Aquarius Woman Career and Money: How Successful is She?


When it comes to the Aquarius woman, she’s better suited for a career she’s enthusiastic about and in which she needs to express herself. This lady is very creative and intelligent, so she can deal with any challenge by being inventive and thinking outside the proverbial box.

Aquarius Woman Career & Money in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: A truly creative thinker and problem solver.
  • Negatives: While she isn’t impulsive, her tastes can be expensive.
  • Tendencies: Her focus is on the black and white science, rather than the grey arts.
  • Potential Careers: Inventor, Charity Worker, Lawyer, Scientist.

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This means she’s a great inventor and concept developer. The fact that she’s a very big humanitarian could also have her involved with charity organizations.

An Independent Force

The Aquarius woman can do miracles if allowed to be independent and given a lot of space to put her talents to use. She doesn’t like being instructed or given orders.

As a matter of fact, she prefers working in an environment in which there aren’t too many rules to be followed. This is why she could be a great writer, photographer, teacher or actor. She’s very logical and a great thinker, so she thrives when having to do something important or to solve problems.

For this reason, she could succeed in the legal sector. Because she’s very good with numbers, she could become a successful banker and accountant. At the same time, she’s very good with people, which means she could be a salesperson earning many commissions.

The Aquarius woman can sell anything for as long as she believes in the product she’s advertising. It’s easy for her to climb the career ladder because she has very good ideas and her solutions to problems are always effective.

The fact that she’s rational and loves to learn could have her working as a doctor, philosopher or scientist. It’s very likely for the Aquarius woman to feel like she needs to be the leader. In case she’s denied the opportunity to manage other people and someone else is being given the task, she may suffer a lot. As soon as she has been advanced to be in charge, this lady can manage her team to achieve great success.

Given the fact that she’s very sociable, this lady gets along well with all her colleagues. She mingles and parties and doesn’t mind starting small in order to reach the top. This is why so many Aquarius women hold positions of power and have a lot of influence. They should be expected to do so in their career.

The Aquarius woman is very attracted to electricity, which means she can be found working in this field or as a programmer. Because she also likes radical thinking, she could excel in science or technical fields.

However, this Water-Bearer doesn’t necessarily have to be the inventor or the one everyone relies on, as she could also work as an assistant and lab technician. Software design, manufacturing and retail are the best sectors for her because she needs to put her mind to work and to be of use to others.

Besides, she loves technology and usually knows everything about the latest gadgets and computer games. Subjects like nanotechnology, bioengineering and genetics attract her as well.

Intelligent and witty, also independent and wild, the Aquarius woman needs to have fun at work because if she doesn’t, it’s very easy for her to get bored. This means she doesn’t like routine or not being challenged.

Because she knows how to communicate, this lady is the perfect boss. It would be a good idea for her to start her career as a developer or salesperson. Since she likes thinking about the future, she should as well focus on something that allows her to put her ideas into practice.

Smart with Other People

As a teacher, she would have a strong relationship with her students, whilst as a veterinary, she would do her best to save as many animals as possible.

She’s also a good entrepreneur because she knows how to plan and how to manage a team. However, it would be better for her to have someone taking care of details because she can only see the big picture. Loving to invent and to innovate, she’s also a good designer and researcher, but she needs to have her ideas recognized by others.

Because she’s independent, it’s important for her to be allowed to do what she wants. This is one of the reasons why she most of the time decides to be a freelancer and her own boss. Being a contractor seems to suit her perfectly, especially since she’s good at attracting good clients and getting the job done in time.

This woman is highly innovative, so she could manage any project and at the same time, take care of administration, logistics and even accounting. What she needs the most is to use her own ideas because these are many and very imaginative.

However, the Aquarius woman sometimes can’t be practical enough to see her thoughts put into practice. This is when she needs to collaborate with others and to accept their help. For as long as she feels that she’s in control and everyone is having fun with her projects, she can be one of the best people to work with.

When a leader or a boss, she needs to be more flexible and to put her social skills to work. It goes the same if she happens to work in teams and be a colleague.

The Aquarius woman is a good social worker, artist, engineer, teacher and psychologist. At the same time, she’s attracted by astrology, politics, traveling, marketing and environmental organizations.

It’s unlikely to find her stuck in a nine to five job or working in a cubicle, as she’s very independent and needs to move around a lot. More than this, it’s important that she uses her creativity and social skills.

It would be a good idea for no one to order her around because she can become very cranky when this is happening, not to mention she doesn’t need too many guidelines in order to get the job done properly.

A natural born entrepreneur, she may decide to no longer be an employee and to run her own business. This lady will always know how to make more money. When working for herself, she has the tendency to ask back for services instead of money, but not all the time and not when her wallet is running low on cash.

The Aquarius woman prefers to live a simple life and doesn’t like shopping that much. When she decides to buy something, that thing is sure to be durable and of high-quality. It would be a good idea for her to make some investments if she wants to make more money and to have a stable financial future.

Money Savvy but in the Right Places

The Aquarius woman has no problem managing her money because she always knows what she needs, how much to spend and how much to put aside. However, she can be attracted to the most extravagant things that usually cost a lot, as she’s fascinated by the unusual and has a quite specific taste.

Besides, this lady very generous and has the tendency to give money to the causes she believes in. While it’s a good idea for her to get involved, she needs to think about her own wellbeing first.

Being indecisive, the Aquarius woman doesn’t like making investments because she doesn’t know which strategy to go with. A good advice for her would be to use her intelligence more in order to advance in her career. This would also bring her more money.

When doing something she loves, the Water Bearer woman is hardworking and dedicated. This means she can end up making good money if she happens to work in a field she’s passionate about and is given the opportunity to advance.

Because she can’t stand watching people being in poverty, she usually donates a lot of what she makes to charities. Sharing her wealth comes naturally to her. When it comes to investments, she needs to feel like she’s putting her money into something unique and that others regard as risky.

However, this doesn’t mean she’s reckless. It would be a good idea for her to contact a financial advisor if she can’t decide on an investment strategy because no matter what, she needs to put her hard-earned money into something, especially if she wants her future to be stable from a financial point of view.

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