Sagittarius Woman in Relationships: Deep and Intense


Having high ideals and always honest, the Sagittarius woman needs to be with someone loyal and who can easily express love. She likes being in a relationship that’s exciting, with a man who’s never boring or needy.

Relationships and the Sagittarius Woman in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: When with the right man, she can spark into life and give him an amazing time.
  • Negatives: Her varied interests make focusing on relationships difficult for her.
  • Perfect Relationship: Where she and her man communicate openly, go on adventures and live life to the max
  • Advice: A little bit of stability might open up more possibilities in her love life.

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Very optimistic, philosophical and spiritual, she likes people who think like her and are also knowledgeable. Her partner needs to encourage this woman to be independent and to live her life to the maximum.

It doesn’t matter if it’s about love or life in general, she likes a challenge. When nothing happens, she becomes bored and feels stuck in a rut. As soon as she finds love with someone committed, she will turn into the most dedicated lover and the jolliest companion.

There are moments when she’s very intense, seeing as her passion increases tremendously if she’s with the right person for her.

Experiencing Life and Everything It Has to Offer with Her Man

The Sagittarius woman is very adventurous and quite wild. She rapidly gets excited about people and events but gets bored and moves on just as fast.

Since she has many and various interests at any given time, it’s very difficult for her to remain focused. There’s no one more honest and open than her, not to mention she knows what she wants and how to get it.

It’s important for her to be best friends too with her partner, as she needs to talk a lot, to share ideas and to analyze philosophical matters that are at the foundation of humanity’s existence.

She’d rather be with someone who can have all sorts of interesting conversations and not a man obsessed with getting married and having a stable life. This is because what she wants to do is discover new things and travel to the most interesting places.

If she wants to have a rich and fulfilling sex life, she needs to be as sensual and open-minded as she can be, which is very easy for her. However, she also has to have a mental connection with her partner.

The Archer woman doesn’t hesitate to give her affection with generosity and without hesitating. Since she’s enthusiastic about anything, love included, it can be difficult to keep up with her pace.

When in a relationship, she’s even more energetic and fun because romance influences her to be very passionate. Her qualities intensify and she also becomes a better person, someone who radiates happiness and is always moving around. She doesn’t see love only as something passionate, but also as a challenge. Life with her can never be boring.

She Acts First, and Thinks Later

What she hates the most is making compromises, so if she happens to be unhappy with a man, she won’t hesitate to just leave him. Her ideal partner loves sports and traveling just as much as she does.

She’s also exploratory in nature, which means she wants to experiment as much as possible in the bedroom. Life for her means moving ahead and learning from new challenges all the time.

She likes to flirt and to be asked out on dates, where she’s charming and very easy to get along well with. As soon as she has found her soulmate, her loyalty is unmatched.

She would never marry for money because she thinks love is much more important, also never with a man who doesn’t have a good sense of humor.

More than this, she wants to be intellectually stimulated and accompanied in her adventures. In the bedroom, she’s sincere with her affections, romantic and rather impulsive.

The more in love she happens to be, the more her energy and passion increase. She can turn into a force of nature, just like the Goddess Artemis, a huntress running through the wild with her bow and arrows, looking for prey.

What the Sagittarius woman wants the most is for her life to continuously change. She’s not the type to wait for her date to call, as she’d rather take action and appear at his door.

This woman does first and talks later, so it’s not unusual for her to ask for the phone number of a man she likes at a party. Many think she’s overly direct and too bold, but she just doesn’t have any patience to wait for something, no matter what that may be.

Some feel intimidated by her power and her need to be independent. In spite of being likeable and very attractive, she can still remain single for many years because she doesn’t want to commit to someone who doesn’t deserve her, not to mention she’s not quite the most stable in the Zodiac as far as love goes.

The Sagittarius Woman is Easy to Love but Must Be Kept Entertained

The Sagittarius woman falls in love very fast and puts a lot of passion into it. Since her sign belongs to the Fire upper element, she’s very communicative and can’t be with a man who doesn’t enjoy talking as much as she does.

Because she wants to interact as much as possible, she may end up with someone just for the company, not because she’s in love. It’s not unreasonable to say that her problem is she finds happiness difficult to achieve on her own.

A masculine sign, she also always looks for her soulmate. She needs to share her life because she thinks that’s the purpose of every person in the world. Her happiness depends a lot on her relationship status.

Many men love her for being funny in the bedroom, not in the sense that she tells jokes, but she stumbles when trying to strip or she can’t open a condom without using her teeth.

Being very spontaneous and always in a hurry, she’s also quite clumsy, in the bedroom included. Her childlike nature is very sweet and can break the ice in many moments of tension.

No matter what may happen, she’s always sure to laugh about it. She shouldn’t be told to be more serious because this would break her. What she needs is a man who can laugh when she does, also who doesn’t mind waiting for her to express her emotions.

Giving a lot of importance to relationships, she simply loves everyone and trusts people almost blindly. When trying to make others happy, she can be pushy and not at all realistic. It should be noted that no one can ever change her.

Only dealing with disappointment and deceit would make her less naïve, but she won’t be happy at all with the new situation because she’s always struggling to get the best out of people. The only way for her to be happy with a man is if she feels like she’s developing from a personal point of view and is respected.

Being a Sagittarius, she won’t stay in a relationship that bores her. When routine starts to be the word of the day, she prefers to just vanish without even a goodbye.

Since she doesn’t talk about her emotions, it can be difficult to determine what bothers her the most. As soon as a new person appears in life, she becomes very excited and hopeful.

The man of her dreams is mysterious and flirtatious, interesting and intelligent. She doesn’t want him to just fall into her arms, so she should be allowed to do the chasing game. It’s a pleasure for her to talk about her hobbies.

In case she shows signs of boredom, her partner just has to make her miss him for a while. The Archer woman never pays attention to other people’s advice, so it’s better to never tell her what to do. She also believes everything is possible, so the word “can’t” mustn’t be used in her presence.

It’s important for her man to also not ask her move in with him too soon because this sounds very scary for a Sagittarius. What she wants is her independence. Sharing a home with partner doesn’t really offers her too much freedom, so she should be subtly suggested the idea for quite a while before popping the big question.

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