Sagittarius Man Personality: From Love to Career and Social Life


The Sagittarius man is like a big child. No one can rely on him and he sometimes pushes things too far, especially when he wants to impose his opinions and beliefs. However, he’s admired for his optimism, faith and the ability to believe that everything is going to happen the way he wants it to. Besides, he’s always ready to help those who need a hand.

The Sagittarius man in a nutshell:

  • Personality: Seldom will you find a Sagittarius man who is down in the dumps, instead he will be exuberant and happy when others aren’t.
  • Love: He depends on a woman who is as outgoing as he is to generate some stability in his life.
  • Career: A Sagittarius man was never built to work in an office, preferring the freedom of wide-open spaces.
  • Family: He has no qualms about ensuring the best future for his kids, but will encourage anything that they’re passionate about.
  • Social Life: A Sagittarius man loves meeting people and learning about different cultures, helping him become a more rounded individual.

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Sagittarius Man Personality

Sagittarius is also known as the Centaur or the Archer. It’s represented by a creature half-man and half-horse and a mutable sign belonging to the Fire element that’s ruled by the planet Jupiter.

The Sagittarius man is enthusiastic, exuberant and cheerful all the time. He thinks he can do anything, not to mention he’s always ready for a new adventure.

Life for him needs to be enjoyed to the maximum, so he goes after the most exciting experiences like bungee-jumping, even hunting or fishing. When it comes to his love life, he’s also very adventurous.

What he loves doing most is spending his time in Nature and enjoying the outdoors. Either way, he would hate to be an ordinary man who has a routine. It’s almost impossible to make him settle down and have a peaceful lifestyle. He’s the type who travels and is all over the place, so he rarely has a place that he can call home.

The Sagittarius man loves open spaces and being independent, so the woman who will try to fence him will sooner rather than later get left behind.

He can also be very impulsive, especially when eager to start the next thing he was thinking about. Feeling restrained in any way makes him run away because what he loves the most in life is his freedom. At the same time, he seems to be extremely lucky, so there’s no surprise he gambles a lot, even making a living from betting from time to time.

He doesn’t take life seriously because he lives in the moment and trusts that good luck will come his way no matter what. It’s very likely for him to be so charmed by his own life that he takes everything for granted. This is when he ends up destroyed if his luck happens to run out.

He’s somehow just like a hero from the oldest tales because he’s always looking for the next quest and escapes difficult situations by saving the day.

Love and Relationships for the Sagittarius Man

It would be no surprise to see that the Sagittarius man is crazy about someone. Being ruled by Jupiter, he falls in love very rapidly, not to mention he’s a conqueror of hearts. It would be a good idea to keep him at a distance for a while, at least until his intentions are made clear and he has more stable emotions.

While he loves being spontaneous and starting things out of the blue, he still likes chasing the woman he loves and fighting for her. After all, he’s a Fire sign, so he needs to be active all the time and to feel like he has a challenge in which to invest all his passion, winning someone’s heart included.

This man can’t be stable. While it may sound offending to him to say that he can’t be relied upon, this is very true as far as relationships go. He does the things he’s supposed to when it comes to daily business, but not as far as love goes.

Being a mutable Fire sign, he needs for things to happen very fast in his life, not to mention it’s very difficult to keep in the same spot for long. However, as soon as he has found a partner who can keep up with him, the chances that he will commit and be more stable increase significantly.

What’s important for him is that he’s in a relationship that has a purpose and a meaning. It’s a pleasure to be around him because he’s one of the most fun signs in the Zodiac. He has a wide smile and it’s impossible to ever refuse him his every wish or suggestion.

A more grounded person may find his belief that everything is going to be alright all the time a touch ridiculous. Because he engages in all sorts of dangerous and exciting adventures, he needs to be with someone who’s as open-minded and crazy as he is.

However, he also needs to be stopped from time to time, but not by someone who’s controlling, more by someone who thinks rationally and can explain any situation very well.

He’s never boring. When on dates, he takes his partner to hike or hunt because he’s not the type to just go for dinner and a movie. In case he happens to be wealthy, he will arrange dates at very faraway destinations with a private jet. Most of the time, he’s seen by others as immature and superficial.

The person who wants to have a long-term relationship with him needs to know that his sign is continuing the Scorpio and comes before the Capricorn, which are both 2 intense signs. Therefore, he’s very deep, especially when it comes to finding the truth. He wants to be with someone honest because he’s very sincere himself.

This is a Man Who Thrives Outdoors at Work

The Sagittarius man will always look to gain more knowledge and to find the Absolute Truth. He needs to have a career that encourages him to be free and to take part in adventures. A job that would require him to stay inside would only make this man impatient and more agitated.

He’s idealistic and enthusiastic, not to mention contagiously optimistic. If he does something he truly loves for a living, his passion for the work he’s doing will be tremendous, so he will dedicate himself to it completely. He’s the type to explore, so he could be a photojournalist for National Geographic.

At the same time, he could make performance in a sport, be a fisherman or a hunter. He loves being around animals and taking care of them. If he’s less physical in his professional life, he will most likely decide to work in the legal system because he’s so obsessed with finding the truth.

The Sagittarius man also likes playing the hero because he has a lot of courage and would do anything to help others, especially those who haven’t been served justice the proper way. He can be honest to a fault, so many can’t understand his bluntness and why he has to always speak the harsh truth.

This man doesn’t waste his time sugar-coating people, so he’s not at all suitable for a job in sales. He’s a good storyteller though, so he could easily become successful as a writer or movie director.

He’s daring, adventurous and a great team player who would stay by the side of his associates until success is achieved jointly.

Sagittarius Man’s Wellbeing at Home and Socially

The Sagittarius man wants to travel the world and to see everything. His home is often filled with memories from the place he’s been at and even places he wants to visit. He will buy totems and statues from every culture, so his place may seem chaotic and somewhat confusing.

It’s very likely he has a map of the world on a wall in his office. He also owns art pieces that have interesting stories. Since he loves the outdoors, it’s also more than likely that he has a garden.

As said before, he hates feeling confined, so his house will most likely have very wide windows, high ceilings and not too chunky furniture. Besides, he doesn’t want too much dust around, so he goes for the minimalistic style that can’t gather that much of it. His home needs to allow him to move around and to make him feel like he has a lot of space.

The Sagittarius rules over the pelvis, liver, thighs and hips. It’s also likely for the man born in this sign to develop vision and neck problems. He’s also prone to high cholesterol, diabetes and weight issues because on his travels, he consumes all kinds of fattening fast foods.

He may develop liver problems as a result of a higher alcohol consumption. As far as skeletal conditions go, he may have issues with his hips, spinal cord and sciatic nerve.

The Sagittarius man is very positive and most of the time calm. When deeply in love, he dreams about getting married and having a family with his other half. It may take him some time to adjust to being a father, but all in all, he’s a responsible dad.

His children will learn a lot about independence and be allowed to do many things. They will spend a lot of time with him, learning all sort of interesting facts about life and different cultures in the world. He will encourage them to study in school and to get educated. If he’s the sporty type, his kids will be too.

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