Sagittarius Man Career and Money: How Successful is He?


The Sagittarius man gives a lot of importance to freedom and can sometime be very impulsive. If he wants to be happy with his professional life, he needs to do something adventurous.

Sagittarius man Career & Money in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: He’s highly adaptable and can do a variety of tasks.
  • Negatives: His desire to do well can make him harsh with other people.
  • Tendencies: He will flick from one career to another in his quest for excitement.
  • Potential Careers: Teacher, Leader, Public Relations, Travel Advisor.

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Also generous and insightful, he could be a motivational speaker or world traveler. He may also decide to be a writer or travel guide because this way he’d have a chance to travel and express himself.

This man is very good at talking to people and can be an inspiration for many. At the same time, he likes working in teams and easily adapts to any change.

Never Born for the Nine to Five

When having to work hard on a project, he doesn’t hesitate to do it and to motivate his colleagues along the way. He seems to have talents for just about anything, so there are many careers that would suit him. He only needs to be allowed his freedom and to not be pressured to advance.

The Sagittarius man not only want to learn more, he also likes sharing what he knows and helping people achieve their goals. This means he’s a great teacher and lecturer. In one of these two positions, he would not only provide new information, he would also be an inspiration for his students.

Since working in public relations would require the Archer man to function at a fast pace and to develop strategies, he would do a great job at it. Besides, he has the communication skills required for this type of work. He would be very good at keeping the clients happy with his company’s services and operations.

The Sagittarius man, however, can sometimes be too criticizing and very harsh with his words. When it comes to getting a project done, he’s enthusiastic and wants to do his best.

Because he loves to travel and wants to see the world, he could decide to be a travel agent or guide for tourists. At the same time, he loves to inspire, he would be a perfect project manager and leader.

He’s born in a mutable sign belonging to the Fire element, so he’s impulsive, hurried and highly expressive. He tends to focus more on the future and needs to be intellectually stimulated in order to hold on to a job.

As a matter of fact, the Sagittarius man wants to feel intellectually superior and to express his ideas. While a very good team player, he still needs to not be given orders and to lead instead of following.

Energetic and adventurous, the Archer man loves taking risks and needs his freedom. What motivates him the most is becoming famous and getting the recognition of other people.

The Sagittarius knows how to communicate and organize people, so he could be a very good leader. This man can also multitask, so he’s a skilled administrator. Such a profession would not only bring him respect, but also enough money for him to travel the world.

He likes being in the spotlight, so he could decide to be an ambassador for a big corporation. It wouldn’t only be easy for him to represent and promote his company, he would also bring his own knowledge to the table.

The Desire to be Free

The Sagittarius man is a quick learner and always wants to know more, so he can easily advance in his career. He doesn’t like staying in one place and needs to use his sharp mind to find solutions to problems. This means he enjoys challenges and doesn’t fear them.

In case he doesn’t feel like his job is keeping on his toes, he will decide to change it sooner than later. A good entrepreneur, travel agent, scientist, philosopher, marketing researcher and teacher, the Sagittarius man also has high ideals and doesn’t mind sharing everything he has with others.

As a matter of fact, it’s not unlikely for this man to be involved with charities and the underdog supporter of many causes. He likes to fight for what he believes in, so he often joins organizations in which people think the same way he does.

While the Leo man is the royalty of the zodiac, the Sagittarius man is the one who can make everyone laugh and feel good. When he enters a room, everyone is happier, especially since he’s always bringing the drinks and doesn’t hesitate to tell a good joke.

Being an adventurer, the Archer man needs his job to be exciting and interesting. Because he’s restless, he doesn’t stay in one place for too long and changes jobs more often than others. This is why it’s difficult for him to settle and to choose a traditional type of career.

What makes the Sagittarius man so gracious is the fact that he wants to help others no matter what. While he may seem superficial at a first glance, he’s in fact very philosophical and inquisitive. He wants to know everything and to learn as much as possible.

More than this, he’s very charming and never insecure in a social situation. This means he’s the perfect counsellor, teacher or mentor. The Archer man is also bold and willing to take risks. He always sees things in an optimistic light and would never give up his independence.

When he has to do the same things over and over, he prefers to give up and to look for something more exciting. This is why he can be found working as a pilot, investigative journalist or explorer. He needs to feel free and to use his charisma as much as possible.

A Struggle to Remain Financially Disciplined

When it comes to spending, the Sagittarius man prefers to give his money for traveling. He’s not very interested in accumulating wealth or owning luxurious things because he wants to enjoy life and to experience, to visit new places and to try all sort of foods.

The Archer man gives a lot of importance to freedom, so he wants to have financial independence. What is suggested for him is to try and avoid borrowing money and not thinking about his future.

This man is optimistic regardless of the difficulties he may be facing, but he doesn’t seem to know how to save. At least he’s determined enough to achieve all his financial goals.

It would be a good idea for him to just set up automatic payment with his bank for his retirement account because when he has a lot of money, he just spends it on traveling and new adventures.

Being one of the luckiest people in the zodiac, the Sagittarius man usually comes across many new money-making opportunities. As an adventurous person who always sees the big picture, he can strike his luck no matter where he may be going.

Being an Archer, he approaches money issues very directly, which means he’s conducting business in the same manner. Because he’s extravagant, he has the tendency to spend too much, especially since he thinks he will always make more money.

His ideal business partners are born in the signs of Libra and Aquarius because these people also have very good ideas all the time. His free spirit is pushing him to always take risks.

Positive and enthusiastic, the Sagittarius man attracts wealth even when he’s not trying to. He likes gambling, so it’s not unlikely for him to be a professional poker player. His upbeat personality helps him remain motivated and keep up with the projects he’s involved in, but he needs to be challenged and intellectually stimulated no matter what these projects may be.

The sign ruling his money House is Capricorn, so he needs to have the Goat’s approach when it comes to attracting more wealth. This means he needs to be more cautious and to not risk when his best judgment is telling him not to.

The Archer can become rich only if he works hard and has a gradual approach to making money. In case he gets involved in get-rich-quick schemes, he can end up in ruins and psychologically destroyed.

He needs to be in control, practical and more respectful towards his money and possessions. Making financial excesses would only cause him to end up broke. If he can’t get a hold of his money too well, he should consider hiring a financial advisor. At the same time, he should try more to save for rainy days.

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