Leo and Scorpio Compatibility in Love & Life: An Exquisite Relationship


These two make an intense couple. They are hot-blooded lovers but they can also have a short temper and they don’t hold back when they are angered. They have an undeniable chemistry going on, but there might also be a lot of drama coming out of this relationship.

Criteria Leo Scorpio Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Communication Below average ❤❤
Trust & Dependability Average ❤❤❤
Common values Average ❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Average ❤❤❤

As lovers, they are both very protective, but also possessive and paranoid. Leo is affectionate, generous, but also very bossy and expects a lot of attention. Scorpio, despite being a water sign, is not really soft like their other counterparts.

Being ruled by the Sun and Pluto makes them more volatile and hot-headed. They are strong and they expect to be in charge in the relationship.

They are both highly intelligent and creative signs. They challenge each other and they are a source of inspiration for their partner. They are imposing and determined; they know what they want.

If they find a way to keep the fire in check and they get over heated arguments and fights, they can make it last for the long term.

Their intensity and fiery personalities can clash, but this tension and energy can also be used as a force for good. They can achieve a lot of things together if they work as a team, and not competing against one another.

When These Two Fall in Love

There is a strong mutual attraction, that is for sure with the Leo and Scorpio compatibility. Things will be hot and spicy, but also a bit dangerous. As long as neither of the two signs feels challenged by the other’s big personality, things can work out.

There’s no need to compete against one another, when they can both shine equally bright. Leo conquers the outside world and makes a name for themselves, while the more intuitive Scorpio deals with what is going on behind the scenes.

They can make it big together, and they are very likely to become rich, given their work ethic and determination. When in a relationship, neither of the signs thinks about straying away from their partner. They’re in for a committed relationship, nothing else!

They’re equally passionate and intense lovers, and Scorpio knows how to read people and figure out their wants and needs. The water sign will know how to please Leo, better than anyone else.

Leo is a prideful and self-sacrificing lover. They would do anything to keep their partner safe and happy. They are both preoccupied with each other’s wellbeing, and they won’t hesitate to do anything in their power to satisfy their lover.

Scorpio craves intimacy, peace, and quiet, and Leo is just the right type. The fire sign is very family oriented and they like to keep close with their loved ones.

In return, Leo needs a lot of attention and affection. In a relationship, they can get as demanding as they are caring. Luckily, Scorpio will be ready to give Leo what they need.

There might be many heated arguments, especially in the beginning, when both signs will test each other’s limits and they will show their strong personality. Both know how to stand their ground and can be very hot-headed, so beware!

Scorpio’s style of debate is something new for Leo. The water sign is quiet and reserved and waits for just the right moment to give a fatal blow. When Leo thinks they’ve got the upper hand, the Scorpio is about to turn their world upside-down.

Scorpio’s harsh and cold attitude could wound Leo’s ego deeply. What is more, Scorpio can lose interest very easily if they feel like they are not taken seriously, and Leo tends to be self-conceited and arrogant sometimes.

Leo and Scorpio Relationship Key Facts

They are likely to butt heads from time to time, and things will get ugly. But if their love is sincere and they are willing to work hard on turning things around, they can make things work.

What the Leo and Scorpio relationship needs is a lot of openness, warmth, compromise. They should accept each other’s differences without trying to change one another. This would only feel like breaking their partner’s trust.

Leo is proud and demanding. They are a generous lover, but they also expect a lot of appreciation and praise in return. Sadly, Scorpio might not be the perfect partner for this dynamic.

Scorpio likes to establish dominance, and so they are far from submissive. However, given Leo’s likable charm, Scorpio could make a compromise and pay them some compliments sometimes, as proof of their affection.

Scorpio might seem sensible and calm, but if angered or challenged, they turn cold as ice. They don’t forgive easily, and they never forget anything bad said or done to them. They’re ruthless when it comes to self-revenge. They’ve got to put in some hard work to make sure that things don’t go down a bad path.

Scorpio should calm down before dishing out insults and criticism. Instead of despising Leo’s impulsiveness, they should try to help them act in a more mature way.

Leo should tone down their ego a bit and be more attentive to Scorpio’s needs too. The fire sign should learn how to read the atmosphere.

Leo and Scorpio Marriage Compatibility

They’re both loyal and dedicated to their lover. However, they are also extremely stubborn and argumentative. They don’t do well with compromise, which is actually what they should focus most on.

Since they’re both straightforward and honest about their feelings and ideas, they can talk things through and set clear boundaries and goals together, from the very beginning.

Sometimes, they might be so self-centered and hot-headed, that they focus more on what they dislike about one-another, and less about what they have in common.

They might have different ways of going about things, but their temperaments are very similar. Because of this, they can work very well together. If they could both be more selfless and patient, they could avoid a lot of the unnecessary arguments.

Drawbacks of This Match

They’ve got strong personalities and they strive for independence and authority. This could lead to a lot of clashes of opinion. Neither of them changes their opinion easily, and when they put their mind to something, they are going to do it, no matter how much their partner wants to object. It’s sometimes more of an “I vs you”, as opposed to “us”.

Leo takes decisions and acts on a whim. They’re rather impulsive and they take lots of risks. Scorpio plays it safe and chooses a practical solution most of the time. They will be irritated with each other’s problem-solving strategies, and they will find it hard to relate to their partner’s way of thinking.

While they are strong personalities, they are both extremely sensitive under that harsh exterior. When hurt, Scorpio is going to become bitter and vengeful.

They will never let go of their grudge, and they will find a way to get back to the person who hurt them. This is especially dangerous if we’re talking about a bad break-up!

When, hurt, Leo turns into a drama queen. They look for sympathy by playing the victim, even without realizing it. They are very rarely able to admit that they are wrong.

When arguments arise, the Leo and Scorpio match will not come to a happy resolution; not before they have a huge fight and take some days off to calm down and think things through.

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