Aquarius Man in Love Relationships: Free and Independent


The Aquarius man is very difficult when in a relationship because his Sun acts in his detriment. He has problems respecting his partner and sometimes says things that offend. At the same time, nothing seems to hurt him, seeing as he has a very strong mind and is the most detached when compared with other signs. It’s as if no one can understand him no matter what.

Relationships and the Aquarius Man in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: There’s never a dull moment with this man.
  • Negatives: He has difficulty committing to one partner.
  • Perfect Relationship: Someone who indulges in life’s finest experiences with him.
  • Advice: He should try to open up about how he’s feeling from time to time.

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His partner may find it to be very challenging to deal with his strong personality. Even from the beginning of the relationship, he doesn’t want closure and prefers to do things on his own.

Besides, he doesn’t know how to show that he’s in love. He wants to prove that he’s incredible and fun, yet he has no idea how to communicate his feelings.

Being ruled by the planet Saturn, he’s unemotional and doesn’t understand love as much as others do. In order for him to prove that he cares about his partner, he needs to feel confident about himself. The more he trusts what he feels, the more he becomes negative and dark as far as approaching love goes.

A Fun but Erratic Man

Seeing as the Aquarius man loves his freedom more than anything else, he has a real problem committing to only one person. It’s very likely that he will never get married, just because he doesn’t believe in marriage.

Just the same, he may never live together with a woman, continuing to be independent and show up only to dates. The person who decides to be with him can be driven crazy by his inability to make a commitment, but if she truly loves him, he will be accepted just the way he is.

After all, he does love with all his heart, even if he refuses to be attached at all costs. While not at all ready to commit, he still does have high morals, which means he’s faithful.

Before being in a serious relationship though, he doesn’t hesitate to change partners like others change their socks. If happy with someone, he’s very interesting as a partner, always coming up with new ideas of having a good time and kind.

In case he feels like his relationship is getting close to an end, he does his best to break up and still remain friends with his ex, seeing as values friendship and can’t understand couples who no longer are together, but also no longer speaking to each other. What he hates the most is having to respect rules, which means he only lives the way he wants to.

Individualistic, he does things his way, in a carefree and very spontaneous manner. At the same time, he doesn’t hesitate to try everything at least once. For him, life is all about the new and adventure, so he doesn’t remain interested in the same things for too long, mostly because he gets bored easily.

This obviously influences his relationships too. While surrounded by people, he only has a few friends and one true love interest.

His problem with commitment is very true. He hates feeling tied down to only one woman, even if he gives the impression in the beginning of a relationship that he cares about nothing else than his love.

Suddenly, he starts to lose interest and becomes a slave to his moods. He’s happy one day and depressed the other. However, as soon as his heart is won, he doesn’t hesitate to be supportive and loyal.

A Free-Spirited Man Who is Focused on Exploration

What he wants in terms of romanticism and sex is to revolutionize the world. His approach when it comes to these matters is from the faraway future. However, this may fade away in his mid-30s, when he realizes that he needs to pay more attention to feelings rather than concepts and ideas.

It’s possible for him to start exploring his spirituality and own feelings. As soon as he learns to process what happens in his heart, he’s ready to embark in a serious relationship.

It’s like he goes through a metamorphosis when he’s approaching 35, becoming very serious from the prankster that he used to be. He will also exploit his humanitarian side even more, so it’s not unlikely for him to meet the love of his life when volunteering for a homeless shelter.

He represents the man of the future, so he may forget how to live in the moment. Too focused on progress, he needs to just relax and go with the flow of life.

There’s also the situation in which he committed to the wrong person when very young and nervous. This is when his anxiousness gets the best of him, but at least he wakes up in time to make a change.

If he decides to be with someone in the long run, he needs to be handled with a lot of care because he becomes hypersensitive when least expected and forgets all about being cool, sometimes obsessed with his relationship.

However, this doesn’t happen too often. He would never be with someone just for the sake of it because he needs to envision a future next to his lover, to feel excited and wanted in her presence.

The woman who fits his plans should pack her bags and get ready to go around the world with him. There’s no knowing where she may end up, but that’s completely fine.

It can be difficult to attract the Water Bearer man because he’s always focused on new adventures rather than on romance. Besides, it’s also tough to keep him interested, seeing as he easily get bored and find faults where there aren’t any.

He should be kept guessing if his partner wants him to hang around for longer. As soon as in a relationship, he mustn’t get bored no matter what. He likes surprises and to explore the world, all while still retaining his freedom. The more he feels trapped, the faster he leaves.

Not Born for Marriage

What’s great about the marriage with an Aquarius man is that it can be a bliss. He’s very fun and never allows his partner to get bored in his presence. This means he doesn’t repeat himself, nor does he goes on the same vacation twice.

However, the woman who’s looking to have him home early for dinner and Netflix should think about a different sign. This is because marrying is not in his nature, not to mention he’s the emotional type.

On the contrary, he’s quite detached and rather impersonal, no matter how much love he may have in his heart. Besides, when feeling like his freedom is being somehow threatened, he wants to run away as far as possible.

He doesn’t believe two people should wholly commit to one another, so the role of traditional husband doesn’t suit him in any way, not to mention he despises it.

In case he decides to be with someone for a lifetime, he may opt for an open relationship. It’s very unlikely for him to be jealous or possessive, but he certainly is determined to hold on tight to his own freedom.

He needs to be taken step by step into a serious relationship. What he hates the most is having to respect rules and to live a conventional life. He won’t stay for too long with a domineering woman who wants to dictate everything.

When living with someone, he’s both a blessing and a curse. It’s good that he doesn’t ask for too much and is understanding, but on the other hand, he’s impersonal and doesn’t seem to care about anything.

A master at keeping his feelings in control, he remains calm during fights and wants to avoid conflicts at all costs. A nagging woman would only make him run away, if he asks her out for a date in the first place.

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