Aquarius in Friendships: The Helpful and Loyal Friend


Aquarius natives are very sociable and always ready for new adventures with their friends by their side. Everyone admires them for also being charming and able to befriend just about anyone.

Top 5 Reasons Aquarius is Your Best Friend:

  1. They will be there for you when you need them.
  2. Aquarius friends are always up for a good time, and will indulge in your adventures with you.
  3. You can count on them for sound, rational advice.
  4. If you have a secret, you can trust your Aquarian friend to keep it between the two of you.
  5. They will always be honest and rarely lie their way to anything.

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They’re very good friends but not the best partners. Intelligent and open-minded, they’re always by the side of those who matter to them, in the most difficult situations.

However, most of their loved ones wonder just how much they mean to these signs, seeing as they’re rather detached and never emotional. For this reason, Water Bearers need to show a little bit of more compassion in their relationships.

However, they mustn’t be restricted in any way because if they are, they only want to run away from what keeps them confined. After running, they start looking for other friendship options out there. Being a fixed sign, they like having security in their friendships and are very loyal.

Friends That Are Always Ready To Give Advice

Occupying the 11th House in the Zodiac, Aquariuses are sociable, friendly people, and very humanitarian. Making friends comes naturally to them and they never pick a side when witnessing a conflict.

However, they’re not just driven by the idea of having fun and being nice to make friends. What also motivates them is their desire to be of help. Very good counsellors, they can offer great insights into people’s problems and know what to say in order to make them feel better.

When not asked to offer their advice, they assume they’re needed and start giving it anyway. It’s a good idea to listen to what they have to say and to not react impulsively to their words because they only mean good.

When it comes to talking about their own problems, they avoid doing it altogether because they fear getting hurt and don’t want to be humiliated. Besides, they have a tendency to only trust people they have known for a long time.

Water Bearers will always support their best friends, no matter what. They give importance to friendship and feel like they need to have it in their life.

However, they would never follow others, seeing they only live by their own moral code and hate being the same as other people. It’s a rare occurrence for them to do what one of their friends says.

They meet with the people they know every weekend and at special occasions, whereas with their besties, they can even meet every single day.

Some of the people in their life see them as cold and too detached, which may be true one way or the other, yet the same trait makes them good at listening to problems and passing on their best judgment on any matter. This is something to be appreciated in them.

On the other hand, they also have a need to control their own feelings too much, so they should learn how to express their emotions, especially around those they really trust.

Sociable and Cerebral

Appearing human brings people closer to them. Most of their friendships are based on common intellectual pursuits. After all, they’re an Air sign, so they need to use their mind before anything else.

Only mental connections make them thrive, which means they don’t rely too much on the emotional aspect. Besides, they get bored easily, so they need novelty every step of the way.

Any subject interests them, from history and philosophy, to science and technology. Their best friends are usually people who can have intelligent conversations and can share their ideas without stuttering.

When it comes to their standards for friendships, these are support, open-mindedness and loyalty. What they hate the most is seeing people who judge others. Their ideas are well grounded into their mind, as are their feelings into their heart.

No matter what, Aquarius people prefer to remain true. It’s their pleasure to go out and meet new people with whom they can have conversations. They don’t discriminate and want variety to be present everywhere, especially in their group of friends.

When having to solve a problem, they’re usually aiming for the simplest solutions and impress others with their ingenuity. Generous and good hosts, they still have no idea how to cook a good dinner for their guests because they’re simply not homebodies.

They hate it when their friends leave them out of plans. If someone they consider a good friend stops calling them, they become spiteful and immediately look to replace him or her, regretting they have been dedicated to that person.

Leos can be too territorial for them, but at least they’re very loyal, which is something Water Bearers truly appreciate and look for in a friend.

Highly Loyal Until Their Trust is Broken

Aquarius natives have different ways of understanding friendships, as they always think their relationships should have a purpose. They need to feel like their connections are somehow contributing to the greater good.

Their best friends aren’t many, but they’re very loyal to them. They need to have common interests with the people in their life, seeing they’re interested in many things themselves. Only by doing things together with others, can they get closer to people and have their friendships last for a very long time.

Furthermore, they need to be supported all the time, even when they want to embark on the most dangerous adventures or to take tremendous risks by getting involved in projects that could ruin them.

Their friends need to be as attracted to mystery and intrigue as they are. They’re drawn to whatever seems complicated. This means they like a little bit of drama and relationships with them can be sometimes bumpy.

However, it’s worth giving them a lot because they’re very loyal and supportive. Besides, no one is a better counsellor than them. They have a very rational way of seeing things and can find solutions to the most puzzling problems.

Intelligent and rather cold, they always keep a cool head and don’t involve feelings when needing to fix someone or something.

When someone gives them advice, they carefully listen and agree. However, they often do what they please afterwards because they’re not the type of people to accept being told what to do, not to mention they hate living by other people’s rules.

They can be both best friends and the worst enemies anyone has ever had because they don’t seem to have a problem alternating between extremes.

It’s important to not contradict them, as when they get angry, they become vindictive and very mean. Aquariuses never forget who hurt them. While these may seem to be negative traits, they actually aren’t.

As a matter of fact, these traits help them find the people who can be their good friends and would never betray them, which is never easy to get done. When shown appreciation, they’re very loyal and would do anything for the person who knows how valuable their friendship is. Besides, they’re very good at keeping secrets and are trustworthy.

All in all, Aquariuses are very good friends. While they have a very active social life, they do seem to manage very well in intimate circumstances and are the best when with their closest friends. They don’t give importance to the level or length of a friendship because they live in a moment and can appreciate only what’s under their nose at any given time.

Protective, they would never let someone they care about do something self-destructive. However, they need to be given their freedom because this is what they appreciate the most in life.

This means they shouldn’t be asked to come on time to meetings, nor told what to do. Since they live largely by their own rules, they’re the rebels of the Zodiac and no one can change this about them.

At the same time, they’re eccentric and like the most unusual things. When making a mistake, they don’t want to admit that it was their fault, but they don’t blame others either.

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