Sagittarius Woman Personality: From Love to Career and Social Life


The Sagittarius woman is always curious and eager to experience life. Her sign rules over the House of Philosophy, so she looks for the Absolute Truth no matter where she may be going.

The Sagittarius woman in a nutshell:

  • Personality: There’s no such thing as a boring subject for a Sagittarius woman.
  • Love: Her natural tendency to flirt doesn’t mean she’s disloyal, she just wants to have fun.
  • Career: Her energy can be contagious, making her a dependable asset professionally.
  • Family: Her generosity towards her family means that she others often find solace from her affection.
  • Social Life: Her friends are like an extension of her family, as are all things in nature.

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This lady explores people and loves a good conversation about anything, from politics to religion or sex. She doesn’t have any taboo subject because she wants answers to everything. Charming and very versatile, she manages to deal with any problem she may have. At the same time, she’s very independent and attractive.

Sagittarius Woman Personality

The truth seeker of the Zodiac, the Archer woman wants to discover more and more about life. She has an open mind and is fascinated by everything, not to mention a big intellectual who loves to discuss every aspect of how the world goes round.

She shouldn’t be forced to stick to a schedule because what she needs most is flexibility and to do whatever she pleases. Self-confident and highly optimistic, she wakes up with a big smile on her face each morning.

With her, everything is about play, work, new adventures and gaining more knowledge. At the same time, this Sagittarius is energetic, fun and courageous. She knows how to deal with defeat and has the freest spirit, which gives her a unique sexiness.

The fact that she’s always looking for what to do next indicates she’s very restless. What she wants the most is to have her freedom. For this reason, she doesn’t own too many things. However, she may hold on tight to the statues she bought in Nepal or Hong Kong, especially if they’re rumoured to be cursed.

She also likes being in the possession of bags that can be worn on her shoulders when she’s traveling. If someone gives a her a clutch, she’s sure to return it.

As said before, she’s curious and wants to learn new things all the time, so she gathers information from wherever she can. Her sense of humor is highly developed, almost to the point of sarcasm, which means she’s the life of any party.

This lady is very honest and candid. Some people find her honesty refreshing, while others are hurt by her words. She has a strong ethic and high morals, but her big mouth gets her into trouble from time to time. This is all because she doesn’t know how to be tactful and wants to make her opinions heard too badly.

Love and Relationships for the Sagittarius Woman

Everything for the Sagittarius woman is supposed to be fun, dating included. She likes to flirt and to be courted, not to mention conversations about sex raise her interest. At the same time, she likes the thrill of the chase too, so she enjoys playing the huntress, pursuing her prey, the man.

In case she wants to progress things and become more serious with someone, she will talk about it, as she’s always ready to jump straight into the conversations that matter. This girl doesn’t waste any time, so as far as this goes, she’s different from her male counterpart.

Some people may think these are her negative traits. A man who likes routine and wants only to settle down will never be to her liking because she needs to ensure things are always changing and has an unexplained desire to deal with the new.

Besides, she’s the type of woman to look for fun, so when someone doesn’t agree with her lifestyle, she doesn’t stick around too much. It’s quite difficult to make her commit to a relationship because it’s simply not her style to do this.

This is a Woman Who is Highly Dependable at Work

The Sagittarius woman sees work just as she sees life, as an adventure. She likes being challenged and doing what she’s passionate about, not to mention that she’s always moving forward.

She’s good in the artistic, social justice and nature fields. What she likes is grand gestures and big projects, especially if they involve doing good for the entire world.

The Archer woman is very honest, determined to her job properly and dedicated to her career. Her bosses can count on her with any project. She can be sensitive and trusted with money.

When it comes to punctuality, she’s always on time and sending in her work exactly when she said that she would. This means she can stick to deadlines. However, she does have the tendency to take on too much and to end up exhausted from trying her best to finish what she has started.

When it comes to money, she never seems to save it, but at least she never ends up broke because she’s lucky. She always finds something for traveling and making her life richer with new experiences. After all, she does live a simple life and doesn’t care too much about expensive things.

As far as charity goes, she’s always ready to give a lot to those in need. Jupiter will always bring her the good luck she deserves for being optimistic.

Sagittarius Woman’s Wellbeing at Home and Socially

The home of the Sagittarius woman combines simplicity with her wild nature and sophistication in a very impressive manner. She has a soft spot for culture and art, so she has many pieces of art around her place.

Since she always keeps the ocean in her heart, she may have scenes from there in some rooms, also pictures of mountains and forests. These are all to remind her that she’s still connected with nature wherever she may be, also that she’s a traveler.

It would be no surprise to find out that she lives in the busiest and most chaotic part of a city, as she loves the hustle and to feel like she’s in the middle of an urban jungle. On the other hand, she may also be the type who spends her days in a countryside quiet home where she also has a horse and maybe some chickens.

Being so nature centric, it’s not unusual for her to ride her horse through the forest surrounding her house. No matter where she’s living, she’s sure to be in a comfortable and welcoming environment that’s painted in colors that remind of the outdoors.

Works of art are always sure to be present in her living room, pieces she most likely got in her travels, each with a story to tell or that’s very important for her soul.

The Sagittarius rules the thighs, the pelvis and the hips. All this means the Archer woman may have some skeletal issues when older. She may suffer from osteopenia or osteoporosis, so she should make sure that she takes vitamin D and calcium supplements.

At the same time, she shouldn’t consume dairy products in excess. Because her sign rules also the liver, she may have problems with this organ sooner or later.

A sociable creature who loves going out and interacting, the Sagittarius woman is a great friend. She likes to make others happy, not to mention she only feels at peace once everyone feels comfortable in her presence. It sometimes looks like her main goals are for others to be delighted to have her around.

Very optimistic, she never thinks the worst or that people may have an ill nature too. This means she only sees the good in people, which can lead to those with bad intentions taking advantage of her. It’s not unlikely for this lady to end up betrayed and disappointed by those she trusted the most.

She loves her friends unconditionally, just like she does her family. Honest almost to a fault, she doesn’t manipulate or get involved in mischief. Everyone who is family or a friend to her knows she can be counted on during difficult times. She’s always ready to give a hand and has a very compassionate heart, not to mention she’s quite generous.

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