Leo Man in Love Relationships: Strong and Regal


If in a relationship, the Leo man is self-confident and a gentleman, not to mention protective. He’s not like this because he may feel insecure or something, he’s doing it just because he wants to seduce his partner and to never give her a reason to leave him.

Relationships and the Leo Man in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: He sees his partner as a Queen.
  • Negatives: He does have a tendency to become lazy.
  • Perfect relationship: Where he can command authority over his partner.
  • Advice: He would do well to sometimes swallow his pride and be humbler.

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He’s a showoff and very funny, also a knight in shining armour, but only for the right woman. He treats his lady like a queen, almost to the literal sense, seeing he’s represented by the king of the jungle.

However, his sign also makes him lazy and the boss of everything. He thinks that no one is more important than him on this planet. While having many qualities, he can also be a disappointment, especially for the woman who thinks he can become less selfish.

When in love, the Leo man very warm and likes to cuddle, just like a feline that purrs and wants to be caressed. Love does nothing else to him than to strengthen his ego, which is why enjoys chasing women so much.

Being a fixed sign, he has a problem letting go of relationships and old emotions. When looking for a new partner, he uses all his energy. Just like a king, he has a big heart and wants to make his partner as happy as possible.

A King in His Own Mind

Very generous and truly exciting as a partner, the Leo man surely knows what fun is. His heart is very warm, and he usually tolerates a lot. At the same time, he has an open mind and is nice to people, even if his self-confidence makes him seem arrogant.

What he wants is to get things done his way or not at all, seeing as he’s very bossy. Because he has a good sense of humor, many people want to be his friends.

As far as love goes, he’s the most compatible with a balanced woman who doesn’t want to compete with him for popularity.

When it comes to sex and his affection, he’s playful and can make anyone feel special, in spite of his domineering nature and hot temper. If his relationship is not heading in the right direction, he may use sex as a weapon.

Those perfect pictures of couples that are used in commercials are exactly what he wants to have with his partner. However, the reality may strike him very hard because things are not always happy, especially when he has such a big ego and can cause a quarrel out of almost anything.

He likes to celebrate his love and always remembers anniversaries in his relationship, buying expensive gifts and taking his partner out to a good restaurant.

At home, he may put rose petals all over the bedroom and have champagne next to the bed. All this will be aside from the gold necklace and huge teddy bear he has given before.

It can easily be said that he’s cheesy, yet the case is more that he’s rather overzealous. He wants his partner to be both his best friend and his lover. Just like the lion in the jungle, he needs to be with his lioness and to feel comfortable, bathing in the sun, literally.

Because he spends a lot of his energy at work and trying to make good money, he needs to come back to a place where feels like in a sanctuary. Here, he recharges his batteries and does only what he wants, preferably with the woman of his dreams.

Very proud, he wants to leave something behind, so if he can’t build empires, he’ll at least teach his children everything the knows.

Most of the time, he manages to build a smaller kingdom for himself and his family, so he has a lot to be proud about. He’s likely to have a big and expensive car , while his wife will take good care of the children they have together.

He wants to be in the center of attention and to hold the power. For this reason, he surrounds himself with admirers and goes out only with those who think like him.

A natural born leader, he’s also good at finding solutions to the most pressing matters. Besides, he’s not scared of challenges and wants to live his life to the maximum.

Adventurous and Domineering

Having a taste for luxury, he goes to expensive places to eat and buys designer clothes. At least he’s spending his own money, seeing as he’s a hard worker and has the most creative mind that gains him the admiration of his bosses.

In the bedroom, he has an increased sexual appetite and is very sensual. He likes dating with wine and fine dining, to be a gentleman and to invite a woman to bed by being a charmer.

In case he’s in a relationship that’s about to turn into a marriage, he’s the most loyal and supportive partner in the world.

As a husband and father, he doesn’t forget anniversaries and takes very good care of his family. However, he can be very possessive and jealous. If he feels like he’s not first, even before his children, he might not want to speak with his wife for a very long time. This also means he doesn’t want to be with a career woman.

What is his must clearly be his, so there’s not juggling with this matter when it comes to him and his territory. Even an innocent smile exchanged by his partner with another man can turn things into a disaster.

He doesn’t just want to be admired and be an inspiration only at home, but also everywhere else he goes. People need to look at him as they do at a role model.

At the same time, he has high standards and doesn’t listen. His imagination goes far, and he thinks nothing is impossible. It doesn’t matter if he changes girlfriends every week, each one of them will be paraded around as a serious partner.

Life with him is adventurous and therefore, exciting. He likes to travel and to enjoy new experiences every step of the way. The more he explores, the more fun he’s having. This is why he needs to change his hobbies and passions.

He also likes sports but needs to win all the time. The woman who knows how to play her cards with him will have a great love story to tell her children and grandchildren.

Home is His Kingdom

Self-confident, ambitious and having many talents, the Leo man can become the best at what he’s doing without even trying. He’s the type of husband who brings home the big bucks and builds a good reputation for his family.

In return for all this, his lady needs to make some sacrifices, in the sense that she has to give up her own aspiration and a career. He’s the alpha male and needs to be treated like a king, which means he wants comfort and to feel like his partner is submissive. He would hate being with someone competitive or who makes more money than him.

While he doesn’t mind his lady working, she should make less money than him and keep a low professional profile. At the same time, she should never put work before his needs.

All in all, the Leo man can’t be in a relationship of two equals. On the other hand, he’s very generous and buys the most expensive gifts. He’s the best at spoiling his wife and kids.

As a matter of fact, if he could, he could give them the moon in the sky. Besides, he’s very supportive and loving.

His home is like a big palace most of the time where he rests and spends his days in luxury. Here, he feels like a king and needs to be in the center of attention all the time, just like he needs to be everywhere else he’s going.

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