Sagittarius Man in Love Relationships: Needing Change in His Life


The Sagittarius man is anything but stable. His partner can’t rely on him because he’s always someplace else and not by her side. He may be around today and tomorrow, but after a while he needs to go, not to mention his feelings can change from one moment to another.

Relationships and the Sagittarius Man in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: He is an incredibly passionate lover.
  • Negatives: He has a tendency to move around a lot, making long term relationships difficult.
  • Perfect Relationship: Where his lady embraces his freedom and joins him on his adventures.
  • Advice: He would do well to take a breather every now and then by slowing down.

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He’s a mutable sign and belongs to the Fire element, which means he needs change more than anything. It’s very hard to contain him because he’s always on the move. However, as soon as he has found a woman who can keep up with his pace, he becomes ready to commit and to be faithful. What he needs from a relationship is for it to be meaningful and exciting.

He falls in love rapidly because he’s ruled by Jupiter, a planet that likes to conquer. It’s good to keep him at a distance for some time, at least until his intentions become clear and he’s emotionally stable.

While spontaneous and the type who likes romances that starts rapidly, he still can be serious if he feels like he has to fight for someone. The Fire element makes him passionate and very active.

A Thrill Seeker in Life and in Love

If in a happy relationship, the Sagittarius man is kind, friendly and always honest. He never lies, nor does he hide the harsh truth.

If he has a possessive and jealous partner, he won’t stay around for too long. His bluntness means he can be hurtful. He definitely doesn’t waste any time saying what he doesn’t need to say.

He can’t stand being manipulated or controlled in any way, so his lady needs to let him do his thing no matter what. He can commit to someone fun because he’s a very pleasant person himself, not to mention full of surprise.

It can’t be said he the most responsible providers, but at least he never seems to run out of what he needs. Besides, money comes his way very easily, even if he can’t get rich because he’s always spending on new adventures.

What he wants is to explore the world and to learn as many things as possible. When it comes to the way he sees love, this is as a something that gives him both freedom and warmth. It’s hard to be with him because he values his independence too much.

What’s good though, is that he never hides his true feelings, which means his partner always knows where she’s standing. The woman who can’t handle the harsh truth should never ask him questions. Not that he has the intention to hurt her, he just can’t lie no matter what the situation is all about.

On the other hand, he’s also sincere when paying compliments. When he says that he loves someone, his words speak nothing but the truth. However, regardless of how much he loves, he still has a problem committing and being involved in a long-term relationship. Most people dream about getting married and settling, but he doesn’t. This is because he prefers to gamble everything. At least he’s lucky enough to find what he wants.

Things turn in his favour most of the time, even when he’s going through the most thrilling and dangerous adventures. He’s prepared to be friends with anyone who listens to him, which means he opens the way for many women to be in his life.

He doesn’t master just one thing, he’s a jack-of-all-trades, always looking for new things to learn and people to meet. Before committing to only one woman, he needs to make some sort of meaningful gesture of his commitment because otherwise, he’s always one step away from leaving.

The women who make him go crazy are the active and intelligent ones. It’s not difficult to get his attention because he’s curious about everyone.

However, it’s very difficult to keep him interested for too long. He immediately gets bored of anyone and anything, so he’s always looking for the new. This is why he changes partners so often. His life has to be exciting or he flees. It goes the exact same way in the bedroom, where he loves trying new things and using his imagination.

A Late Comer to the Idea of Commitment

When he finishes exploring the world on his own, he wants to have a life partner with whom he can share new adventures. If mature enough, he can be very passionate and committed.

Until he becomes more responsible, he’s just wandering around without knowing when he’s going to stop. After growing up, he’s no longer so erratic. It is now when his qualities begin to emerge, these qualities being wisdom, generosity and compassion.

His partner is sure to love him for a lifetime if he plays his cards right. He will see the relationship he’s involved in as his new adventure, a project that he needs to be successful at, especially if he’s allowed to be the coach and to teach his partner.

After all, he has a lot of knowledge that he gathered during his adventures and travels. However, he should be kept under control because he may get the impression that he knows everything and that no one else besides him is ever right.

After all, a relationship involves giving in from time to time, so he needs to learn that compromise involves no longer focusing so much on himself. He should be refused some things, but not told what to do. He still has to live life his own way if it’s for him to feel happy.

Too Adventurous for Commitment

It’s obvious that the Sagittarius man is not the type to settle down with a woman, have a beautiful house and many children, and stay at home every night to have dinner. His nature makes him the absolute bachelor who enjoys freedom more than anything else in this world.

For this reason, he has a chaotic lifestyle and does only what he wants. It can take a woman years before she convinces him to commit to her and to get married. And even if this happens, he still has a problem when it comes to being responsible.

As said before, he’s not the most thoughtful provider either, although he seems to be very lucky as far as making money goes. Opportunities arise in his path every step of the way, not to mention he finds his way out of difficult situations without even struggling.

The woman who doesn’t mind being in an open relationship is definitely the right one for him. He just can’t be by someone’s side all the time, even if he’s supportive from a distance. All in all, he’s not what you would call conventional husband material.

On the other hand, he’s a fun partner who never gets jealous and allows his lady to be herself all the time. He just won’t accept having to fulfil the duties a relationship involves.

He’s also not reliable and hates clingy people who only depend on others, be it for affection or materially. While his love is idealistic and noble, he still isn’t the romantic type.

However, he still can surprise his partner with gifts and romantic gestures when she least expects it. At the same time, he’s likely to forget all about her birthday or the day he first kissed her. This doesn’t mean he’s no longer in love. It means he’s just himself, which is too busy with adventure and gaining new knowledge to remember anniversaries and other important dates in the calendar.

When he’s not around, he’s probably doing his own thing, somewhere in the mountains, conquering new heights and sleeping under the stars. He just can’t stay at home for too long because this makes him feel constrained and limited.

What makes him happy is traveling and meeting new people. He needs to learn about new cultures just as much as he needs to be free.

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