Aquarius Woman Personality: From Love to Career and Social Life


Intelligent and very independent, the Aquarius woman doesn’t care about what others think or say about her because she’s too preoccupied with her own freedom and with doing whatever she wants. She’s cool, sociable and unusual, the type of woman who always surprises and has the most unique way of thinking.

The Aquarius woman in a nutshell:

  • Personality: The Aquarius woman is independent and looking for fun, it’s simply up to you if you want to join her.
  • Love: Any man who is up for the adventures that an Aquarius woman will inevitably go on is sure to find a life partner.
  • Career: With a strong sense of purpose, she feels like her work must have a greater good.
  • Family: She might be different to the rest of her family, but that isn’t to say she doesn’t hold those closest to her very dear.
  • Social Life: She treats her friends how she would her family, her quirkiness giving her a unique magnetism.

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Her friends are from all walks of life, regardless of their background or culture. She loves to talk and share her opinions, but when it comes to her emotions, she doesn’t know anything about them, nor how to express what she feels. However, if someone is in need, she immediately reveals her compassionate side and gives a hand.

Aquarius Woman Personality

The Aquarius woman can’t be understood. She’s like the wind that can’t be simply bottled or contained. People should avoid pinning her down to a certain stereotype because she will always surprise them by being different with every day that passes.

What she’s certain to be is a non-conformist. Belonging to the Air element, she is however, not at all light-hearted or too gentle. On the contrary, she has a temper and is a true force, so many may get scared of her, especially during the first days spent by her side.

What they should do is just hold on and enjoy the ride. As soon as they’ll be out of the storm, she will turn into the funniest, most intelligent and independent women who also has a heart of gold.

Her way of thinking is visionary and she’s a big humanitarian. Witty and enigmatic, no one can predict what she’s going to do next or if she will ever be ready to let go of just a little bit of her independence.

Being a fixed sign, she doesn’t like it at all when people tell her what to do. When dealing with people who need her help, she’s the most giving and kind person in the world. She lends cash to people and never asks for it back.

It goes the same with the advice she’s giving. All this is because she simply cares about others, no matter who they may be, just like she cares about different causes.

In love with the new, she likes to travel and to gather information. While a progressive thinker, she still isn’t very fond of change on a personal level, just because she’s very loyal and attached to her own past, and also to the memories she has created with her loved ones.

While she can look ahead and see the future in an optimistic manner, she still knows where her journey has started from.

Loyalty is not a word to characterize romantic relationships only, it’s also a word for friendship. However, the Aquarius woman takes loyalty to a whole new level and is loyal to restaurants, shops, bands and teams, at least until one of these things proves itself to be unworthy.

Such a trait can’t be found in all people. As a matter of fact, it’s very rare. While having many interests, it can’t be said at all that this lady is superficial.

Love and Relationships for the Aquarius Woman

The man who’s interested in the Aquarius woman should take a few things into consideration if he wants the dates with her to go very well.

As said before, she likes being in the company of other people, but this doesn’t mean she’s the type to be tied down and to overcommit. Therefore, her future partner should be casual about being with her and not hurry into anything because if he does, she will surely reject him.

Instead, he should be open to any new idea and have as much fun with her as possible. When it comes to relationships, the Aquarius woman needs to be understood and appreciated for the fact that she wouldn’t sacrifice her freedom for anyone.

She needs to go out with her friends whenever she feels like doing it, regardless if her partner may spend his entire evening all alone at home.

She may find that she’s away from her home for prolonged periods of time, mainly because that’s just the way she is, busy with other things and perhaps humanitarian projects. At the same time, she’s not at all romantic, so her proving her love may be difficult for her to achieve.

This is a Woman Who Strives to be More at Work

When it comes to work, the Aquarius woman needs to feel like she’s doing something important and that she’s contributing to the greater good. Therefore, she may be a teacher, a scientist, a doctor or a charitable events organizer.

It’s also very likely for her to be in the Peace Corps or Doctors Without Borders, only to end up the President of the UN in the end. However, there’s also the situation in which she only aspires because she’s more talk than action.

She has a problem sticking to a routine, so there’s no surprise if she finds her true vocation later in life. It would be a good idea for her to run her own business because this way, she can do whatever she wants, not to mention she can put her original ideas into practice and perhaps raise alpacas or plant exotic fruit trees.

For as long as she’s free to wake up whenever she wants and to travel, she’s the happiest. Freedom is also very important, so having a boss is not the best idea when it comes to her professional life.

As far as money goes, she always seems to have enough, but not for saving. It’s very likely she has started working at a very young age, so she doesn’t know how it feels like to ask for cash from her parents.

Aquarius Woman’s Wellbeing at Home and Socially

The home of the Aquarius woman has a futuristic design. Her kitchen appliances are new and very advanced. This lady prefers straight lines and simplicity. Since she’s into Feng Shui, her mirrors may be placed where they’re supposed to in order to give her more energy.

Because she likes art and even objects that belong to the past, she will combine some antiques with her futuristic décor. Her natural thirst for pursuing knowledge means that she most likely has large bookshelves with many manuscripts.

Her uniqueness is reflected in the way she decorates her home. The place in which she usually reads will be very private and have an esoteric air.

The Aquarius rules the legs, ankles, calves, blood and circulation, so there’s no surprise the Water Bearer woman needs things in her life to flow so that she goes with them. When it comes to health, she needs to take care of her circulation and joints, especially if she wants to feel good when older. It’s very likely for her to develop some knee conditions.

Being a loner from time to time, she should swim at private pools, cycle or jog. She tends to indulge in life’s pleasures, so she should pay attention to what she’s eating.

As a friend, she’s loyal and very helpful, also great company because she likes to talk about anything. However, as far as relationships goes, she’s not the best advisor because she wouldn’t know what to do herself in any given situation.

Besides, what seems to work for her doesn’t seem to be the same for others because she’s just too progressive and unconventional. When it comes to her family, she prefers to be independent from them, which means she doesn’t rely on her parents or relatives.

Friends are very important to this girl, so she cares about them deeply, as if they were her family. What they like about her is her originality and quirkiness.

At home, she may be the black sheep, just because she’s eccentric and doesn’t do what others want of her. What she can’t ever do is conform. At least she knows how to cater to them because she does it just as she would do it for herself.

If a mother, she simply adores her little ones, plays with them and cooks the most exotic meals. However, she’s not the type of mother to go to soccer games. Her kids will grow up to be affectionate and big humanitarians because she inspires them to give to those who have less.

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