Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility in Love & Life: A Visionary Relationship


At a first glance, this couple deals with some striking differences. For starters, Scorpio is private and homely whilst Aquarius, though, has no idea about what social fatigue even means. They always want to be out in the world, having fun and exploring.

Criteria Scorpio Aquarius Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Below average ❤❤
Communication Below average ❤❤
Trust & Dependability Average ❤❤❤
Common values Below average ❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤

Both Scorpio and Aquarius are fixed signs, which means they are extremely stubborn. Scorpio is a possessive partner and any little thing could spark their paranoia and jealousy.

Aquarius cannot stand controlling partners, or anything that limits their freedom. But if the two are willing to accept each other for who they are, and try to satisfy each other’s needs, they can make it work, and it will be a very rewarding relationship for both partners!

When These Two Fall in Love

What they need to get out of the way from the very beginning is their stubbornness problem. They should tone down their egos and actually listen to contradicting opinions. This will ensure that they will have the amazing and thought-provoking conversations they are capable of, and which they both crave.

While Scorpio might want to be the boss and have all the attention to themselves, they will view Aquarius as a breath of fresh air. Scorpio will greatly appreciate the air sign’s unconventional worldview and ideas. These two are a good match on a mental level.

They sometimes feel like outside observers, and they have many criticisms for the world around them. They can sometimes think alike on less discussed issues too.

There are high chances for both partners to grow and learn in this relationship. Scorpio will be amazed by Aquarius’ intellect, and they will try to support them to achieve their most daring ideas. An area of improvement would be their mutual respect for each other.

They are both steady in their ways and when challenged, tend to overlook their partner’s opinion and arguments. They always need to remember what they love about each other. Even when in a heated argument, they should not become enemies, even for a second if they wish for their compatibility to remain as high as possible.

Scorpio is quick to develop feelings, although they might want to deny this. Making Aquarius reciprocate will be difficult though. For Aquarius to become more affectionate and emotionally available, it takes a lot of time, trust, and openness. Problem is that when in love, Scorpio can do anything but that.

They become possessive and they want to know everything their partner is doing. This is the biggest mistake to make in a relationship with the independent, freedom-loving Aquarius. As soon as they feel their partner getting clingy or controlling, they will run away as fast as possible!

Scorpio and Aquarius Relationship Key Facts

There’s lots of tension going on between the sensual, hot-blooded Scorpio and the distant, rational Aquarius. We can say, in the case of the Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility, opposites attract, because there’s something they find mesmerizing about each other.

Commitment-phobic Aquarius can learn from the family-oriented and homely Scorpio that settling down is not the horrible nightmare they imagined. It can in fact help them find inner rest and peace, and improve their creativity.

Sociable and charming Aquarius gets Scorpio to open up more and enjoy meeting new people and living new experiences. It helps that both signs seek the thrill, each in their own way.

Still, for the most part, they might find that their partner is the complete opposite of what they were dreaming of. Aquarius wants an independent partner who can hold a good debate, while Scorpio craves devotion, sensuality, and wants to develop a strong emotional bond.

When in a relationship, a Scorpio and an Aquarius complete each other nicely, giving rise to a more well-rounded version of themselves.

They should tone down their ego and competitive nature, if they want to sail on calm waters. It would help for them to put this tension to good use—maybe finding a hobby where they can both compete against others, or some past time activity that challenges them on an intellectual level.

Scorpio and Aquarius Marriage Compatibility

Scorpio wants a long-term relationship and they need affection and loyalty. What better way to guarantee this devotion and emotional security, other than a wedding?

However, Aquarius tends to avoid commitment, because they fear their freedom being taken away. They need to be ready for this big step, and for that to happen, Scorpio must take their time and offer them all their trust.

Aquarius don’t want to uphold old traditions just for the sake of it, and they generally have a bleak vision on marriage. However, if Aquarius feels content and free in their relationship, they might agree to get married to please their partner.

Scorpio should not force or nag Aquarius into marriage, but instead offer them enough space and freedom to be themselves.

Scorpio needs affection, and they want to spend more time with Aquarius, to develop a stronger bond with them. But Aquarius is fearful of getting too close, because they don’t know how to manage their emotions, if they get too strong.

They also fear for their freedom and autonomy. Sadly, Scorpio is the kind of partner to become controlling and extremely demanding, so in this case, Aquarius’ fears aren’t completely unsupported.

However, if they both keep in mind their partner’s good points, and stop fearing their flaws, they can make a nice team. Their common traits such as the capacity to think outside the box, and their strength of character, make them fit for working in research or the arts.

Drawbacks of This Match

Scorpio will feel tempted to become a control freak, and the fact that Aquarius is such a social-butterfly will make the water sign’s jealousy soar. But Aquarius will never tolerate such behavior from their partner, so they will walk away on the first occasion where they feel whipped.

In the Scorpio and Aquarius match, the two have very different ways of living their lives, and they need to have an open communication if they want to tame these insecurities, before they lead to big arguments.

Another problem might be how both signs can be aloof from time to time. They might not be able to offer the support their partner needs, because they’re always too busy thinking about their next project (in the case of Aquarius) or about their daily problems (in the case of Scorpio).

They don’t do this to be mean or inconsiderate, but they both tend to live mostly in their head. They should work on being more attentive to their partner’s troubles and needs.

Scorpio needs time alone with their thoughts, so that they can unwind and recharge after a long day or a stressful event. They analyze their feelings very closely, and try to make sense of their instinctive reactions. That’s how they try to find an effective solution for their daily woes.

Aquarius’ mind is all over the place. They go from one idea to another, maybe even multi-tasking and planning three different things at once! It’s understandable that from the outside, they might seem inattentive and disorganized.

But Scorpio shouldn’t mistake Aquarius’ creative trance as a lack of care or interest. Neither should Aquarius view Scorpio’s contemplative stance as a form of silent treatment.

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