Aquarius Woman in Relationships: Independent and Fun


Even if the Aquarius woman is very easy to get along with as a friend, she seems to have a problem committing to long-term relationships because she doesn’t like having a conventional life and being tied down.

Relationships and the Aquarius Woman in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: She’s fun and energetic, and doesn’t need her man at her beck and call constantly.
  • Negatives: Long-term relationships are difficult for her.
  • Perfect Relationship: Where she has the space to be the free-spirited person she is.
  • Advice: She needs to show her man some love and appreciation, to tell him that she isn’t getting bored.

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Her ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn, which means she’s always on the move, unstable and detached. Scared of intimacy and her own emotions, she may appear shallow to the men in her life.

This lady is very independent and doesn’t need affection as much as other women do, not to mention romance makes her feel smothered. What she needs is to be with someone as free-spirited as her.

While she can be difficult in relationships, she’s also the sweetest if given enough space to be herself and accepted for her unpredictability.

A Warm, Loving and Experimental Lover

When in love, the Aquarius woman can be too tolerant with her partner, meaning it’s possible for him to think that she doesn’t care about the relationship. She’s just too independent herself and doesn’t think he may need to be given more attention.

While her friends are very important for her, family is in fact what matters the most. For those at home, she’s a provider, a listener, a leader and a peacemaker. Her love is always deep, and she needs to feel needed, which means she’s genuinely honest too.

The Water Bearer woman doesn’t hesitate to say what bothers her either. In love, she’s very charming and always uses her head. As soon as involved in an affair, she becomes very funny, but not in the sense that she wants to play games. She just makes her partner laugh.

Just like all the other signs belonging to the Air element, she’s an intellectual who doesn’t get emotionally attached to easily. Even so, men are still very attracted to her.

When with someone, she warm, kind and full of life. For her, love is more of an idea and not at all about passion. This means that she can be rational even if madly in love.

As a lover, she’s independent and doesn’t give a damn about what the rest of the world thinks of her relationship. At the same time, she’s very unpredictable, but at least this makes her exciting in bed. She usually uses her imagination a lot when making love, not to mention that she’s interested more in experimentation than in passion.

When this lady loves a man, she wants him to prove to her that she’s not his prey. As a matter of fact, she likes being courted and taking her time to make her partner go crazy about what she does or says.

Bucking Every Relationship Trend

When married or involved in a relationship, the Aquarius woman finds it difficult to express her feelings. This is because she’s inside her own mind most of the time.

Besides, many of her partners may accuse her that she cares more about the rest of the world than about him. What they can’t understand is that as soon as her passion has been aroused by a man, she can be loyal to him for a lifetime.

When making a promise, she’s sure to keep it too. Some may say that she’s perfect because she’s easy to get along with and never jealous. What she wants from her partner is to be allowed to live the way she wants to, to explore life and to discover things on her own.

Besides, she needs her privacy to be respected no matter what. She needs a lover who’s as excited about challenges as she is. The Aquarius woman is radiating glamour because she’s cold and imposing.

While sitting next to her partner, she may seem like she’s miles away with her thoughts, not to mention matters of the heart never bother her. This doesn’t mean that she isn’t sensual, caring and warm, as she definitely is all these things and more. Just that she thinks too much about the future and doesn’t have time to be caught up with love or what her relationship should be about.

She may decide to have a long-distance romance because it simply suits her best. Besides, anything conventional bores her. What she hates the most is having a routine and going with the herd.

When upset, she needs to retreat into her own room and to be given a lot of space to think on her own. The Aquarius woman in love won’t care about anything else other than her partner and how she can be herself with him.

No matter what, she doesn’t want to lose her individuality as a result of being close with another. She simply hates having to live up to others’ expectations.

There’s a time when she has to grow up and understand that she can’t always be what she wants because she might have a family and some children to teach things about life. It will be hard for her to accept this, but she will do it because it will be her ultimate act of love and prove once more how rational she is.

What she needs is a man who’s very interesting and doesn’t give a damn about taboos. In case she needs to express sexuality in a specific manner or because she wants to do it that way, she won’t care about what other people think of her and do it.

Unconventional and Experimental

Rational, she would never cause a scene or be dramatic. What she’s interested in is experimenting, with both her sexuality and other aspects of her life. She likes making love in unusual places, so a close-minded man may see her as very unladylike, when all she wants is excitement and to share what she’s doing with someone.

Emotions and security are two of the things she doesn’t look for in her man. What she hates the most in a relationship is feeling tied down, so she shouldn’t be expected to get married when young.

What’s good to also know about her is that she can fall head over heels in love with the right man, which can lead her to do the most unusual things.

While many of her friends many be tying the knot, she will still be wild and free, but only if she hasn’t found someone to make her go crazy whenever he’s around.

She wants a companion, someone who is never jealous and more like her partner in crime because she hates being told what to do and how to do it. It’s very likely for her to be involved in platonic relationships with her best friends, but she should pay attention for them to not want more than such a connection from her.

Many describe her as eccentric just because she has an open mind. When she says that a brilliant idea crossed her mind, she surely is right. Her partner needs to take her out and to make sure that all the people in his life know her. She will fascinate them with her knowledge and versatility.

Besides, she will listen carefully to all their stories because she’s very curious about everyone’s experiences.

If the man who happens to be in her life is also a traveler, she’s the happiest woman on Earth. No matter what, she mustn’t be made feel like she’s somehow tied down. What she also hates is dealing with domestic tasks.

In case she’s married, and her husband wants her to take care of their home, she won’t hesitate for a moment to pack her bags and leave him. However, she will be more understanding if he offers to help her and be present around the children.

She can’t be hurried into a relationship. At the same time, she doesn’t like cuddles and public displays of affection, which means the relationship with her takes place more at a mental level.

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