Aquarius Best Match: Who is The Right Person for You?


Aquarius natives never reveal their true feelings, not because they’re scared, but because they’re very independent and don’t actually know how to adapt to being in a relationship.

Aquarius Best Match Nutshell:

  • Your greatest need in love as an Aquarius: for there to be a deep, mental connection between you and your partner.
  • Gemini is your match because they possess an energy and intelligence that matches yours.
  • Libra is your match because they dislike boundaries and restriction just as much as you.
  • Aries is your match because they share your taste for action and newness.

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At the same time, they don’t trust people easily. However, as soon as they do, no one is more faithful and loyal than them, no matter the situation. What they are is very honest, which means they don’t have a problem speaking the harsh truth.

They can also be quite unpredictable, but this is only good if they have a partner who needs to be kept on his or her toes.

Expressing their feelings and being romantic is unlikely for those who were born in the sign of Aquarius. On the other hand, they’re very entertaining and have high ideals of which they love to talk.

Popular, their friends are many and always in their life. What should be noted is that they tend to be besties with members of the opposite sex, so they need to be with someone who isn’t too jealous, even if they don’t have a tendency to cheat and to be uncaring with their partner.

Aquarians can’t have relationships built only on affection. They need a mental connection with their other half, and also to do interesting things together. When they have nothing left to discover in romance, they just leave without ever looking back.

Best Match For Aquarius Is Gemini

Aquarians are very suited for Geminis. The compatibility between these two signs is tremendous. They may not be together because they have too many similarities, but they will surely not break up because their union is strong.

Besides, neither of them likes to hold on too tight, which is perfect for both. They’re very flexible people and can understand each other perfectly. At the same time, they don’t stress about things that don’t actually matter and want to enjoy life by experimenting.

There’s nothing they can’t discuss, whereas their differences don’t even matter because they seem like they’re meant to be together. Both love meaningful conversations and sharing their opinions.

At the same time, they have a tremendous love for freedom, which can bring them together in the most difficult moments. It’s their pleasure to give each other space to breathe and to be on their own from time to time.

Also, they both love being challenged and to experience change. Geminis can be more unpredictable than Aquarians, but it can easily be said they’re both equally full of surprises.

There are many similarities between them, so their union is meant to last and to be a happy one. Geminis stimulates Aquarians from an intellectual point of view, whereas Aquarians love the way Geminis listen to their ideas and visions.

Both are energetic and passionate, which means they live at the same pace. Aquarians appreciate Geminis for being warm and smart, both traits they very much look for in a partner. Geminis love how Aquarians always have new ideas and are eccentric.

They’re both rather logical and can find the most inventive solutions to problems. When it comes to making things happen, it can be said they’re the dreamers and not the ones to be practical about things.

However, their chats often lead to taking action, which is a good thing for both. As a matter of fact, the more they decide to do things together, the more they can achieve because they have the necessary drive, no matter if it’s about career or love.

Aquarians are very rational and don’t mind having to put up with Geminis’ unpredictability because they always know how to deal with new situations.

The two of them get along very well from an intellectual point of view. They’re sure to have the longest conversations in which they’re not afraid to use their imaginations and talk about their dreams.

What they need is to always do new things because they’re both prone to get easily bored. This means they shouldn’t hesitate to go together on new adventures and to include variety into their everyday life.

Aquarius and Libra: A Liberating Relationship

Aquarians and Libras can be very happy together, no matter if they’re lovers or just friends. This is because they both like to dream and to travel, to be free and to take part in new adventures.

At the same time, neither of them likes conflicts or drama. When having a problem as a couple, they don’t hesitate to discuss about it in a peaceful manner.

Both are sociable and love being in the middle of things, which means they will spend a lot of time giving back to their community and making sure their careers are on the right track. It doesn’t matter what their separate lives entail, they would understand each other regardless of the situation.

Aquarians love going out and meeting new people. With them, Libras may feel like they’re more with a friend than with a lover. The fact that Libras give a lot of importance to relationships is very good, seeing Aquarians can forget all about it.

Both are very powerful from an intellectual point of view, so the discussions they’re having every day are at least interesting and fun. Libras don’t mind putting into practice what Aquarians are thinking of, no matter how crazy it may sound. They can go with everything, but only for as long as feeling that they have some balance.

For example, if they go clubbing every weekend, they also need to have a few nights a week cooking and watching movies. With Aquarians, they sometimes may feel like they need to give up their true nature when looking for balance, but this is not at all true.

Water Bearers love experimenting more, it’s true, but this doesn’t mean they can’t have a balanced lifestyle.

Both of them love flirting. Aquarians are very original and eccentric, whereas Libras are charming, very sweet and charismatic. Sometimes, Aquarians may think Libras aren’t honest and that they’re faking niceness, but this wouldn’t be at all true.

What they should try and do is be less stingy about romance. Libras love being courted, so they should receive what they need if they give some hints to their Aquarius partner.

It can be said the relationship between these two can be close to perfect because they have many things in common, such as their love for socializing and going out. Even if they’re both rational, they can still spend their free time dreaming.

Besides, they also seem to be very good friends who like to have fun together. Libras will always look for balance, whereas Aquarians complement them with their spontaneity. Both love their freedom, though Aquarians have the tendency to be more domineering.

Aquarius and Aries: A Non-Stop Rollercoaster

The love connection between Aquarians and Arieses is based in creativity and action. Neither of them like doing nothing, not to mention both are competitive and hate getting bored.

Even when apart, they seem to have a special bond because there’s only one sign in between them on the Zodiac wheel. They communicate in a great manner, understanding each other’s ideals and being enthusiastic about what life has to bring.

They also love the new and want to experiment things first-hand. The wilder things are, the better for them. Their talks are very exciting, and many want to take part in them.

Arieses can sometimes be very serious and may ask to have their boundaries respected, something that won’t bother Aquarians. Rams are always moving forward and appreciate Water Bearers for looking into the future and having an open mind about progress.

It’s also likely for Arieses to idealize Aquarians for their need to know more and to be resourceful from an intellectual point of view. Aquarians love stroking Arieses’ ego.

They often share the same and very interesting thoughts. Arieses keep Aquarians motivated, even if they sometimes may need to make some sacrifices in order for this to happen, like for example, accepting that a joke is on them.

Both strong and possessing high levels of energy, they can make mountains move and would never have a fight for ridiculous reasons. In order for Aquarians to awaken their emotions, they need to be with someone patient and very flexible, which Ariese can’t be, so problems can appear for them just as much as they can for others.

Arieses may see Aquarians as cold and uncaring, when in fact, they’re only rational and reserved. At the same time, Aquarians may never understand why Arieses need to be so impulsive and sometimes emotional.

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