Aquarius Man Career and Money: How Successful is He?


When the Aquarius man avoids being contradictory and is more flexible with the people working under him, he can be a great leader. He’s rational and intelligent, so he could also work as an engineer, teacher, broadcaster and photographer.

Aquarius Man Career & Money in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: Rarely does he miss any details.
  • Negatives: His free nature means he can lack focus.
  • Tendencies: Though he can work in a team, Aquarius prefers independence.
  • Potential Careers: Researcher, Politician, Manager, Activist.

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A big humanitarian, he would also do a great job as a politician. Because he’s always optimistic and committed to help others, there’s a good chance for him to become one of the world’s leaders.

An Analytical Mind

The Aquarius man is an intellectual with many interests, not to mention one of the most inventive people in the zodiac. His mind is always pushing him to explore the unknown, not to mention he’s considerate and usually pays great attention to details.

His critical way of thinking can help him work as a researcher too. He knows how to manage any project and usually succeeds no matter what he may be trying. This is because he’s intelligent and can make decisions very fast.

It’s easy for the Water-Bearer to deal with clients or other people. At the same, he’s hardworking and dedicated to his job. The Aquarius man is one of the most independent and free persons in the zodiac.

However, this doesn’t mean he’s unreliable when it comes to work because he’s making all the efforts to take his project to completion and usually sees the bigger picture. He’s the type to work at night and to nap during the day.

Also sociable and at the same time a loner, the Aquarius man prefers both working in teams and on his own. When it comes to his ideas, these are usually original and out of the ordinary, so he’s often deemed as being brilliant.

He can’t see what’s obvious, which means he’s not very good when discussing projects. He just thinks too much in the future and sees thinks from a different perspective than others. His methods are appreciated by those who understand his genius, which means he’s often misunderstood.

The ideal careers for him are in the science or computer programming fields, also photography, graphics and project management. He’s also excellent as an entrepreneur because he despises the corporate world and wants to work on his own terms.

If he decides to be an actor, he would know how to work with his feelings and impress many people. The Aquarius man’s insightful mind would help him get into character and execute a role impeccably. All this means he’s meant for the stage and can even improvise when stuck on a scene. Besides, he likes being in the spotlight and would know how to keep his fans engaged.

The Aquarius man is very good at expressing his own thoughts. More than this, he likes to think and to find solutions to problems. It would be a good idea for him to start his professional life as a mediator because by doing this, he would have to work with his instincts and share his wisdom.

This would also give him the chance to help other people. He’s a fixed sign belonging to the Air element, so he’s relaxed, easy to express himself and an intellectual.

His tendency is to learn from the past and to plan for the future. He’s also independent, inventive and a thinker. More interested in what’s driving others than in the exchange of data, he likes working with others. At the same time, he’s energetic, determined to succeed and perseverant, so a great manager.

Longing for a Higher Purpose to His Work

Being independent, the Aquarius man doesn’t like taking orders and being supervised. It’s important for him to express his ideas, so he would do well as an entrepreneur.

When stuck in a job that doesn’t allow him to innovate or to advance, he will look for something more challenging.

On the inside, the Aquarius man is a big humanitarian who cares a lot about other people. This is why he would be great as a social worker or psychologist. Since he knows how to listen, he also has a great chance to become a leader, especially if he would have to help others make their dreams come true.

The Water-Bearer wants to make the world a better place for everyone, so he’s the activist who fights for the climate and to combat poverty. If he would be allowed to put his own ideas into practice, he would be the happiest.

Not interested in traditions or the materialistic side of life, he focuses on progress and always thinks outside the box. More than this, he can see the big picture and is always ahead of others because he has an intellectually oriented and curious mind.

In case he doesn’t know what to do in his life when it comes to career, he should talk to an astrologer and figure it out. He may be told that he needs to be a volunteer and to help others as much as possible.

On the other hand, he could also be suggested to look for something that allows him to innovate and to come up with ideas. The Aquarius man doesn’t want to make money that much, so he usually chooses to follow his passions rather than to earn a lot.

In case he’s good with numbers, he should become a computer programmer. No matter what he may do, he’s sure to make changes for the better.

Using His Talents for the Benefit of Those Around Him

Very creative and at the same time unpredictable, the Aquarius man always uses his imagination, but this doesn’t mean he’s erratic. He usually works with creative methods when it comes to making money and investments too.

He wants everything to be fair and in balance, which can be a good thing for him when it comes to his finances. The fact that he’s looking for equality means he’s working on making the world a better place and donating to charities.

The sign ruling his money House is Pisces, so he needs to have the Fish approach to finances if he wants to become a wealthier. This means he needs to focus on abundance and not worry about anything when it comes to money.

If this man becomes obsessed with making budgets and controlling how much he spends or gets, it deters from the wealth coming into his life. What he needs the most is to have faith that there’s plenty of money around for everyone.

The more he no longer insists on becoming wealthy, the more he will get rich. His path to attracting abundance is a spiritual one. He needs to help others and to think that his resources come from a mystical place.

The Aquarius man is very aware of the social problems in the world and needs to have an active role in fighting them. At the same time, he makes rational decisions because he relies on logic and doesn’t allow his heart to tell him what to do.

Since he’s an Aquarius, accumulating wealth is important for him from to 2 points of view. First, he needs the money to put his ideas into practice, and second, he needs it in order to help others. More than this, a good financial situation allows him to be independent, which is what he wants the most. He has to be allowed to be free at his job no matter what.

The planet ruling the Aquarius man is Uranus, after all, and Uranus has no limits when it comes to freedom. He’s also ruled by Saturn, the planet of control and authority. These 2 aspects are very important for the Aquarius man when it comes to his finances.

He has the most inventive idea and an unconventional way of thinking, which means he can come up with great money-making ideas and doesn’t have a problem communicating them to others. Besides, the Water-Bearer knows how to make things happen and has a clear mind.

The best business partners for him belong to the Fire element, so they’re Arieses, Leos or Sagittariuses. This is because Fire signs are passionate and motivated to take on inventive ideas, especially when it comes to financial matters.

When working with them, the Aquarius man would be given the opportunity to think more and to be brilliant without having someone telling him that he may be exaggerating.

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