Aquarius Challenges and Obstacles: Eccentric and Unique


Aquarius people are known for being weird and really deep thinkers. They have a true need for independence and rebel against almost everything, just because they want to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, their unique view on life makes them seem detached and rather not human, so they’re named by many astrologers the Zodiac’s aliens.

Aquarius Challenges & Obstacles in a Nutshell:

  • Personality downfall: They can lack empathy, and become detached from those around them as a result.
  • When it comes to love: Their tendency to want to do everything alone can make love difficult.
  • At work: Their unwillingness to listen to the rules means they jump from one job to another.
  • Aquarius advice: Aquarians could benefit from stopping and listening to those who have their best interests at heart.

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Aquarius Personality Weaknesses and Negatives

Very progressive, people born in the sign of Aquarius have a monster inside of them, one that becomes ruthless when their independence is being threatened. They’re changeable, superficial and very adaptable. What they want is to always do something interesting. This is why they’re often rebelling and are trying to make the world a better place.

However, they don’t manage to accomplish too much because they have very young minds and usually deviate from what they are focused on.

At the same time, they’re very stubborn and easy to irritate, especially if they’re being told that their eccentric methods have no value. They need to know that their ideas are tolerated and followed.

When it comes to love, they live by their own rules and are very complicated. It’s like they can’t be involved with all their heart because their need to be independent is too much.

When teenagers, Aquariuses are the rebels in their family. Their shadow side is a lot about their lack of empathy. They’re emotionally unavailable, so different from others. In their darkest moments, they have no compassion whatsoever, become narcissistic and feel superior.

If pushed to their limits, they start to be even more stubborn than usual, also very standoffish. They do things without considering others and seem like they’re living in their own bubble out of which they don’t want to get out. This can be destructive for them because no one can live alone, but they continue to believe that they’re the ones who can.

Dark Aquariuses are completely unemotional but very good at coming up with ideas, even if these ideas are often delusional and impossible to put into practice. They can’t see who they really are and may start acting like robots.

Saturn’s influence over them is very visible, illustrating who they can become if they don’t pay attention to themselves and what they’re feeling.

On the other hand, Uranus, another of their rulers, rolls through its own orbit and doesn’t spin like other planets, which means it has a completely different direction too. This means Uranus has a completely different perspective when compared to other planets, just like Aquariuses are on their own and don’t care about others’ opinions.

When arguing with someone, they become very frustrated if they feel like they’re not being heard. Since their personal will is almost lacking in them, they rely on what they can sense about different situations, so they don’t give importance to what comes their way from outside.

When angered, they become agitated and try detaching themselves even more, ignoring the person who has annoyed them. They can be so infuriated that they no longer see anything their way and use the harshest words. Some of them are even threaten with very bad things when really upset.

Aquarius Common Challenges and Solutions

Aquariuses often feel like they’re losing in love because they’re too inhibited when it comes to emotions. They can’t build real connections with others if they’re not ready to show who they actually are. Love needs to be given and received equally.

They get sick easily because they have a weak body, mostly because they bottle up their own emotions inside. Psychological issues can greatly affect health, so they should be aware of this fact if they don’t want to end up sick.

What they also do wrong is relying only on themselves when having to get something done. It’s alright to collaborate with others and to receive help, so they should think about no longer doing everything by themselves.

Instead of envying people who always have company, they should take the matter into their own hands and start collaborating. Besides, they have so many friends out there in the world, it would be a shame for them to not benefit from everyone’s help.

At the same time, they should stop being picky. The more they accept others for who they are, the happier they can be.

Low Points in Love & Friendships

Individualistic and not in any way emotional, Aquariuses want more than anything else to be free and listened to. They avoid responsibilities and have a tendency to blame their partner for their own mistakes.

Repressing their feelings causes them to burst into tears when under pressure. Unpredictable and pretentious, they do have a temper and sometimes let it out in the light. Extremely detached, they judge people from afar, especially when seeing vulnerability.

In the meantime, they worry a lot about humanity. It’s difficult for them to be intimate, so they’re keeping their distance from loved ones as much as they can.

As lovers, they’re eccentric and want to connect on an intellectual level only. It’s rare for them to get attached or to do what they’re being told. Besides, they’re unpredictable, so there’s no knowing when they will want to get married or to move in together with their other half.

The Aquarius man is cold, superficial and unemotional, so he can confuse women whenever he’s trying to woo them. He wants to know from the beginning if he’s liked or not, which means he doesn’t waste too much time courting.

Aquarius ladies don’t really know how to be intimate, not to mention the darkest of them have a very cold heart and don’t care about anyone. All they want is to be the smartest and the toughest.

In a balanced native, the Sun is in balance with the opposite sign belonging to the element of Earth. Aquariuses that are detached from their opposite don’t possess the high energy and warmth of the Leo. Leo stands for the identity and the warmth radiated by the true self. Without the influence of this sign, Aquariuses are too cold and uninterested in feelings.

Because they belong to the Air element, they also can’t relate with other people. They just want to stand out from the crows by shocking. This means they don’t hesitate to flirt with married people and to put on clothes that are very colorful. They’re the ones with piercings and many tattoos. Their body is a way for them to express themselves, so they don’t hesitate to use it as much as possible.

Dark Water Bearers are not in any way natural. They just want to control the mind of others and have no idea about who they really are on the inside. All of them are provocative and intolerant because they want to keep their individuality intact.

At least they’re very humane and the ones who support lost causes. When it comes to long-term friendships, they’re unpredictable and want to talk only about their philosophic ideas. It’s difficult to have them working in teams because they’re too individualistic.

At parties, they stand out from the crows because they make good jokes and are original. Many people like them because they’re fun too.

How About Aquarius Career Weaknesses?

Aquariuses hate obeying rules and are very rebellious, so they may have a problem holding on to jobs. They’re also eccentric and like to take risks, not to mention they can’t be disciplined, not even if someone pays them very good money to be.

They’re always disagreeing with their colleagues and don’t do what their bosses say. This is because they want to be free and do things their way. If they happen to be the bosses, they’re arrogant and feel superior.

At the same time, they do as less as they can and dump the entire workload on their subordinates. When running their own business, they never take advice from others and find it difficult to collaborate with their associates.

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