Moon Opposite Mercury Natal and Transit: A Need for Communication

  • When in a natal chart, the Moon Mercury opposition is suggestive of an individual whose heart is often in conflict with their mind.
  • Observe how during the Moon opposite Mercury transit all natives of the zodiac should avoid negotiating and discussing sensitive issues.
  • The Moon is the ruler of our inner world, of our emotions and temperament and is also a symbol of motherly energy.
  • In astrology, the opposition aspect means the two forces are standing face to face and conflict but also enlightenment can take place.
  • In astrology, Mercury guides our communication style, how well we focus and how we process information we receive.
  • Celebrities: Michael Tyler, Tina Turner, Alexander Graham Bell, Judy Garland, Cindy Sherman, Natalie Barney.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon opposite Mercury Natal

People having the Moon opposite Mercury transit in their birth chart seem to possess magical powers when it comes to being at peace and relying on their own intuition in order to get things done.

They seem to also have a lot of energy, which means they should focus on doing something creative and avoid being restless. The same Moon in opposition with Mercury makes their mind and heart be in conflict most of the time.

The result of this can be seen in the way they’re sometimes acting irrationally one moment and in a logical way the other.

When the Moon opposite Mercury transit is present in birth charts, it makes people confused about the clash between their thoughts and emotions. Many will notice how natives having this placement at their birth are able to analyze any issue to the very last detail one moment and overly emotional or completely illogical the other.

They may continuously struggle to find the balance between their feelings and rationality because they find it very difficult to do just so. Furthermore, they simply love having interesting conversations, telling stories and writing witty poetry.

Their way of talking is fascinating and clever, not to mention they possess a rich imagination and a very good sense of humor.

Many of them are talented comedians, but all of these natives can reveal the mood they’re in just by saying a few words. For example, if excited or anxious, they can never stop talking.

The opposition between the Moon and the planet Mercury makes these people more emotional, instinctive and committed to relying on their feelings rather than on logic and consciousness, even if these two last-mentioned aspects are still very present in their mind.

This unbalance will be projected onto their environment and influence all of their relationships.

For as long as this division will exist, they won’t be able to resolve their conflicts with others. Furthermore, they may have difficulties making decisions, which could lead them to rely on their loved ones for such matters.

They simply have no idea what to do and whether their emotions or logic are any good. It’s rare for them to feel like their heart and mind are working together, so they may spend too much time judging situations and characters, making choices and taking action.

Confusion will be the word in their book as they’d often change their mind, causing their relationships to deteriorate in time.

When struggling to solve an issue they may have, it’s very likely for them to act on impulse and instinct, not to mention how their responses will be emotional and completely lacking rational reasoning.

At the same time, Mercury can be domineering and make them colder or resentful towards any emotion they may be feeling. They can be hurtful and very detached, untactful and jumpy when others are trying to criticize them.

Just like all other people, they’ll have moments in their life when everything seems to go the wrong way because they’re not in any way invincible.

It’s necessary for them to admit their own mistakes. Imbalances and unconscious emotions they may be having can alter their perception of life, which means they may have moments in which they’re not communicating or thinking very clearly.

If other planets are in challenging aspects in their birth chart, they may be prone to nervous diseases. Many celebrities with such placements are facing problems when having to overcome difficulties or to be more productive.

The insight offered by the Moon and the intelligence Mercury brings when it comes to public speaking should be used in such situations.

Their personal and small observations could help them find the purpose of their work. However, people can still see them as pretentious, dilettantes and too precise.

The Moon opposite Mercury transit in their natal chart may help them know themselves better from the inside out, yet they still need more knowledge about their own soul if they want to evolve as human beings.

This aspect can bring about a lot of nervousness and tension, so going to a psychiatrist can be helpful for many of the natives having it at birth. However, they should be careful not to become addicted to pills, especially those of them having negatives aspects of other planets in their chart.

Usually, people born during the Moon opposite Mercury transit are real fighters and good survivors because they can easily adapt and learn from their own mistakes. Their creative pursuits will always help them be more aware of their surroundings.

When not in a happy relationship, they may compensate by talking too much and not saying anything meaningful or profound. It’s absolutely necessary for them to learn how their emotions and logic could merge.

The Moon’s behavioral patterns are most of the time about neediness, dependency and a strong desire for stability, which means they need to possess more clarity of mind and to be more aware of their surroundings.

The Mercury comes with its need for logic and objectivity so that inner balance is obtained. The opposing signals received from these two celestial bodies can be very challenging to become integrated.

Satisfying only one of them will bring about only conflicts because both need to be honored if there’s for people with the Moon opposite Mercury transit in their natal chart to feel whole and to resolve the imbalance between their heart and mind.

Being moody is normal for them, so they should be careful not to become subjective or too sensitive. Taking too much information from the world surrounding them, they’re indecisive when having to make important choices.

While rational, things aren’t the same when the hard aspects of the Moon opposite Mercury transit are present, the result being a continuous struggle between rationality and emotions.

Moon opposite Mercury Transit

During the Moon opposite Mercury transit, people seem to no longer think logically because all of their hidden emotions get to reveal themselves.

Therefore, they’ll feel anxious, inadequate and insecure. The good news is that this won’t last for too long as this opposition lasts for only one day.

The Moon is the ruler of instincts and everyday habits, but also the celestial body that brings about addictions, racist thoughts and all the prejudices a person could have.

During its opposite transit with Mercury, all natives of the zodiac should avoid negotiating and discussing sensitive issues. Instead, they could spend their time reflecting or talking with their mentors about what they think it’s holding them back in their life.

Furthermore, it would be smart for them to put all of their old emotions to sleep and to never come back to experiencing them.

They could talk with their best friend about what their feelings are and about where their energy could be spent in the most positive manner, not to mention keeping a journal on their thoughts could be helpful as well.

Important decisions shouldn’t be made during the day in which the Moon is in opposition with Mercury because such a time is influencing individuals to be subjective.

The truths discovered during this transit may no longer have any value the next day. This doesn’t mean people should stop expressing themselves, they just need to not take their feelings into consideration for a while because these can impede them from thinking clearly and logically.

For the same reason, they must avoid negotiations and to delegate others to take care of their serious matters at work or to ask for advice.

It’s very likely for many to have more arguments at home in this time because while being in the mood to chat, they’re in fact saying nothing important. They should consider the fact that any minor disturbance coming from their outside world is nothing else than a projection of their own nervous mind and emotions.

This planetary transit can bring many difficulties when it comes to having a clear mind and sticking to the facts at hand, so contracts shouldn’t be signed and negotiations must be postponed during it.

Furthermore, it wouldn’t be a good idea to interact very much with the public either. Many cars will break, lots of people will miss their buses and misplace emails or important documents.

Not to mention how getting from one place to another or communicating without problems will become a real challenge because logic will not be present in many, whereas all the hidden emotions will get to the surface.

This transit is a period of insecurity and anxiety, but at least it doesn’t last for more than a day. People won’t be able to properly understand one another, so dating should be left for another time because the communication between the two partners may be completely missing.

It’s not that big of a deal to just wait for this transit to pass in order for many to get back to their old sweet selves.

If they’ll insist on doing what should be avoided when the Moon is opposing Mercury, they may fail at getting to know others better and interacting because they’d be subconsciously living in the past.

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