Sagittarius Best Match: Who is The Right Person for You?


People born in the sign of Sagittarius can be very uncomfortable with serious relationships and obligations because all they want is to be free. It’s unlikely for them to be with someone who doesn’t believe in independence.

Sagittarius Best Match Nutshell:

  • Your greatest need in love as a Sagittarius: to be free and independent with your partner.
  • Libra is your match because they are always up for a good time.
  • Aries is your match because they’re just as free-spirited and outgoing as you are.
  • Leo is your match because you fuel each other’s confidence.

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As far as expressing their feelings and being emotional goes, they’re very open and straightforward, yet not the most understanding. This is because they have no time to be the nicest or to pay attention to drama.

They’re the ones telling others to get a grip of themselves and to be strong, which means they’re not very compatible with needy people who have a very sensitive heart.

Another trait that characterizes them the most is their restlessness. They are the people who want to travel the world and to dream the biggest fantasies. At least they give themselves completely in a relationship, no matter if they’re serious about it or it’s just a fling for them.

Archers can be very passionate and intense, but this doesn’t mean they don’t keep something for themselves from time to time.

Best Match For Sagittarius Is Libra

The relationship between Sagittarians and Libras is warm, sincere and fun. Archers are loving in a way that doesn’t scare Libras away. They can make together plans for the future, not to mention rely on their instincts when it comes to making things between them work.

Many of their traits are compatible with one another, so they can be every happy together. Sagittarians are courageous and free-spirited, Libras exciting and up for anything. When together, they can turn romance into something very serious and enticing for both of them.

Besides, they have such good chemistry that they can last as a couple for a lifetime. There are many things that keep them together. For example, they have the most interesting conversations while spending their nights talking.

Sagittarians have a good heart and believe in Libras’ high ideals. They will always have something to talk about, not to mention they enjoy the same activities.

Sagittarians want their life to be exciting and are always chasing adventure, whereas Libras can be very stimulating for them because they have a wild imagination.

However, they both need to find a middle ground when it comes to making decisions because Libras never seem to make up their mind about issues, whereas Sagittarians are impulsive and always jump in headfirst.

In case of an emergency, they need to know what to, and fast. Libras also have a tendency to become depressed, especially when feeling like there’s no balance and justice in the world. If this happens, they stop making plans for their future and just spend time sulking.

These are the moments when Sagittarians can be their knights in shining armour, those who know what to say and how to encourage them.

It’s unlikely for these two to stay mad at each other for too long after a fight, mostly because both have remorse about being involved in conflicts and Libras can’t stand having an argument. Their relationship promises a lot and is progressive. Even from the beginning, they’re very attracted to one another.

Libras love Sagittarians for being opinionated, while Archers love Libras for the way they manage to balance things out. Besides, Sagittarians’ honesty and increased level of energy are very attractive for Libras.

When together, they can make things happen without having to compromise too much. The only matter they need to address is the one of making decisions, especially since Libras have very high standards and weigh all the pros and cons of any situation.

The same Libras need to have patience with Sagittarians when it comes to planning and keeping everything in balance.

Sagittarius and Aries: Looking for Adventure

It doesn’t matter if Sagittarians and Arieses are lovers or just friends, their relationship is sure to be liberating and passionate, as they both love adventure and are looking for excitement. Neither of them wants to settle down.

The time they spend together is exciting and fun most of the time, not to mention they both give a lot of importance to freedom.

They’re a great match because they have many things in common. Both are curious and want to take part in new adventures, to go out and to love on the run.

It’s very difficult for them to find people that can keep up with their pace, so they’re perfect for each other because the operate at the same speeds. Since they’re both Fire signs, the soulmate connection between them is very strong.

They want to explore the world together and to let love happen, to just enjoy life and not have a care in the world, which others might see as arrogant.

At the same time, they’re spiritual people and both have a good sense of humor based on blunt remarks. They understand each other’s need for space and can have the most interesting conversations on art, philosophy, religion, nature and science.

When together, Aries and Sagittarius feel like everything is possible, not to mention they’re both very self-confident. What they should do is tone their enthusiasm down a little because the world may be harsher than they think.

Sharing many interests, having the desire to socialize and being passionate in the bedroom, they’re rarely bored when together, not even for a minute.

Their compatibility is instinctive because they both belong to the Fire element and have wild tempers. Many would see them as too dramatic, but they don’t care and just laugh at this opinion.

They share a tremendous joy when seeing they can accomplish brilliance by doing things together. What’s also great about them is that they both appreciate beauty and want to have an exciting life that makes them feel like they didn’t leave any stone unturned.

Their home, if they do share a place, is decorated with what they got from traveling the world. Every day they spend together is truly magical and leaves them with the best memories.

Sagittarius and Leo: Living on the Edge

The relationship between Sagittarians and Leos is all about fantasy fulfilment. Both are interested in partying and don’t mind being in the center of attention.

Besides, they have a lot of passion to share, not to mention the conversations between them are amazing. What’s also good about them is that they make one another more self-confident, especially when it comes to their careers.

Since they both belong to the Fire element, they want adventure and to have fun more than anything else. It’s like life always has something to teach them, so they need to spend it juggling projects and having many interests.

They don’t like staying at home too much because they need to be out there and meeting new people. This means they’re always eating out and no one is ever around to put the dirty clothes in the washing machine.

While it’s fun to live on the edge for both of them, they should be more careful with their money. At the same time, they should pay attention to not end up exhausting one another, seeing as they’re dramatic and demanding beings.

Leos always need to be in the center of attention and praised, something that Sagittariues can’t give them because they’re too honest. If they were to try and admire their partner more, they could receive a lot more in return.

Neither of them would ever allow their life to become dull, which means they’re always on the run and doing something exciting. The big difference between their signs is that Leo is fixed, whereas Sagittarius is mutable.

Leos give themselves completely when in love, whereas Sagittarians have a tendency to remain out of reach and like to tease. However, their relationship is still sure to remain passionate because they’re both loyal, fiery and playful.

As a matter of fact, they have more similarities than differences, which means they have a lot of fun together, not to mention it’s unlikely for them to fall out of love with each other.

Both need adventure and to engage in fun activities. They like change and to go out as much as possible, not to mention they’re also very ambitious. Their circle of friends is very wide because they’re very charismatic people who can’t stay put for too long and know how to have fun.

More than this, both have tremendous levels of energy. Fire signs are also compatible with Air ones because they nurture one another, just like air keeps the fire going. However, as far as two Fire signs go, things are always about passion and similarities, and less about complementarity.

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