second guess things or to act more tenderly than they intend to.

Very open minded and relaxed, it’s as if they don’t have a single care in the entire world, which helps them be in the right place, at the right time.

Bold and Adventurous

It doesn’t matter what aspect of life is being discussed, Sagittarius natives are sure to be creative. This means their friends and work colleagues really appreciate them. Adventurous and keen to experience new things, they’re the travellers of the Zodiac, those who always go to foreign places to discover themselves.

Intelligent and good friends, they know how to listen and what to say. Many find them to be very interesting because they know a lot of things and have all kinds of stories to tell. Their energy is one of honesty, fairness, inspiration, optimism, enthusiasm, encouragement and dedication.

And they’re spreading it wherever they’re going. Having an open mind and always discussing life philosophies, they want to know what the Absolute Truth is all about.

Being witty and funny, they make people feel very good in their presence. At the same time, they know what causes others to sometimes be absurd and don’t believe in the materialistic side of life. What they are is wise and philosophical, also able to see things from more than one point of view.

When it comes to their negative traits, this is their impatience, tendency to argue, tactlessness and recklessness. They say things just for the sake of it, sometimes to be socially included and to adapt.

When it comes to romance, they’re very passionate lovers who don’t hesitate to give their heart away and to please their partner. What’s sure about all of them is that they don’t want to settle down, even if they want people to be proud of their achievements and who they are. Their love for life is contagious, and they inspire many people to be themselves.

Sagittariuses are the adventurers of the Zodiac, they love to travel, both with their mind and physically. Their mind is always open, and they don’t have a problem changing their own opinions according to trends.

They don’t have a problem waiting to become more knowledgeable in order to know what to say, which means they always take their time to examine people and situations.

It’s easy for them to adapt to anything because their mind works on so many levels that they could understand any weirdness and peculiarity.

Forgiving and Selfless

It’s important for them to have their own space, also a place where to retreat in order to recharge their batteries. Very independent, sincere and optimistic, they know what they want from life and don’t want to be bothered by others when they’re struggling to achieve it.

What’s most positive about them is their sincerity and high tolerance. No one can stop them from telling the truth and making new friends.

Aside from all this, they’re also very intelligent and can be called Nature’s children. They’re never selfish or too proud, so if someone has a better idea than them about something, they don’t hesitate to adopt it.

Most of the time, they can forgive any wrongdoing and don’t hold grudges. At the same time, they would never criticize or refuse to share their possessions.

Because their luck always seems to turn in their favour, they rely a lot on it and take risks when others wouldn’t even dare to do anything. No one is more extroverted and optimistic than them. For Archers, things are always meant to turn our well, even if they may be sick or depressed.

As a matter of fact, nothing can put them down because they’re always on top of things. They love having fun and making jokes, sharing their positive energy and encouraging people to succeed. At the same time, they seem to perceive dark energies and know what to do in order to chase them away.

They’re very good with words and make jokes when things start to take the wrong turn most of the time. It’s like no one can be upset in their surroundings because they have their special way of making people smile. They’re very sociable and have a special charm that can’t be seen in others.

Also friendly, they don’t expect to be given too much in return when doing a favour. Another great thing about them is that they never get possessive or jealous. More than this, they hate telling people what to do and don’t stick their nose where they don’t have any business whatsoever.

They love giving a hand, but only when asked to do it. At parties and social gatherings, they’re the ones making others laugh because their sense of humour is rich and they have enough knowledge to keep any conversation going.

Qualities of the Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius man is a wanderer who never gets lost. He wants to travel the world and manages to do it without ever thinking how he may get back home.

However, it’s not all fun with him, as he’s also a seeker of Truth, Wisdom and Beauty. However, he can’t find all these things if he doesn’t go places. Knowledge is one of the most important things for him, so he studies philosophy, religion and even politics.

His symbol is the half-man, half-centaur, a Roman mythological creature that represented intellectuals. The Archer man has a clear mind and is very logical. He likes listening to others and doesn’t rush to judge or to reach to conclusions.

However, he does have a tendency to be very fast, which means he sometimes misses on very important details. He’s ruled by the planet Jupiter, which is a ruler of gods, so he has a noble air and is proud. At the same time, he’s a very good and just leader with a great heart.

In his quest for knowledge, he comes across all kinds of new subjects and experiences. This is something he loves doing because he was born to explore and to have his independence. Luck seems to always be on his side, so he’s a gambler who doesn’t mind taking risks.

He has many friends and can’t remain focused on only one thing for too long, as his concentration is split between the many things that he’s interested in. An opportunist, he takes on any challenge and doesn’t look back when having a new project to invest his energy in.

Qualities of the Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius woman is very curious. Her sign is the ruler of the House of Philosophy, so she’s always in search of the truth, exploring men and other people by having profound conversations with them, either on politics and philosophy, or religion and humanitarian acts, sexual preferences and motherhood.

She’s not scared of anything and can have a talk on any subject because she wants answers more than anything. Versatile, she doesn’t have a problem with change and welcomes it. As an Archer, she’s independent and innocently sincere.

At the same time, she wants nothing but the truth and to discover what the meaning of life is all about. She has an open mind and is fascinated by many things. A big intellectual, she’s a very good conversationalist and knows what makes the world tick. What she hates the most is having a routine and sticking to a schedule or to what other people dictate.

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