Sagittarius in Friendships: The Optimistic and Competitive Friend


Sagittarians are the most exciting friends anyone could have because they’re always willing to go on new adventures and communicate very openly.

Top 5 Reasons Sagittarius is Your Best Friend:

  1. Adventure is the name of the game to them, so you’ll always be in for an exciting time.
  2. They are master problem solvers because they have immense attention to detail.
  3. Sagittarius natives speak from the mind, as dishonesty does not come naturally to them.
  4. They’re naturally very competitive, so they’ll fight for you as long as you’re in their corner.
  5. They value sentiment over materialism, preferring long phone calls over expensive gifts.

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People love their optimism and the fact that when they’re around, many things get to happen. On the other hand, Archers are quite unreliable and don’t have any idea what diplomacy means.

They love going to parties and socializing, but their most prominent inner desire is to know what the Absolute Truth is and what gives life meaning. It’s impossible to pin them down because they’re not the type to commit.

What they want is to travel and go in new adventures. No one can tell them what to do because they completely hate it when this happens. It’s a real pleasure for them to participate in sports competitions and to have debates. When arguing with someone, they can be very hurtful with their words.

The Friend That Cares With Absolute Honesty

Not too many people can live up to the standards of Sagittarians, especially when it comes to friendship. Those who manage to get into these natives’ inner circle should consider themselves lucky.

Archers are caring and always ready to give a hand, which is very admirable in a friend. However, they ask for some affection and a little bit of kindness in return for what they’re offering.

They can love and offer their friendship unconditionally, but they surely do appreciate it when seeing that they receive something in return for their care. Sagittarians are masters at solving problems because they’re practical and have the ability to notice every subtle detail that makes a problem difficult.

They analyze information very thoroughly and come up with the simplest solutions most of the time. What’s also great about them is that they’re impartial no matter what. When having to give their opinion, they don’t lie or avoid saying what’s on their mind.

Extremely generous and the most honest, they don’t hesitate to talk about people’s faults straight to their faces. Some may see them as too critical, but they’re just speaking the truth and nothing else.

Sagittarius natives have many friends because they appreciate them for having a high self-esteem and being natural born leaders, and friendship usually comes when there’s admiration.

Besides, they have a very good sense of humor and plenty of charisma. They want to have good times with their friends and to take part with them in new adventures.

When required to give a hand, they don’t hesitate to do it without asking many questions, giving their undivided attention in the process. Their heart is warm and can be counted on to tell the truth when they’re making a compliment.

A Competitive Streak That Burns Bright

While helpful and caring, they also have a negative side. They’re very competitive. This means that when they’re helping, they’re doing it because they think the person in need of their assistance is completely lost.

They would never lend a hand to someone who’s stronger and seems better than them. It’s tricky to play games with them because they’re the ones cheating, but won’t tolerate others to do the same.

When winning, they rub it in everyone’s face and become cocky. Truth is a dagger with two edges, and that can always be confirmed with Sagittarians.

When they don’t hesitate to speak, they reveal both the good and the bad. When acting cold and seeming detached, they’re only trying to protect their emotions and don’t want to reveal their true colors.

If they have a serious issue to deal with, they don’t rest until they have got to the bottom of it, and they know the entire truth about the situations they’re in.

Looking for perfection, they’re not the type to contradict their friends, so they accept any opinion different to their own, which means conversations with them can be very interesting.

With the humorous Mercury being their 7th house ruler, they’re very fun when relaxed. Since Mercury also rules their work, they need to have a job that requires them to communicate a lot.

When it comes to money, they’re calculated and very cautious, so they want their friends to pay their share when going out. If financially deceived, they no longer trust that person who did that to them and disappear from his or her life. It would be a shame to lose such a trusting and caring friend over money.

They Need Air Just As Their Fire Does

Sagittarians are loving and loyal, the type of people who have their friends’ back and who don’t hesitate to help anyone, even strangers they have just met.

They’re not interested in any drama at all, which means they don’t have enough patience with those who cry out of unimportant reasons or don’t keep their promises because they always have some sort of emergency.

Archers are amazingly loyal, but this doesn’t mean they would ever lie to people to make them feel better. Their friends are many and mostly as energetic as they are. It’s difficult to keep up with Sagittarians, yet not impossible for more adventurous characters.

Archers are very good at not keeping in touch for years and reconnecting as if nothing has happened when the time seems right. They can make calls on birthdays and have the longest conversations. This is because they think a good talk is always better than an expensive present or a birthday card.

Belonging to the Fire element, they’re very compatible as friends with Air signs because both elements influence people to be independent and adventurous, and are also reluctant to obey rules imposed by others.

They don’t see friendships as others do because what interests them the most is to know people for who they are and to be sincere. Respecting conventional standards that define friendship is definitely something both these elements don’t do.

What they love is traveling, exploring and getting out of their own comfort zones. Truthful and energetic, they can bring out the best in one another, which is rare and definitely something to look up to.

Those who want to be friends with Sagittarians shouldn’t hesitate to take part in new adventures and to show their courage. When planning a day out with the Archers, they should invite them to tennis or horseback riding, even bungee jumping and water skiing.

At the same time, they should be able to keep an intellectual conversation going, seeing as Sagittarians are very knowledgeable and always have something to say about a book or a movie.

Debates don’t bother them, and they truly admire people who think independently. They shouldn’t be pinned down or told how to live their life, even if what they’re doing is too eccentric or dangerous.

As soon as they feel like someone is trying to restrict their freedom, they no longer want to talk with that person ever again. It’s also important not to be nosey when with them because they prefer to reveal more about themselves when they’re ready.

It’s important to know that they never do things for the sake of it. For example, if they don’t send a birthday card, this isn’t because they have forgotten to, more likely it’s because they have something else very special prepared.

Everything with them has to be meaningful. They’re inspiring and always ready for challenge. Even when fearing something, they don’t hesitate to do it because they believe in the power of overcoming fears.

Very intelligent, they can have a conversation about anything, not to mention they can teach their friends many things because they possess a lot of knowledge. There’s no winning against them at trivia games.

Also extremely honest, they never talk behind people’s backs. In case they happen to be unhappy with someone, they tell it to that person’s face. Not liking drama whatsoever, they usually opt for the most logical arguments in fights, all without being emotional or acting crazy.

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