Aquarius Health and Wellness: Long-Living and Active


The Aquarius health horoscope says that people born in this sign need their personal freedom more than anything else because they’re very independent. Their opinions and ideas are always unusual, not to mention they take the strangest actions.

Aquarius Health and Wellness in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: Aquarians are focused on reaching their fitness goals, giving them great health.
  • Tendencies: They rarely follow other people’s methods, which can work for and against them from a health perspective.
  • Negatives: They’re incredibly stubborn when it comes to remedies, which can lead to longer term problems.
  • Advice: Due to their tendency for change, it’s highly important for Aquarians to keep balance in their diet.

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They like going out and meeting new people, so their circle of friends is very wide and various. In their heart, Aquariuses are big humanitarians, which means they would do everything in their power to help other people. What’s great about them is that they’re very optimistic too.

Aquarius Health: Positives

Aquariuses are the longest-living people in the Zodiac. They’re also philosophical, regardless if they talk about their own health or anything else. Active, well-built and strong, they usually remain healthy in any circumstance.

What can also be noticed about them is that they’re very beautiful in the face area, mostly because they’re always thinking about something, which makes them seem interesting.

While capable of handling many things at once, they’re never in a hurry. Their health horoscope says they love new experiences, which can be both a good and a bad thing for them. They enjoy their life to the maximum, which means they’re always trying new foods and exercise routines.

Many of them are vegans and don’t consume gluten for long periods of time, after which they just give up and eat whatever falls into their hands.

When it comes to wellness, they like being physically active and usually meet all their exercising goals. If they decide to participate at a marathon, they will do it and drop exercise altogether afterwards. Such an attitude makes their life more interesting, as they hate routine more than anything else.

They can recuperate from illnesses just by improving their mood and spending a lot of time outdoors. They love going fishing, hunting and hiking.

Besides, they enjoy sporting activities because they simply can’t stand still for too long. If they want to be in perfect health, it’s important that they have a job that requires them to spend a lot of time outside.

The health advice for them is to perform some check-ups at the doctor’s once in a while. Also, they should be with people they really like. Not getting depressed or negative, their mind is sure to always remain in good health.

Aquarius Health Tendencies

The great malefic Saturn, which harbours disease and stasis, also happens to be the ruler of reality and structure.

This planet also governs Aquarius, the sign of intellectuality and freedom. Aquariuses are never emotional and rather detached. They also happen to be ruled by Uranus, which represents weirdness and eccentricities.

Water Bearers express this planet’s energy by being stubborn, unpredictable and determined to succeed in life. They like being seen as unique and hate traditions. This means they’re always trying to have fun and don’t follow trends.

What they’re interested in studying is rather unusual, not to mention they can make great discoveries in their field if they happen to be scientists. This is because they’re capable of investigating the strangest phenomena. They love science and want to cover new ground with their discoveries.

Their lifestyle is never similar to others’ and they’re very objective people who see things clearly. When it comes to relationships, they’re never possessive and have a more intellectual approach.

What’s also great about them is that they’re passionate about their studies, yet this can’t be seen in the feelings they have for their loved ones. People in their life see them more as an inspiration.

While calm on the surface, they’re nervous on the inside, especially the Aquarius women, who exaggerate what’s happening in their life to the point of becoming ill as a result of stress.

Aquarius Health: Negatives

The Aquarius health horoscope says that natives of this sign are never obedient as patients. In case they’re going to the doctor’s, which doesn’t happen very often, they’re not even paying attention to what they’re being told.

They may go with a treatment for a few days, after which they would completely give up on it because they’re bored.

They’re the type of people who sneak out of the hospital and who believe their health is going to get better on its own. Expecting treatments to work immediately, they don’t take their medication when results fail to manifest in a few days.

At the same time, they try all sort of herbal remedies, which can lead them to taking too many teas and damaging their health even more.

The diseases affecting them are usually rare, so they require untraditional treatments. According to their health horoscope, they’re always making changes in their lifestyle because they simply hate routine and love the new more than anything else.

Positive and open, they keep their mental health intact most of the time. The changes they’re instilling may not allow their body to keep up, especially when they starve for days and refuse to exercise for months and after running marathons or eating too much.

They need more balance in their life if they want to remain healthy. Their sign rules the blood circulation, the lower legs and the ankles, so they’re more sensitive in these areas and have cold extremities because their blood circulation is slow.

Their skin is thin and pale, also easy to burn in sunlight and prone to allergies. The gas exchange in their blood vessels may also not take place as it’s supposed to.

Aquariuses don’t like heat and are prone to intestinal infections. They need to take good care of their skin and to consume a diet rich in minerals and vitamins. Stress can have them suffering from neurodermatitis.

They have fragile bones and a tendency to break their ankles, mostly because they’re very active, which is also why they have muscular problems. When exercising, they should wear the appropriate gear.

Every day, Aquariuses have a problem sleeping, as they can’t relax because they’re thinking about how to make the world a better place. Some of them start smoking, which can hit their lungs pretty badly, not to mention it causes them to have even worse circulation.

With that being said, they should pay great attention to their blood vessels because they have a tendency to suffer from thrombosis and inflammation in the vessels when old.

Aquarius Health & Diet

Looking at the Aquarius health predictions, it can be noticed people in this sign hate routine more than anything. They like dealing with the new and spoiling themselves, which means they need to keep their diet balanced.

It’s alright to change what their eating for as long as they make sure they include all the nutrients their body needs. Since they never seem to have digestive problems, they can eat more from time to time.

So that their metabolism and circulation are in good order, they need to consume fruits and veggies rich in minerals, for example, melon, beetroot, eggplants and lemons.

In the herbal category, they should stop at parsley, peppermint and cumin. Seafood also does them good because it’s rich in sodium, so they should consume oysters, scallops and a lot of fish.

Sodas and sweets should be avoided because they’re just empty calories. Aquariuses need to make sure that their blood sugar is kept in check, which means they should avoid eating too much junk food.

It’s good they don’t have a tendency to get fat, but bad food has a negative influence on their blood vessels. For circulation, they should consume cayenne peppers and chilies. Brain foods also work great for them, so they should include oats, barley and wheat grass in their diet too.

Some other beneficial foods are ones colored red, such as strawberries, radishes, beets and peppers. No matter what, they should keep their magnesium and iron levels elevated.

For high blood pressure, they should do yoga and some breathing exercises. Their water should be well oxygenated, yet not carbonated. When recuperating, they need to relax and change the scenery.

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