Sagittarius Woman Career and Money: How Successful is She?


People born in Sagittarius can envision any project and usually make a good plan for which they work hard to make it a reality. As soon as they start seeing the success of their ideas, they become more self-confident and able to manifest what they want.

Sagittarius Woman Career & Money in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: She can make a plan and stick to it diligently.
  • Negatives: She has a hasty nature and lacks patience.
  • Tendencies: She keeps a positive outlook on things, though sometimes this isn’t always a good thing.
  • Potential Careers: Journalist, Politician, Travel Agent, Entrepreneur.

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In the workplace, the Sagittarius woman is honest, clear and always aware of what she wants, also how to get it. She’s also happy and optimistic, which means she can overcome any difficulty, even the most pressing financial ones.

A Free Spirit Capable of Many Things

It’s a good thing that she has a positive way of thinking, but this can sometimes lead her to have problems with money. She’s intelligent, resourceful and one of the most independent ladies in the zodiac.

At the same time, she can also be superficial and not attentive at how much she’s spending. This means she needs to have a budget and to put something aside for the future. Spending out of impulse could have her financially ruined.

Since the female Archer knows a little bit about everything, there are many careers she could choose from. Besides, she’s very good at finding solutions to problems, not to mention energetic and always ready to make her opinions heard.

This lady can adapt to any group and situation, so she’s suitable for most of the careers currently available. Because she’s good with communication and can express her ideas very clearly, she could be the best politician, work in public relations or as a journalist.

Always wanting to know more and to make discoveries, the Sagittarius lady is also the perfect scientist. If she wants to put her communication abilities to use too, she could decide to become a science teacher.

No matter what she’s doing for a living, the Sagittarius woman can’t be stuck in a routine or get bored. This is why she’s not good at all at working in a factory. More than this, her intellect needs to be stimulated all the time, so she needs a more challenging job. At least she’s lucky enough to be able to choose from the many other careers available to her.

The Sagittarius woman loves traveling and seeing the world, which means she could be an excellent travel agent, stewardess, even pilot or spiritual guru. Anything in transportation would also be a good fit for her.

Her spirit is also adventurous and she’s highly optimistic, energetic and fun. When it comes to her ideals, these are high, not to mention that she’s always ready to work very hard for them.

Being a person who can deal with change without any problem, the Sagittarius woman loves learning and using her sense of humor in order to go through life more easily. Being courageous and ready for action, she could also do something risky. Since she loves to travel so much, she could decide to be a salesperson.

Her body is athletic, and she loves sports, so she could excel in this professional area too. Anything to do with spending time outdoors and protecting the environment could make her feel happy.

What the Sagittarius woman needs the most is to be independent and her own boss, also to be challenged. However, she should keep in mind that she’s not patient at all and can overlook the little details when these are the most important. When her life involves having a routine, she needs to be helped by others to go further with her projects.

Born to Travel

Sagittarius women are great CEOs and entrepreneurs because they belong to the Fire element. Besides, they possess enough energy to deal with any problem that may appear.

What this lady Archer is truly passionate about is traveling around the world for business. Since they’re charismatic and fun, they excel at running their own enterprise. If working for someone else, they usually become CEOs and managers very fast, seeing they’re hardworking and energetic.

Some Sagittarius ladies may work in hospitality, doing anything, from cleaning to a desk job or entertaining others. This is because these fields of work require them to travel and to interact with new people.

The woman born in Sagittarius is very enthusiastic, inspiring and friendly, so she could also work in marketing, advertising, publishing and even broadcasting. Her communicating skills could be put to great use in these fields of work.

Seeing as she’s very passionate about philosophy and religion, the Sagittarius woman could be a preacher or get involved with religious organizations. More than this, she’s very interested in being highly educated, which means she may feel the need to be involved with schools and institutions all her life. This is why she often works as a lecturer or teacher.

Her sign is also the one of legal professions, so she could be a lawyer or activist for the most righteous causes. As a lawyer, she could end up being very successful and earning a lot of money. It doesn’t matter what she’s doing for a living, the Sagittarius woman needs variety and to travel as much as possible.

Touring the world with a band or being an ambassador would suit her very well, not to mention she’s a great photographer or artist. Since sales also require traveling, she could decide to be a salesperson too.

Similar to the woman born in Gemini, she has a lot of charisma and can convince people to do what she wants. Loving to visit new places and talking about them, the Archer woman could be the image of a travel agency and make others buy the excursions she’s advertising.

More than this, she has many rich acquaintances, so she has many opportunities to get involved with her friends. As a matter of fact, she could sell them anything, so it would be a good idea for her to consider being a salesperson.

As far as the Sagittarius lady’s generosity goes, she’s the type who forgets that she has given a loan to a friend. At the same time, she’s also the one who forgets to pay others back. This is because she lives in the present and often forgets all about what already happened.

She usually has enough money to go on her adventures and to travel the world, seeing her luck comes to her just about when she’s ready to pay for her plane tickets or to reserve a hotel room.

It seems like she has enough for her trips, not matter what she may be doing. However, this doesn’t mean this lady Archer is not hardworking or aware of the fact that money don’t grow on trees.

A Little Focus Can Pay Dividends

Always lucky and looking for a way to have more fun, the Sagittarius woman enjoys both making money and spending. She’s very optimistic, so she never worries too much about anything.

This lady just trusts that she’ll always have enough for a good living and her travels, which means she may need a financial advisor and to have someone making a budget for her.

Being ruled by the planet Jupiter, which stands for luck, she’s a gambler and sometimes makes her money by going to casinos. On the other hand, she doesn’t know how to invest or to put something aside for the future.

Besides, the Archer woman is always changing jobs, so it can be difficult for her to climb the career ladder and to end up financially stable. All in all, she’s just too relaxed and uncaring, especially when it comes to money. She doesn’t care for tomorrow because she thinks she will always get what she needs.

What’s good to know is that if the Sagittarius lady focuses a little bit, she can become very rich and have a career that helps her earn a lot. All she needs to do is to have patience for this to happen and to resist more than a year holding the same position.

Her financial luck is very real, so she knows that she can have everything, but not for as long as she isn’t ready to work for it. Spending recklessly usually has her broke one day and rich the other, but as said before, she seems to always get as much as she wants when she was to take part in a new adventure.

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