Love Compatibility Between Water and Air Signs: A Contrasting Combination


Water and Air can benefit from one another because their relationship would be balanced from both an emotional and mental point of view.

Water can show Air how important feelings are, how to express them and how to be more nurturing. In other words, Water can show Air how to follow his or her heart.

Highlights of the Water and Air Sign Compatibility

  • An equilibrium in emotion and mindset is often the outcome of a relationship between Water and Air signs.
  • The introvert nature of Water signs and the extroverted Air signs can clash however, causing potential issues in the longer term.
  • When in balance though, a relationship between these two signs can be one of peace and tranquility.

Air can help Water be a thinker and communicate more efficiently. Water can become more curious and intellectual in the presence of Air. Water signs have the talent of helping people become more emotional, so he or she can show Air how to have a solid base for his or her words.

Air people can teach Water ones how to express their feelings and find their life purpose, not to mention they can motivate them to put their creativity to use. When someone is born under the Air element, he or she is very theoretical and focused on communication.

Air people that are well developed usually talk a lot about philosophical concepts and are artistic because they want to explore and use their own mind more. They’re also the most innovative natives in the zodiac, but they need to be careful to not get lost in their own train of thoughts and the wonderful ideas they usually come up with.

These individuals are masters when it comes to communication, so there’s no problem for them to be creative or to express their own ideas.

Water people are reflective and want to let their emotions shown. If well developed, they’re empathetic and have the power to heal. On the other hand, if they’re not so developed, they can end up too emotional and may refuse to deal with their loved ones’ feelings because they’re scared of their own, which makes them very cold.

Air signs usually dream big and have many ideas, so it can be difficult for them to understand why Water ones are so intense. The relationship between these two elements can have many misunderstandings and doesn’t have a high level of compatibility, which indicates it may not last for too long.

When the Flow of Water Meets the Expansiveness of Air

The analytical and intellectual Air may not want to deal with all the drama Water has installed. This is because Air people live in a world where theory works best, not to mention they don’t want to disconnect from their way of thinking.

At the opposite side, Water natives want to discuss their emotions and can’t see things as logically as the Air ones do. The relationship between Water and Air can resemble the sea when it makes waves, meaning it’s erotic and at the same time soothing.

It should be kept in mind however that sea waves don’t last for too long. As said before, the Air analyzes everything, which can make Water feel a little bit lost.

Water relies on intuition and doesn’t see what the deal is with logic. Astrological elements are just one part that make up the compatibility between two people. While they can reveal how much a person would be suited for another one when it comes to love, committing to a relationship for long-term requires hard work.

This is something people born under the Water elements can do. When their relationship is going in the right direction, they’re cool and relaxed, which is something an Air person could like.

A situation in which the Air intellectualizes Water’s emotions can exist as well. If the combination between them is not the right one, the Water can drive Air crazy with his or her fragility, while the other way around, Air can get lost in Water’s emotions.

While Water wants to move at his or her own pace and to flow through life without having to worry, Air wants to see that things are moving and initiates. Two people belonging to these elements may end up disliking one another eventually. The excitement between them can become emotional coldness.

How to Harbor Tranquility Between Water and Air

When Air is put into Water, bubbles get formed, meaning that when two people belonging to these elements meet and there’s no pressure between them, they can have a gentle and heavenly connection.

However, things can also become dangerous because if Water becomes pressured, it can turn the atmosphere into a cold storm.

But most of the time, Water and Air tend to go well when together because the Air can show the intuitive Water how to be more intellectual. At the same time, Water helps Air to be less cold and dry.

However, this can’t happen for a very long time because what’s beautiful about their connection can rapidly fade away, just like clouds in the sky are dispersing. This means their relationship is high maintenance and needs moments of revival.

The compatibility between Water and Air is indeed natural because the two elements can combine, but the relationship between them should be kept balanced. For example, Water should try and refrain from relying so much on intuition because logic is what Air is looking for.

In an ideal world, their connection could resemble the action of windsurfing, especially of both partners are ready to explore life and to approach problems by finding the most viable solutions.

When disagreeing, Water and Air can end up creating hurricanes. This is because neither of them is ready to compromise and both are stuck in their emotions and respectively rational ways of thinking, which can have the Water level rising too high.

When Water is too emotional to even express anything, it starts to be annoyed by the way Air can discuss anything, without even making an effort.

What makes a hurricane so destructive is Water inundating the coast and destroying everything in its way. The wind plays only a part, as Water is what causes damage, which means Air’s logic is often the way to go for two people who are born under these two elements and deciding to have a relationship.

Logic should be used at least until everything calms down. At least this couple will never lack having strong emotions for one another, as they’re both sensitive and pay great attention to the person they’re with.

It would be a good idea for them to keep their negative traits in control when together because if they don’t, they can end up fighting so badly that no person or thing can save their relationship anymore.

When it comes to the support they offer one another, this is intuitive and natural, which is good. However, if they’re facing some problems, it’s very likely neither will want to address them because they both have a phobia of difficulties.

Air people are the most scared of ending up alone and being rejected, so they may cling to the one they’re with even if they’re not in a happy relationship. This means they have a hard time dealing with breakups and usually wait for their problems to get solved on their own.

Besides, they seem to always live in the past and want stability more than anything. They need to be with someone reliable and loyal. The Water and Air people can understand each other very well, so they may be a successful couple if they decide to work hard on their relationship.

Joy Carter

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