Aquarius Man Personality: From Love to Career and Social Life


The Aquarius man is exciting, smart, non-judgmental and fast no matter what he may be doing. He doesn’t have a problem with jealousy either. When thinking about his negative traits, these are nervousness, edginess, stubbornness and inflexibility.

The Aquarius man in a nutshell:

  • Personality: His own quirky ideas are often at the forefront of his mind, even before his own emotions.
  • Love: Although he has no problem forging connections, his refusal to acknowledge his emotional side can create barriers in relationships.
  • Career: Unfulfilled by a standard 9-5 job, an Aquarius man wants to create an impact on the world for the greater good.
  • Family: The Aquarius man is often keen to teach his kids about what is morally right.
  • Social Life: With such an open mind, he is equally capable of taking in knowledge from others as he is refusing it.

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Aquarius Man Personality

People are very curious about the Aquarius man, yet they don’t seem to fully understand him. This is because he has a progressive way of thinking and has the most radical ideas that others aren’t always ready to hear about.

He often feels rejected by society, so he needs to spend his time with people who think like him and have the same visions of the future like his. He’s the mad genius type because he always has the most brilliant ideas and thinks about wacky concepts, even if he isn’t able to put them into practice all the time.

He’s sociable and has a large group of friends, some of them from high school. He likes to hang out with nerds and with people who don’t contradict him all the time, but all in all, he gets along well with everyone.

When out on a date, he may not have enough time to pay attention to his partner because he’s always saluting other people and talks with the waiters. However, not everyone truly knows him because people don’t have enough patience to discover what makes him tick.

He has a great heart and is ruled by the planet Uranus, which means he doesn’t understand himself too much either, as he confuses emotions with logic and doesn’t have a hold of the connection between them.

Love and Relationships for the Aquarius Man

If in love, the Aquarius man doesn’t really know to show it because he wants to reveal his exciting and amazing side, but at the same time, he has a problem communicating his feelings.

He’s also ruled by the planet Saturn, so he doesn’t have overly intense emotions either, which suits him. When having to express his feelings, he needs to feel secure and self-confident, which can be very difficult for him to accomplish.

If he wants to be sure of his feelings, he needs to be profound, but this can cause him to be negative and somehow dark. His partner may find him to be a little bit difficult because the Sun is in a detrimental position in his sign, which mean he’s vulnerable when it comes to personal matters.

Not that he’s easy to hurt because he has a very strong mind, he just gives the impression that he doesn’t respect feelings because he’s detached and a little bit cold.

The person who happens to be with him needs to do her best to understand his ways. However, this can be challenging. Even the strongest woman in the world may be bothered by the fact that he doesn’t want to talk about feelings and is sometimes unapproachable, no matter if their relationship is in the beginning or has been in the cards for a very long time.

Besides, he’s always late on dates, no matter whether he’s going out for the first or the last time with someone. The woman who’s with him will be met with curious looks because she’s with this man who most likely didn’t seem to get a haircut in months.

He likes going out in the strangest places because he wants to do something exciting and to have as much fun as possible. His artistic sense may take him and his date to museums and art galleries too, so the woman who wants to get him needs to be intellectually prepared if she wants to impress this man.

He has many talents, high ideals and is a big humanitarian. What he wants is to never annoy, judge or be superficial. It can be difficult to understand where he’s coming from because he doesn’t really know how to communicate.

Besides, he always seems distant and doesn’t allow people to get close to him. The woman who manages to be in his life for a long time should consider herself very lucky.

This is a Man Who is Driven by the Greater Good at Work

The Aquarius man is never conventional, so he hates having a job at a desk or following a strict schedule. He also doesn’t like being limited by rules because he needs to use his imagination and to do whatever he wants.

He has a very creative mind and many ideas, so he needs to put what he’s thinking of into practice if it’s for him to flourish. A big humanitarian and very cerebral, he’s usually the one to help others by finding solutions to their problems.

He has high ideals and an idea of how the world should be, not to mention he wants to do good to everyone. However, he sometimes gets lost in the bigger picture and forgets all about the important details he needs to take care off.

In an ideal world, he would be the genius who makes a lot of money and gives it to charities. He’d also be part of creative and artistic groups. This is why he can be found working for festivals or teaching politics in schools.

There’s also the case in which he’s a researcher who’s looking to cure terminal diseases. It doesn’t matter what he’s doing for a living, he will always have an unusual job that requires him to use his intelligence as much as possible.

He’s fascinated by life’s mysteries, so he’s spiritual and dreams about unity. It wouldn’t matter how much others would agree with him, he always has odd ideas and wants them put into practice, even if he’s being told that he may not be right. He’s convinced that no one besides him is right, so he focuses a lot on making his point.

Aquarius Man’s Wellbeing at Home and Socially

Being an Air sign, the Aquarius man loves open spaces. His home most likely has big windows, high ceilings and is very large. He sees the place where he lives as sacred, so he wants to make it as comfortable and welcoming as possible.

When it comes to style, he likes both the modern and the classic, so he may own antiques and minimalistic furniture that seems like it’s from the future. Since he wants more air, he won’t crowd his home with too much of it. He will also own some art pieces that are very unusual and had a quite spicy price.

If someone tells him that he had bad taste regarding something, he doesn’t accept what he has been told. While he has an open mind as far as his home goes, he can also refuse to listen to others.

Because he has a progressive way of thinking, his kitchen will have the latest technologies in the cooking section. He likes the colour silver, so he will buy many appliances in shades of grey.

The Aquarius rules the circulatory system, the legs, ankles and calves. He may end up having blood problems, so he needs to keep his magnesium, iron and glucose levels in good parameters. He should eat foods rich in nutrients and helpful for the brain, like fish and poultry.

At the same time, he should do some physical exercises to keep his blood running and have a clear mind. In case he happens to fall ill. He needs to relax more and to change his environment. Since he rules the blood, he needs to go for tests as often as possible.

Before entering a relationship, he takes his time to know better the person he’s with. As soon as he’s involved, he’s faithful and caring.

As a dad, he’s devoted to his children and wants to teach them everything he knows. The little ones will be as curious as he is, not to mention encouraged to explore the world. He will make sure his kids are highly educated because he gives a lot of importance to schooling.

Since he cares a lot about the world and others, he will also teach them how to be big humanitarians. All in all, the Aquarius man is sensitive on the inside and detached on the outside, calm, a good advisor and patient.

His independence won’t be stolen by anyone, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea for him to have someone who’s good at counselling by his side.

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