Mars Sextile Venus Natal and Transit: Romantic Priorities

  • The birth chart sextile between Mars and Venus suggests an individual who is fair and balanced, as well as romantic.
  • As the Mars sextile Venus transit takes place make sure you schedule your dates because people are more sensual and fun.
  • The planet Mars governs our passions, determination and energy, commanding us to stand up for our rights and get things done.
  • The sextile aspect is a relatively harmonious astrological placement, in which the two planets reside two signs apart on the horoscope wheel.
  • The planet Venus shows what traits one wants to be appreciated for in relationships
  • Celebrities: Robin Williams, Shannen Doherty, Joe Pesci, HP Lovecraft, Gordon Ramsay, Harrison Ford, Ronald Reagan, Pamela Anderson, Omar Sharif, Duchess of Sussex.
  • Transit dates: 03 December 2019, 06 April 2021, 02 August 2022, 11 March 2023, 29 June 2024, 15 September 2025.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mars sextile Venus Natal

Those who were born during the Mars sextile Venus are experiencing real intensity when it comes to love. Their balanced nature means they’re supposed to attract people who aren’t aggressive and sincere. They as well have to be sexy and good at meeting their strongest sexual desires. They love being around people and can excel no matter what career they may be choosing, where their sweet nature and charisma can influence others in a very positive way.

Their athletic and kinky side can fill them with a lot of creative talent and in the meantime is making them more versatile. The gentle and shadowy aura on their face could be used in their advantage when it comes to promoting themselves or advocating causes that they’re wishing to support.

They’re fair and balanced, as well romantic, which means they’re not at all aggressive or ever lazy. During the Venus sextile Mars aspect, relationships of love and hate are not at all attracting anyone, neither the platonic ones.

They tend to be the most content when with a relaxed person who possesses a lot of imagination and can get creative without changing their moods and being broody or too artistic.
When it comes to sex, everything’s alright with them and as far as marriage is going, they’re usually comfortable as spouses, but only if they’re with a compatible partner.

These natives are always getting along very well with members of the opposite sex. Everyone’s being liked and the feeling is mutual, with only one exception, the one that’s making any inactive person seem frustrating. When it comes to their approach to romanticism, they’re the type that throws him or herself into each new affair.

They don’t like doing anything by half and as soon as involved, they’re trying everything to make their relationship work. Sometimes, their most romantic and sexual dreams are transformed into artistic activities. This is happening when Air is predominating in their birth chart.

On the other hand, they’re loving and wish for a sexual escape. Because of this, they can be less sexually satisfied than others, which can lead to infidelity.

For as long as the Mars sextile Venus aspect is happening, people are happier, more energetic and affectionate, sociable, fun, active, jumpy and warm. Their feelings can work hand in hand with their actions, and they can have harmonious relationships with members of the opposite sex because they’re kind and loving.

Family-oriented and passionate, also loyal when it comes to marriage, they’re expecting to be independent. They’re gaining from an emotional point of view and can get married for financial reasons.

These natives are never hesitating to share their resources and time, in case the transit is afflicted, it’s very likely for them to end up being promiscuous. Their popularity can help them advance in their profession and they can easily become wealthy.

They’d be good with any business deal and artistic endeavor. They like dancing, performing sports and doing something physically soliciting. This is a perfect aspect for those in the creative business.

Mars sextile Venus Transit

During the Mars sextile Venus transit, people are more interested in romance and going out to socialize with people. The perfect combination between their sexual prowess and affectionate traits can have them feeling sexier and more adorable. They’re confident and can make great assertions when trying to make their wishes come true and not seem threatening.

This means they’re balanced enough for the give-and-take process of love. For this reason, this period is perfect for going on dates because people are more sensual and fun.

It’s very likely for them to attract others similar to their character. This is the type of attraction that’s not at all superficial, more based on an intense attraction and a lot of chemistry.

It’s a perfect moment for self-promoting activities and starting some projects. Their creativity is highlighted and they possess a charming and high popularity, which is helping them gain access to the support of others than other times. This transit is favorable for them for as long as their soul is connected with their senses, yet a lot is depending upon the natives’ Mars and Venus strong influence.

In case not, they’ll enter a liberal state of mind and experience all kind of free sensations, whereas their personal feelings or desires will remain prominent, yet in case the Venus has a stronger influence, then their mind is going to be more artistic, whereas the force of the aspect will have them stronger from a mental point of view.

Their mind can become extremely creative and they can express themselves in a higher way, in which their soul is exuding the purest form of love and enables them to develop strong relationships that can last for a lifetime.

They’ll notice influences of other aspects and can be connected in friendships that are going to keep them connected and very enjoyable. In case the Moon aspects are the same in nature, it’s offering them a nice period in which they can distinguish between their soul and their senses.

When it comes to passion and romance, they can under some sweet outcomes. The Mars sextile Venus is lasting for only about 3 weeks and it gives everyone plenty of pleasure, so in case they’re together, they can expect great nice things to happen to them in the couple.

They’re always in the mood to physically interact with others and to show them their feelings, they can start being zingy. And so, it will happen. In case they’re single, they shouldn’t be scared, they should live their passions, even if it may not be alone with their lover for too long.

They’re having fun in groups more than with others, social events, parties and dinners. They may just meet someone who’s really special for them. Dancing under the moonlight and holding hands, they can have the greatest time of their life and obtain the physical interaction they’ve always been craving.

Their friends will be extremely happy around them and they’ll find incredible doors to consume their energy when with them. They could be the ones sexually wanted by everyone and the center element of their focus. When they’ll first meet, they’ll feel very attracted to one another. Their natural force will make them seem strong, convincing and highly important.

The way in which they’re expressing themselves and their imagination will get their attention. They may decide to be the more assertive people, but their friends will be the calm one. All of their energy will bubble in their heart from time to time and have seeming irritated, but as soon as this will happen, they’ll be the more antagonizing ones.

They’ll be more interested when it comes to personal interactions, especially with members of the opposite sex. These natives can engage in flirtations and talks, looking to be stimulated and excited when surrounded by others. They’re confident in their own ideas and their good-nature is making them debate with the people they like the most.

They can be aggressive when selling their ideas and can use their charm to convince people of many things. Their creativity is stimulating and they can possess tremendous physical strength and creative endeavor that’s stimulating and energizing them. Using the Mars sextile Venus transit, artists can sell a lot of their work.

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