Aquarius Family Life: Their Personality in the Main Household Roles


While Aquarius natives are communicative and open, they still take a lot of time before they start trusting others. This is because they can be quite sensitive and don’t want to reveal this about themselves to the rest of the world, family included.

Aquarius Roles in the Family:

  • Aquarius as a Wife: She won’t play the traditional role, but she’ll always remain by her husband’s side.
  • Aquarius as a Husband: He’s rarely phased emotionally, making him the go-to person in times of need.
  • Aquarius as a Parent: Given Aquarians distaste for tradition, they encourage individuality in their kids.
  • Aquarius as a Sibling: If an Aquarian sibling has something to say, they’ll make sure you hear it.

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They have strong opinions, and their standards are very difficult to meet. When it comes to doing something for their loved ones, they’re the first to make sacrifices and to give a hand.

They can be witty and care a lot about everyone in their life, which means they’re great as siblings. It’s like they always know what to say, not to mention they enjoy being playful and going out with their brothers and sisters.

These may not be as chatty and sociable as their Aquarian sibling are, but they can learn a lot from the Water Bearers. These natives don’t hesitate to encourage their family to make donations to different charities or to volunteer for the less fortunate. What they like doing the most is getting others involved in their humanitarian actions. However, while doing this, they should also be given a lot of attention and love.

The Aquarius Wife: Ready to Buck Traditions

The Aquarius woman wants her own space and to have a lot of freedom, especially if she happens to be involved in a relationship.

This lady needs to move around and can’t stand traditions because she’s the type to try out new and unconventional methods. This means she’s not the housewife some men dream about.

She doesn’t wait on her husband for dinner, nor does she puts her children to bed every night. On the contrary, she lets her little one stay up until late, feeds them dinner in front of the TV and tells them horror stories. Her rebellious side is always expressing itself, so there’s no knowing what she’s going to do next.

While falling in love deeply when she does, she’s still happy to wait before getting married, even if she’s one of the most equipped for marriage in the entire Zodiac because she’s capable of taking care of a family, intelligent and easy to adapt, not to mention talented.

When having something to work on, she stays up late in the night, after which, the next day, she hosts one of the most exquisite parties for her husband.

As a matter of fact, her home may be the place where the most interesting social events in town are taking place. This lady is very strong and independent almost to a fault, so she’s able to get things done on her own, all without being confused about what life has to throw her way.

At the same time, she’s detached and doesn’t get to be emotional about anything. Committed to the happiness of the ones she loves, she wants to give everything she has to them.

Another great thing about her is that she’s never jealous or possessive, which means her husband can build a great career for himself when having her by his side. She will always believe what he says and continue with her separate plans.

Being very noble, she would rather sacrifice her own wellbeing than to see the people in her life suffering. While unconventional, she’s one of the nicest women in the Zodiac.

The Aquarius Husband: The Emotional Rock of the House

When it comes to living with the Aquarius man, things can be so-so, seeing as he’s not really emotionally demanding and prefers to not stress his loved ones with his problems.

On the other hand, he can’t tolerate seeing the people in his life weak and lost. Since he’s so good at keeping his emotions in control, he doesn’t hold grudges, nor does he answer to provocations.

He’s doesn’t particularly enjoy the domestic life, so his home may always be in a state of chaos or changing from one place to another.

What he doesn’t believe in is tradition, which means he at his best in the most unconventional type of space where change is always happening, and variety is at home. Otherwise, he gets bored and leaves.

Since he feels much better when surrounded by people who don’t hesitate to express themselves openly, he’s the perfect candidate for communal living. Sharing a house with some friends is the perfect life for him, so it’s not unlikely that he and his wife are living with another family.

In case he’s with a woman who doesn’t like being entertained and wants to spend more time at home, he may leave her sooner than later if she doesn’t adapt to his lifestyle.

As far as romance goes, he’s very profound, passionate and devoted to his partner. Having many admirers, he’s never short on love. He can prove his affection by showing his partner that he can give her the world.

The lady in his life will love him for being honest and loyal. No matter what, he always talks about his real feelings. There’s nothing impure about his character.

What’s also great about him is that he’s capable of being in a relationship for a lifetime, even if this confuses him. Most of the time, he’s not sure about his own decisions and the commitments he made. This is why he needs to be sure that he’s with his soulmate before getting married and after.

Libras and Geminis are his perfect partners. What one can notice about him too is that he can be inconsistent. He doesn’t stick with the same habits for too long, nor does he with his goals.

It’s rare for him to get angry, but in desperate situations, he does react in an aggressive manner. This can be called his weakness too because it diminishes his wise way of thinking.

It would be better to leave him alone when he’s angry, but not in such a way that you no longer talk to him, just not reminding him about why he’s upset. He likes a warm, polite and charming woman, so he will listen to what she has to say no matter how angry he may be.

The Aquarius Parent: Encouraging Individuality in Their Little Ones

The Aquarius parents are very loving, even if they’re not present all the time in their children’s life. This is because they need to feel independent and to think about themselves. Their little ones can learn a lot about individuality from them.

Aquarius mothers take their time to understand their children, not to mention they treat them with respect by never being patronizing or telling them that they can’t do what they want. She will also play games with them, not because she has the duty to, but because she enjoys it.

When it comes to what makes her proud about her family, this is uniqueness and the individuality of each member. Aquarius parents will always encourage their children to be free and independent, to be different and to express their opinions. It’s not unusual for their home to be filled with toys and pieces of art made by their little ones.

Because they rarely stick to traditions themselves, they don’t mind seeing their teenagers coming home with pin hair and the craziest clothes. For them, this is a form of expressing individuality.

However, this shouldn’t be interpreted that they don’t have the foundation to offer their offspring a stable life because they know how to do all this very well too. They just aren’t the type to hold on to traditions and to hinder their children’s freedom.

They spend a lot of time with their own friends and will always teach their little one how to be curious about other people. At the same time, they will tell them to think freely and that there are always solutions to their problems.

It can be said they’re great role models who focus on the future and don’t think too much about the past. What they need to learn when it comes to parenting is how to be more emotionally open, as they have the tendency to rely too much on ideas and thoughts, not on feelings. Children need to be nurtured and shown affection, so they should try and offer them all this from time to time.

The Aquarius Sibling: A Voice that Needs to be Heard

Aquarians love family gatherings and seeing that their loved one have a harmonious life. As siblings, they’re rebellious if stopped from expressing themselves and their own opinion. Their voice needs to be heard and they have to be understood.

The Aquarius sister is very honest. She would never lie or manipulate, which means her brothers and sisters will always hear what she has to say. For this reason, they come to her when they need an honest point of view.

She’s also very friendly, so she sees them more as their best friends than as family, but this doesn’t mean she loves them less. They can count on her no matter what.

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